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4,5 von 5 Sternen
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8 von 8 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 12. Juni 2000
Although there have been a number of new books and reprints recently focusing on the Endurance expedition, this is the one book everyone should read, Sir Ernest Shackleton's own story of the tragedy he turned into a triumph. Shackleton fully covers the expedition from its inception, through the loss of the Endurance, the stranding of the men on desolate Elephant Island, the majestic small-boat journey in search of rescue to South Georgia, the many attempts to evacuate the men from Elephant Island, and the little-known story of the Ross Sea Party of the expedition, who established a base on the opposite side of the Antarctic continent to lay depots for the planned Antarctic crossing and in spite of horrible deprivation caused when their ship was swept out to sea in a storm, managed to complete all their work laying the groundwork for a trip that never happened. After rescuing his men on Elephant Island, Shackleton had to rescue this party as well, something pretty much ignored in most modern books about the expedition. Very much worth reading; also read "Heart of the Antarctic," Shackleton's book about his earlier expedition.
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4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 2. Juli 1999
I always go first to the actors' account of any history I want to know about, but for many years, I could not find anything from Shackleton himself. This is the best read, he really conveys the atmosphere of his incredible trip. The editorial work is poor though: only a very general map of the Antarctic is provided without any trace of the expedition's path and no mention of many important places. Get a good map elsewhere before reading this book.
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am 19. Juli 1999
This is the most astounding tale of survival I can recall. They weren't stranded in the Antarctic for days or weeks, or even months, but years. I'd only say that it is impossible for a reader to fully comprehend the degree of misery and privation these men endured. How do you fully describe the experience of living for 22 months in a single set of clothes, on ice, in rotting reindeer hide sleeping bags? If you liked Jon Krakauer's book, you will love this. I read this account, as well as the version by Caroline Alexander, and would recommend this version. Although this version had some photographs, Alexander's version had more extensive photographs.
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2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 10. Dezember 1999
Fascinating and exciting book. Shackelton writes in the most British of style -- he describes an ice floe splitting beneath his tent in the same plain delivery as the description of a depth sounding. The book is overflowing with the most amazing of events, placing Shackelton's crew in an adventure every bit as great as Lewis and Clark's expedition (read the Ambrose book "Undaunted Courage" if you like this one).
This is a fine edition, as it includes approx. eighty photographs of the expedition. From the outset of the voyage to the harrowing crossing of St. George Island, this guy would put today's extreme adventure-seekers to shame.
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am 7. Februar 1999
Ernest Shackleton treats us to adventure and daring against dangers that most of us can only imagine ... 30 below zero, 90 mph winds, killer whales, crushing ice, dead reckoning across the open sea. His ship is stuck in the ice for 10 months before being crushed, throwing 27 men and 100 dogs on the ice flow that is ever shrinking. Escaping from the roaring crushing ice to the open sea is a death defying feat that only leads to more danger from giant swells and frozen sea spray that soaks cloths and sleeping bags and threatens to sink their tiny boats ...and they are still 800 miles from any civilization.
Incredible, absolutely. And through it all Shackleton manages to describe the beauty of the ice and the wonderment of all that surrounds the hapless little ship and its mighty men.
A reading must for those of us who lust after adventure.
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am 26. Januar 1999
A fascinating and chilling account of almost two years of living under some of the most adverse conditions conceivable. Shackleton is a master at managing a limited amount of resources and in practicing the psychology necessary to keep his men alive. He writes in a totally understated narrative yet the reader can actually feel the blowing snow, smell the burning seal blubber and and taste the hoosh. Shackleton is truly an unsung hero!
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Many people have read or watched television shows about Sir Ernest Shackleton's unsuccessful Antarctic expedition aboard the Endurance. All of those stories are hobbled in their telling by our limited ability to experience the Antarctic regions. I have never been to Antarctica and probably never will. The same is probably true for you. What is it like?

