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am 1. Juni 1999
Although I do not believe in extraterrestrial visitation at all, as a skeptic I must at least hear intelligent believers out, and evaluate whatever they offer in their defense. Considering that Nick Pope works for the British government, I imagined that he was a reasonably intelligent person, and would provide a good defense of the alien abduction phenomenon. I was mistaken.
Pope's ludicrous one-line argument for the authenticity of the Roswell crash was enough to make me close the book and walk away, fuming at the obvious lack of elementary research. However, I returned to the book later on, reasoning that everyone makes an occasional flub, and that perhaps the rest of the book would be better, especially considering that abductions, not UFO crashes, are the main subject of the book. Unfortunately, my initial reaction turned out to be the right one.
To liberally paraphrase the gist of much of the book: Many people report having been abducted, and many mythical legends are about small, magical creatures, but there's no corroborating physical evidence for first-hand accounts of alien abductions, therefore, the best explanation is that these events are real, but take place on a different plane of reality, and involve something which contemporary victims only interpret as aliens. Give me a break. There must be a better defense out there somewhere, which at least gives the phenomenon a fighting chance against skeptics.
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am 30. Juni 1999
This is the first UFO/alien genre book that I have ever read. Thus, it may be unfair for me to criticize on the materials in this book. However, I have to agree with other reviewers that this book is poorly written. Throughout the book, the author fails to address his points both objectively and subjectively. What upset me the most is the way this book was written. Taken any chapter from the book and submit it to a college English course, it may not even get a "B". From the sentence structure to the choice of words, nothing just seems to be right.
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am 24. April 1999
Luckily I was given a copy of this book. I have read the top 100 books in this UFO/Alien genre and this is not one of them. I find it hard to believe this rambling, poorly edited, and disjointed book of Popes is a best-seller in the UK.
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