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am 26. Juli 1999
Barbara Wood has written a treasure of literature. I adored the Prophetess and Perfect Harmony was a tanatmount to the splendor of the former. Charlotte Lee's pharmaceutical company is in peril. A saboteur has poisoned some remedies and therefore destroyed her name and the reputation of her company and asks her to give a press conference confessing that she tainted the medicine in 12 hours. But these 12 hours aren't just a wait. She discovers the secrets forever hidden under the dusty patina of time waiting to be unearthed. Barbara Wood takes us on a timeless and unforgettable ride through 4 generations of Chinese women uncovering secrets and mysteries of a lost land of ancient traditions and mysticism called Singapore and a modern world of pragmatism, skullduggery, technology, and power we know as America. Charlotte spans the continents and returns to the legacy of her ancestors, a wisdom more valuable than her life and older than her years, as she fights against a nemesis locked in cyberspace and another more important enemy, the memories of her past. The past that will save her. A must-read for anyone.
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am 27. März 1998
In the classical Barbara Wood style of mystery, odd family makeup, romance, technobabble, and a nice blend of time turning, she has created, quite simply, one heck of a great read. Fans of any books written by her will find the this book to incorporate every style she has used so far, and with a rather good blending of each style in to one another. The story line keeps your attention and drags you through the night reading till 3:00 in the morning (Actually happened!). A mystery builds upon another mystery and keeps you on your toes as you wonder what exactly is going on. It even begins and ends well-written, something that tends to lack in books these days. There are some flaws in this book that lowered the rating from 10 to 8. Incorrect usage of pin-ying ("Aiii-yah" is used incorrectly in areas and also some pinying errors in writing the words, especially around the numbers.) and a rather poor portrait of chinese culture to what is the western stereotype or imagination (Like medival stories overemphasizing knight's honor). But that's nitpicking. What will bother the reader is the ocassional problems within the story itself and the confusing family buildup. Fans of Mrs.Wood will discover the family buildup to be more confusing then previous books. There are also illogical actions that couldn't happen in its setting (Marrying someone who has a wife already?), and missing information about what happened to so-and-so character that might help the reader understand what is going on. Certain plot elements weren't even tied up, but the reader may suspect that was done on purpose. Overall, the plotline does a good job of covering the problems well enough to make this a great book that will definately keep you interested enough to finish the book to the end.
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am 22. Januar 1998
From Kirkus Reviews, Jan 15, 1998 "A breathless, helter-skelter race in cyberspace, effortlessly melded here with the tale of a Chinese woman's journey from the 1920's to the present, and with her granddaughter's terrifying chase to solve familial mysteries and industrial murder.
"Charlotte Lee is CEO of Harmony Biotech, manufacturers of ancient Chinese herbal medicines, now carefully monitored for safety and reliability through the best modern technology. Charlotte, who inherited the business from Perfect Harmony, her late grandmother,must suddenly face the accusation that three people have died after ingesting her products. Having been warned by V.P. (and cousin)Desmond, Charlotte drives out into awful weather (a tempest appropriately pounds away at California through much of the action) and is almost killed in a freak accident (or was it?). There are other unsettling near misses involving Charlotte's friends, and a message on the Internet advises her to make a public statement of company guilt within the next 12 hours -- or else. Then into the intensifying miseries comes Jonathan, Charlotte's long-lost love who had inexplicably married another. Jonathan sets to work to make computer magic and unravel the conspiracy. Wood jumps back then to 1908 Singapore to relate the history of Perfect Harmony and her years of trial, suffering, and triumph. Before the close, with a starburst of revelations and one *big* surprise, there are family tangles to pick apart (odd couplings and adoptions); a touch of the supernatural as dead mothers speak; vendettas (one involving a government agent); a B-screamer interlude with Charlotte trussed to a bottling conveyor belt; and, of course, the happy romantic union.
"As ever, Wood ("The Prophetess" etc) shows herself a wizard at juggling action and romance, maintaining the momentum and sparkle of both. Bright, slick, and pleasing."
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am 19. Dezember 2006
Charlotte Lee, an American-Chinese young woman, has inherited Harmony Biotech, the successful company her grandmother has built selling Chinese herbal remedies. Not long after Charlotte is in charge of the company, somebody tries to destroy it. Who is it? Why?

An extremely well written thriller, right from the first to the very last page. The way Barbara Wood succeeds to tell both, the story of Charlotte and her struggle, as well as the story of her grandmother in one book, side by side, without the two stories getting into the way of each other, is simply fantastic.

Definitely a book which is hard to put away once you started reading.
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am 27. März 1998
She's baaaaaaaaaack!!!!! After missing on the last couple of books, this one is a complete total gem!!!!!! I loved this adult nancy drew type fiction with all of the marvelous feng shui and chinese medicine (both of which i strongly subscribe) and the mystery.....this is vintage barbara good as "green city in the sun" which is one of my verrrrry favorites! i loved all of the fully-fleshed out characters and wouldn't mind meeting them once again in future books.....this is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good mystery with a bit of chinese lore thrown in for good measure!!!
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am 17. März 1998
I read Barbara Wood's novel The Prophetess a few months ago, and I was so excited to learn that she had a new book coming out. This was just as good as The Prophetess, or even better, since the ending left me more satisfied. I love the way the book moves back and forth between two time periods, and the family relations that are not what they seem. Also, I learned a lot about Chinese culture and herbal medicine from reading this book.
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am 25. Mai 2000
This book was a big disappointment to me. The story was dull and the action slow. The characters were also extremely artificial. The end was also very easy to guess.
Most disturbing to me was that the author, through a careless mistake, reveals one on the big secrets of the book near the beginning, leaving the reader extremely confused until the secret is "revealed" at the end. That certainly killed the suspense for me. That mistake was uncalled for and just shows the low quality of writing and editing in this book. It is certainly not worth anyone's money.
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am 24. August 2011
Sehr spannende Lektüre, wenn man an chinesischer Energiearbeit interessiert ist.
Konnte das Buch fast nicht mehr aus der Hand legen.
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am 3. Mai 1998
Once again Barbara Wood has done it again. While some information may be slightly off, the plot and description is great. This book is every bit as good as "The Prophetess", "The Dreaming" and "Virgins of Paradise." I can't wait for her books to come out in paperback, I've got to buy the hardback.
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am 30. Januar 1999
This is the first book of our newly formed book club at work. Five of us at our office have read this book together. We would meet for lunch to discuss each of the sections read. Great book....we will use Barbara Wood again.
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