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4,9 von 5 Sternen100
4,9 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 28. Dezember 1999
I bought this for my daughter to encourage her interest in reading. We wound up fighting each other for turns at it. Within a week, with a few past-midnight "power reads" I hoed through every book in the series. The first three are superb, each better than the last. There are some niggles - the stories rely a touch too much on luck and coincidence, and there is some repetition of ideas. But the strengths are real ones. The plotting is superb - few writers in any genre can get you turning pages like Marsden can. The characters are psychologically and emotionally convincing. The heroism is fairly shared between the boys and the girls in the group. (The female narrator is a refreshing touch). Negative emotions, fear, fatigue, impatience, are not shied away from. The central device is an unexpected invasion of Australia by a foreign force which separates a group of teenagers from adult supervision, leaving them to rely on their own resources. It allows Marsden to explore real issues for teenagers about responsibility, courage, sexual attitudes - even spirituality. All are delivered without judgement or the author's baggage. The action is so exciting - real pulse-racing stuff - but from a parent's perspective it also carries an important theme: life may be difficult, threatening, even terrifying, but it is always worth living, and courage - in whatever its form - is a quality everyone can find and one that is always worth seeking out. I recommend this series to anyone, although the mild sexual references may make it more appropriate for post-pubescent readers.
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am 17. März 2013
Ich wurde auf die Bücherreihe zufällig aufmerksam, als ich den Film im TV gesehen habe. Danach hab ich mir das erste Buch auf englisch bestellt, um "erstmal zu testen". Mittlerweile hab ich Band 2 angefangen. Der Film weicht etwas von der Geschichte ab, aber nur in Details und nicht schlimm, ansonsten liest sich die Geschichte sehr gut. Spannend geschrieben und, abgesehen von der Wahrscheinlichkeit einer solchen Invasion, auch realistisch.
Es geht zwar im Prinzip um Jugendliche, die Geschichte lässt sich aber auch als junge Erwachsene noch gut lesen, wenn man solche Handlungen mag.
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am 7. August 2011
Hab mir das englische Buch beschafft, da wi üblich die deutsche Version deutlich teurer ist ...
Gottseidank gelesen vor der Verfilmung, die dieses Jahr rauskam. Das Buch ist - wie so oft - deutlich besser und mit mehr Details / Tiefgang.
Interessante Untergangsphantasie aus australischer Sicht
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am 1. März 1998
I have read the first 5 books in the 'Tomorrow, when the war began' series and I do believe the first book is the best. The way Marsden portrays the characters, the scenes, the emotion, I was unable to put the book down. I'm looking forward to Marsden's 6th book coming out in Australia in October. John Marsden is a trully wonderful Australian writer!
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am 19. Mai 2016
Meine Tochter (17) musste sich dieses Buch als Schullektüre kaufen und war total begeistert von der Geschichte, jedoch musste sie feststellen, dass das Buch nur ein Anfang einer viel längeren Geschichte war und sie leider keine Zeit hat das ganze zu lesen, noch wollte sie noch mehr Geld für Bücher ausgeben... Schade eigentlich. Ich selber habe das Buch auch gelesen und muss sagen, dass die Sprache ziemlich verständlich ist und das Buch hat von Anfang an eine bedrohliche, spannende Stimmung drauf.
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am 8. Juni 2016
Like the title says, interesting read and captivating story. Of course it's from a teens point of view and very similar to Red Dawn (movie) but I will read the other books for sure. That is the only negative as the story is split up
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am 23. November 1998
I am a 14-year old Australian who lives in Canada and this book really seemed to bring me back to Australia. If you don't know Australia, you'll like it anyway. An Australian friend recommended it to me in one of her letters (thanks Haley) and when I found it in the library here I borrowed it. This book is very compelling. It makes you think about it whenever you're away from it, and you really cheer for the characters and feel excited, sad and scared with them, even though for me it wasn't exactly un-put-downable. It has excellent characterization. I really love the idea of your country being invaded while you were away and didn't even know it! It's creepy. That would have made me read it even if my friend hadn't recommended it. I am going to read every one of Marsden's books now, just like I decided for Philip Pullman after reading The Golden Compass (my favorite book ever), but unfortunately this was the only one in the library. I might have to buy them. I recommend this book VERY highly for ages 13-up. The violence is not too excessive, don't worry about that. I mean there are lots of violent scenes but they aren't told in a gory or sickening way. There is also romance in it, but the plot doesn't center around that at all, so it's good whether or not you enjoy romance. Please read it! PS. Does anyone know how many books there are in the complete series and what is the order? Have they all been published?
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am 10. Januar 1999
Tomorrow when the war began was great. I loved it right till the very end. It's the kind of book that keeps you reading and reading because the end of the chapters keep you guessing all the time. It gives you an insight to what war would be like if we had one now. There's a bit of everything in this book:Romance, action, emotional scenes. Basically it's a book for anybody who's interested in adventure and a lot of tension. I liked this book a lot because of the way it was worded. It gave you all the feelings and emotions each of the characters was feeling as well as what the surroundings were like so you could actually feel like you were that character, there, feeling all the slightest movements that were incredibly frightening to them. The bad thing about this book is that it's the kind of book you can only really enjoy the first time you read it. After that it's still good, but you won't have the feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next. I personally feel sorry for John Marsden who didn't have the privelege of reading it for the first time from scratch like me and many of you. This book is part of a series and if all of the books are as good as this one it'll definitely be my favourite series of books yet. Get this if you want a really good read and you won't be disappointed.
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am 21. Februar 2015
I bought this book after I saw the movie. Eventhough the movie is pretty good itself, I absolutely love the book. It has so much depth, especially concerning the main protagonist Ellie. It's quite nice that Mr Marsden does not only talk about the practical and tactical difficulties of an invasion but also puts a focus on the emotions of the teenagers. In many situations throughout the book I felt I could really relate to the people in it. And as the charakters changed and matured, so did I - in a way at least.

I would really recommend this book to kids starting at 14 yrs. Even though for them it might be a bit scary at times, it is not the stuff nightmares are made of.

It's the best book I've read in a while.
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am 18. Mai 1998
An amazing, AMAZING, story that lets your imagination run wild and takes your mind on a truly emotional journey. I read all 5 books in the space of 1 week I was that caught up; the next day after I bought Tomorrow, when the war began, i went back and bought the next four in the series because i was so in love with the characters. I still I feel as if I am frozen in time, sitting in that cold, dark paddock (at the end of Darkness Be My Friend) and I am waiting until the magical moment when I can rejoin the characters and follow them on more adventures in the 6th book. By the way I am 21 so I believe anyone of any age could enjoy these inspiational, motivating books by the brilliant John Marsden.
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