I got my first insights a few years ago when a friend shared his experiences through hundreds of photographs that he took during a two week voyage in these same seas. Ever since then, I have wondered what all the photographs of Frank Hurley, the official photographer of Shackleton's last expedition, would show. Was I delighted when this marvelous book recently became available!

Shackleton and his team headed south towards a planned crossing of the Antarctic continent through the South Pole in Endurance. With ice running at unusually high levels for summer, they became stuck within sight of land. Eventually the ship was destroyed by the ice pack. They then pulled the ship's life boats over the ice to open sea, and made it to Elephant Island. From there, Shackleton and a few of his men headed out over hundreds of miles of open sea to South Georgia Island where they made a nearly impossible trek across the island to get help. After initially unsuccessful attempts to return to Elephant Island, all hands were eventually saved. The leadership by Shackleton during those problem times has become the stuff of legends.

This book contains all of the photographs that Mr. Hurley made during the expedition. His work was critical to the expedition in several ways. First, Shackleton was only able to raise the money to launch the voyage through promising to take Mr. Hurley along as official photographers. Second, Mr. Hurley's photographs were key to the fund-raising after the expedition that got Sir Ernest out of debt. Third, the photographs made the story of the expedition more real to us today. One of the impressive stories of this rescue is that the decision was made to lug the heavy glass plates and equipment along over the ice when mere survival was a question. Has a group ever acted in a more committed way to its photographic record?

The book contains almost 500 images, some of which have not been published before. If you are like me, you will be happily surprised to see that some include early examples of color photography that capture the eerie bluish color of the ice. The end of the book has a gallery of all the images, in the chronological order in which they were taken. Happily, Mr. Hurley still had three exposures left when the rescue arrived. Undaunted, he returned to South Georgia Island in 1917 to fill in gaps in the animal records to make the whole perspective complete.

Mr. Hurley was a very brave and exacting photographer. You will see him sitting on the edge of the top parts of the mast so he can get just the angle he wants. In another remarkable image, he has climbed to the highest point near the harbor to capture the best possible panorama shot. He frequently wandered way off from Endurance so that he could provide a better sense of this tiny object locked in by nature's power.

There's a lot of human interest here as well. His portraits convey lots of aspects about the habits and personalities of his subjects. He captures the men at play and while partying, so you get a sense of everyday life, as well. The animal photographs almost add comic relief by showing life as normal. His images of the destruction of whaling are effective in denouncing the whale trade.

I also learned some important new things about the expedition from the photographs and this book. Sir Ernest made a mistake in choosing Endurance. With a relatively flat bottom and steep sides, Endurance was less likely to escape the ice. With a rounder hull (as he had used in his last expedition), this expedition would probably have succeeded. Also, the effort of escaping from the ice was amazing. One photograph shows men straining in traces to pull a single boat across the ice. You also get scenes of trying to open up the ice around Endurance. The most impressive part of the collection to me was seeing the sequence of how Endurance was crushed into little bits and pieces.

The photography is superb. Impressively, there is a fair amount of work done in the dark, which gives a sense of the endless night that comes in mid-June. The book also contains excellent essays about the expedition, Mr. Hurley's career, and the photographic methods used by Mr. Hurley. Excerpts from Mr. Hurley's diary are also used to highlight his images.

I recommend reading this book on the coldest day of the upcoming winter, while the wind is howling. In fact, you may want to walk outdoors for a while first to get into just the right mood.

Where would you like to go where you have never gone before? Prepare carefully! Bring lots of camera equipment and film!
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am 31. August 2014
Leider habe ich den Bstelltext nicht richtig gelesen, da stand einwandfrei Sprache: Englisch; schade. Ich hatte aber das Buch gelesen.
Ich wollte es aber auf dem Kindle haben; habe es aber leider auf englisch.
Das Buch ist sehr gut. Shackleton hatte seinen 27 Männern versprochen"ich bringe euch alle nach hause" er schaffte es
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