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am 25. Mai 2000
My search for this book was a long one. I first learned about the author and his book when I downloaded a computerized periodic table for the Macintosh written by John Cramer. (It was a Hypercard stack, I believe.) It was freeware that, incidentally, advertised his book Twistor. I put the book on my mental "to buy" list but it was YEARS before I spotted a copy on a bookshelf. (Still a first printing. Go figure.)
What goes around comes around, though, and I did wind up "paying" for Cramer's excellent periodic table with my purchase of his book. Meanwhile it's a fine book, a thoroughly well crafted hard science fiction tale with a little mystery and fantasy thrown in. Highly recommended to fans of "good old SF" -- like me! And infinitely more deft than, say, Crichton's recent expedition into vaguely similar territory.
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am 23. Juli 1998
I am often bemused by customer reviews that criticize a science fiction book because it has science in it. This is the type of book that a lot of "science fiction" fans won't like: It contains some actual, fairly believable science; it takes place in the present; it is not a space opera. Twistor uses the concept of a shadow universe to provide us with a most interesting thriller. If the modest amount of science is over your head you can safely skim through it.
My only annoyance was with the fairy tale that the protagonist told to two children in stages throughout the book. While I can grasp the author's intent in telling it, I didn't like the plot interruption. All in all a most worthy book.
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am 2. Juni 1998
I remember reading this book back in 1990 or so and not being able to put it down. It completely captured my imagination and remains one of my all-time favorite hard sci-fi books. For comparison, my other favorites include works of James Hogan and Greg Bear. Each of my friends that borrowd my copy of Twistor share my enthusiasm for this book and author. In addition to some really well thought and written hard sci-fi, I really enjoyed the main character who is a graduate student that is easy to relate to. I am very excited to discover that John Cramer has written more books! (I hadn't realized this until surfing for the first time last week.)
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am 31. Januar 2000
Cramer's blend of physics and a believable story in the near future makes for a book that is difficult to put down. The physics is real with only slight modification to make it acceptable in a fictional novel. This makes for more realistic fiction than the more far-fetched 'star wars' type. All in all, it's a book that I found very readable. The only annoying feature was the continual break in story line to recount a fairy-tale to the two children. I hope he writes more books along the same lines.
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am 13. Juni 2000
Twistor is about parallel universes and a greedy corporation trying to steal a great new discovery. These ideas are not exactly new. In fact they are rather worn. Unfortunately storytelling doesn't compensate for the lack of ideas either. The pace is slow and for some reason the author thinks that the reader is interested in the make and model of computer each character uses, the routes they drive and where do they shift gears. There are quite a few books better then this.
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am 13. Juni 1997
I was surprised by Twistor...The cover promotes it as a "hard science fiction" book, which I like and looked forward to reading. However, this book is NOT hard in the sense that it is a thoroughly enjoyable book. It drew me in nearly as well as many of my other favorite authors' work. The "hard" science is truly deep, but well explained, while the story is rich and visual.
I also highly recommend Cramer's other book, "Einstein's Bridge".
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am 28. Juli 1999
My edition of "Twistor" was published in 1989. I found Cramer's predictions in the afterword to be quite an accurate reflection of what the internet has become...starting from BitNet. Its a good story with the kind of plot that is hard to put down. Now if only he'd write that sequel he alluded to in the afterword...
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