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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 5. November 2004
After reading acknowledged military historian Steven Ambrose' "Band Of Brothers", "Citizen Soldiers" and "D-Day" i was curious about Donald Burgett's memoirs and ordered Currahee! I had a good feeling, when i saw, that Steven Ambrose wrote the foreword.
Donald Burgett (101st Airborne, 1st Batallion 506th, A Company) describes the Airborne training in a much more realistic (not to say un-glorious) way than Ambrose ever did. He is an excellent observer, who seldom gives a funny anecdote - but IF he does, you have to be careful not to fall from the chair. Because of the circumstances in training, he never makes friends until he is put into Able Company in England and begins training for D-Day.
His experiences at and after D-Day don't take too much pages. Since he wrote his memoirs backwards (after the war), those memories were the most distant (and perhaps difficult) for him. What makes the book so special to read, is Burgetts view of things. It's like a completely straight ride with a camera, which catches something, but if it is out of its visual angles, it doesn't track this thing, but steadily rides forward.
The style of writing in chapter 3 (D-Day +) is sometimes a bit incoherently, but given the circumstances, understandable.
Great book!! Buy and enjoy it.
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am 16. Juni 2000
I first stumbled across this book when I was about 12 years old. That was 20 years ago and to this day I still haven't forgotten the chaos and horror that the writer described. Certain parts of the book are seared into my memory. I still remember a part when they are running from fire dragging their friend Jamie who is quickly expiring from wounds. It is a testimony in itself that I still remember the name of his friend after having read this book so long ago. The paratroopers who dropped behind Normandy displayed a selflessness that is non-existent today. This book shows that.
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am 9. Oktober 1999
I originally read this book when I was 13 or 14 under the title "As Eagles Screamed." I found the book in, of all places, a 7-11 on a rack of other WWII oriented paperbacks. I bought the book because of the cover and because it was the only one I found that was a true story. I'm dyslexic and reading was very difficult for me during those years but I absolutely couldn't stop reading this book. It took a long time for a relatively short book, but every free second I had I went to this book. I gave the book to everyone I knew but when I went to look for more copies, I couldn't find them. I'm 35 now and honestly a year hasn't gone by where I didn't at one time or another think about this book. While watching "Saving Private Ryan," my mind kept going back to this book. A week ago I was at a local bookstore when I caught the word CURRAHEE! in big red letters out of the corner of my eye. I almost dropped the books I had in my hand. I ran to the book wondering if someone else had stolen his title or could it possibly be that book I had loved so many years ago. I knew "As Eagles Screamed" had originally been published as "CURRAHEE!" but I couldn't be sure and couldn't remember the author's name. I checked the copyright dates and it didn't mention "As Eagles Screamed" anywhere. I scanned through the Introduction and the Forward but no mention. Finally on the inside back flap I found what I had been looking for, it was the book. It was like meeting a best friend I hadn't seen in years. I bought both copies they had. I haven't read it again yet; I'm reading another book and I won't start one until I'm finished with the previous one. I can't wait to read it again. I was afraid that maybe my youth and the years since had clouded my judgment about the book but I having read other reviews here I know I'm right. When I finish it again, I'll post another review.
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am 25. März 2000
This book is a great example of the transformation that can befall a young man to be turned from an every-day kid to a lethal killing-machine. The account of Burgett's own transformation and the rigorous trials he was forced to endure, make this book one of the best WWII books ever to hit the shelves. I would love to instill in every reader the insuraance of this book being a great buy.
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am 21. Mai 2011
In a diary like style the book takes the reader to the very beginnigs of Mr. Burgetts life as a soldier. From enlinsting over the paratrooper training to the invasion of the Normandy.
There Mr. Burgett sees a perfect plan of invasion falling into shambles. After the Jump the invasion is pure Chaos. Cut off from his comerades without a clue where he has landed Mr. Burgett united with other soldiers and together they started their own little war to accomlish what they had been ordered to do and to restore contact to their fellows. What sounds ridiculous is a true story and all but ridiculous - it is terryfing - it is war. Due to the initiative of many of theese brave little groups trying to find out where they are and trying to find their fellows and keeping up with the objectives this part of the invasion was turned into success.
Reading the rather "cold" desription of the things he did or saw one might think Mr. Burgett was extremly cold blooded. But going deeper one gets a glimpse of what war relly means and one starts to wonder how these young "boys" where able to stand this hell. And more than one time one asks, as Mr. Burgett does, how could he, how could anyone stay alive in this hail of bullets and grenades.
The book shows also that war is not only bloody - it means also being dirty, hungry, thirsty, afraid, wet and cold.
If you want to know what the invasion was like, what war is like. Well sit down and listen to a veteran - it is worth reading every word.
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am 6. Januar 2000
Burgett's first work Currahee is a great accomplishment of WWII writing only exceeded by his second book "Seven Roads to Hell." I thought the writing was a little sloppy and it was not as intense as his second book. I did enjoy my introduction to some of the men I remembered from his second book. If read in order I bet they would flow nicely together. I would like to see Burgett revise this narrative a little to improve the writing of the book. He has become such a great writer and story teller which is evident from his second book and now as I read his third book, it becomes even more apparent. I can not wait for his fourth work to be published!
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am 30. Oktober 1999
I read Currahee! for the first time as a teenager in the early 1970s then a second time just after touring Normandy in 1975. It was then and remains to this day a historical treasure. The book motivated me to go on to become a paratrooper (now a master parachutist.) Nearly a quarter of a century later I'm serving as a U.S. Diplomat and Special Forces Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. Now living in Europe, I visit the 101st's battlefields often and try to pass on the lessons of history to my children. I like to think that guys like me are carrying on in the spirit of Burgett and his band of brothers to whom mankind owes a debt of gratitude.
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am 9. Januar 2000
I read this book back in the 70's, I must have checked this book out of the libary at least a half a dozen times. I was in a bookstore just last night when I caught the book title out of the corner of my eye. I started to re-read the book right then & there and it came to me why I enjoyed this book so long ago. Its the realism, I felt I was right beside the author from jump school to the training in England prior D-Day. Anyone who wants to understand the life of a foot soldier in WWII this is a must read. I bought Currahee and his 2 new books! I can't wait to finish re-reading his first book and then start the other two.
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am 12. Januar 2000
Wow It's hard to believe I will be able to get my hands on this book. I have been serching for 18 years to have this book again. I let someone borrow mine in '82 and have been searching ever since. I have never read a book where I felt like I was actually there. This book changed that for me. Just like one of the other reviewers I also could only think of Curahee as I watched the scene in Saving Private Ryan where they were talking to the Pilot that flew the glider. If you have a chance this is a must read. This has always been my favorite book. EVER!
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am 19. April 2000
I have thought about this book for years. I read it at some point in the past- probably in the early seventies when I was in middle school or HS- and to this day I remember it as one of the most captivating "reads" I have ever had. I have not yet re-read it, but now through the power of the net I have found one of my old friends. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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