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4,8 von 5 Sternen18
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. März 1999
Every new CEO should read this book, in order to avoid becoming misfocused away from the task at hand. In essence, this book teaches how complacency can undermine leadership. My main quibble with the book is that you are given the sense that avoiding the 5 temptations is all that you have to do to get great results. From the perspective of creating outstanding success, I found BUILT TO LAST to be a much more helpful book on the key lessons of organizational success for CEOs. I regularly benchmark the most successful CEOs in an annual article in CHIEF EXECUTIVE Magazine (if you would like to see the articles, go to our Web site's home page and click on "CEO 100 Index"), and CEO success characteristics are much different from avoiding these temptations. A key lesson of BUILT TO LAST is that building organizational values, purposes and processes that span generations is critical. Focus on making the organization more successful in lasting way. I personally also think that CEOs have to overcome the 7 most common organizational stalls -- tradition, bureaucracy, disbelief, unattractiveness, communication, procrastination, and misconception that provide the "Leaning Tower of Complacency" that really harms organizations. You also need better management processes (you can find some examples under "management processes" at the home page of the same Web site). I do hope you will enjoy this book, and use it to help you overcome your misconceptions about the necessary elements of ledership.
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am 5. Mai 2000
Pat Lencioni delivers a strong message in this book to anyone in a leadership position, not just CEOs. And that message is that when things go wrong, leaders have themselves to blame. And it offers a challenge to all leaders asking whether the have the courage to accept the responsibility of failure and make the necessary adjustments. The book is effective in its story telling, as well as, being a capable tool for self-assessment. The story of Andrew O' Brien, the CEO of a failing company facing his yearly review, was compelling and all too real. I believe everyone has a little Andrew O' Brien in all of us and, at times a lot more of him in us. This book read like a good Hollywood screenplay with a surprise ending. Along with the story, the book also discussed the points that were mentioned in the story and offers a questions and exercises which can be used as self assessment to determine what temptations the reader may be suffering from. As a graduate student, I am so glad that I have found this book because it has helped me discover some potential temptations that I have and I can get an early start on not falling victim to them. I recommend this book highly to everyone who is in a leadership position. And it should be on the course syllabus for any class teaching leadership or management skills. When I'm in a leadership position this book will definitely be required reading for all of my subordinates.
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am 16. April 1999
This book is written in the style of "the one minute CEO", with the idea that if the CEO falls to these temptations, he or she will not be CEO for long? The fable brings out many interesting insights. In fact, I thought the fable was a better learning tool than the summary at the end because the complexity of many CEO responsibilities came through during the fable. The idea that CEOs get weighed down in minutia is accurate. A large and well-respected chemical company hired a statistician about four years ago to follow the executive team around to watch how they spent their time. The result was that 85% of what they did was react to blips rather than important trends. THE FIVE TEMPTATIONS OF A CEO reminds me of the stalls that all managers face because of the inherent culture of so many of our companies. In fact, being tempted by accuracy over clarity was the problem for our chemical friends. This is the Communications Stall. Make sure people know and understand what they should be doing. Being tempted by status rather than pursuing results (Temptation 1) is related to The Disbelief Stall (How can I not succeed!). And the Bureaucratic Stall fosters the temptation of harmony rather than healthy disagreement, because it is easier to hide behind policies and practices. Eliminating stalls and ensuring good communication lead to alternatives the discussions, which are requirements for a better future.
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am 6. November 1998
I was thrilled to pick up this management book that not only had excellent principles, but an intriguing and enthralling storyline that kept me interested all the way to the finish. Five Temptations of a CEO proves an easy read-but certainly not lessons easily tossed aside. These are principles I'll keep with me-regardless of what job or leadership position I may occupy.
The story begins with a struggling CEO, Andrew O'Brien, on the eve of a big, year-end board meeting. Strange occurrences lead Andrew to take the metro system home that evening-and it's on the train where he encounters Charlie, a custodial engineer with a wealth of advice.
Andrew learns from Charlie five temptations that every manager, CEO, teacher, parent or coach might face along their way to success. These are basic temptations that seem very simple-and really are simple. Charlie teaches him that its not in looking for solutions in technology, budget, financials and other usual suspects common to a CEO, but in the common, everyday wisdom that every leader must have.
And for those readers who don't appreciate a good story-or who are just used to the textbook style management books-the five temptations are listed in a summary and self-assessment section in the back. But I won't spoil the ending...
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am 9. Mai 1999
This book was sent directly to me from the Table Group. They had seen my other reviews and wanted my opinion on Lencioni's book.
As CEO of a company I can say that this book was better than most. Any CEO position comes with different responsibilites and this book isn't trying to give the reader a check list of items they should meet in order to be successful. Instead, this book gives the reader five different holes CEO often fall into. This is something that other books fail to address, it's also probably the main area most CEOs fail at.
The book was a little too easy and a little too short, but I enjoyed how the temptations were laid out and the fable story line worked for me. However, I would have liked to have seen more information on how to correct these temptations once a CEO knows that he/she has problems.
A little too short and little too easy, but better than most of the books out there. This is a book any CEO or any want-to-be CEO should read.
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am 16. November 1998
This book was very cleverly written and kept my attention throughout. It became very clear that Pat Lencioni is not a typical self help, or personal development PHD. He approached the lessons in this book with fresh creativity that kept me glued to the end. I couldn't put the book down until I was sure that I had identified my own greatest tempation, which I will leave out of this review. I have read several organizational development and personal self help books and Pat Lencioni's book provided me with a fresh tool which lends a clean perspective on my own management style. The fable was a great lesson which each one of us can learn from weither we are CEO's managing large corporations, middle managers, or weither we are managing the most important team we will ever be on,... our families. Great book Pat Lencioni, thank you.
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am 23. Dezember 1999
what an excellent fable--so accurate for me at least and the self evaluation was a nice touch on bringing the reader into touch with how he/she may very well be perceived...and the author reassuring the reader with his rating of his own temptations. i read the book twice on a sunday, shared it with my senior management on monday and will include it as mandatory reading for them prior to our vision planning session a week later. it reminds me of the One Minute Manager; clever, simple, as in depth as you wish to take it and a poignant look at today's exec mgmt routine. morally challenging, ethically astute, and a current events for our competitive climate or how to build companies, rather, how to fail them. As a former member of TEC i also would have taken this book to that level for my peers.
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am 23. März 2001
The summary of the 5 temptations are very good and the whole fable is very easy to read and shortwhiled. However, what I did not like about the book is that the narrative style is seemingly copied straight from the book "Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service" by Kenneth Blanchard, Sheldon M. Bowles . Even the fairy has the exact same name (Charlie). Otherwise I would wish that more managers (not just CEOs) would read the book and would realize their behavior and begin to change. Ah well, big dreams.
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am 23. November 1998
There are few books that I have come across that strike at the heart of the challenges of leading an organization better than The Five Temptations of a CEO. Given that the attention spans of organizational leaders are short, and the need to adopt a 21st century approach to leadership is critical, Patrick Lencioni has hit a home run in crafting a message that is engaging and to the point. Charlies of the world must find the collective voice to help leaders grow. Leaders must find the courage to listen.
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Patrick Lencioni has successfully distilled a wide variety of difficult issues that CEOs deal with on a daily basis into five easy-to-remember "temptations." Although told in a deceptively simple fable form, the lessons are timeless and memorable. I look forward to his future books
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