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4,8 von 5 Sternen21
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 31. März 1998
This is a wonderfully illustrated book of a little girl that is so concerned with everyone's opinion of her that she stops being herself.In the very beginning she goes through outfit after outfit to wear before her first day of school, stops eating her favorite food-lima beans because the kids tease her.Her adventure begins when she wakes up with colored stripes the next day and has to go to school like that! Better to have eaten the limas! When the kids in class discover that she turns red, white & blue during the Pledge of Allegiance they go nuts calling out shapes, sizes, colors that she automatically turns as they yell suggestions! It's an interesting study on human nature. It shows that you should always be yourself and not worry what ANYONE thinks of you whether you eat limas or dress in red polka dots! You can't be all things to everyone and if you try, you will be taken advantage of, as those kids did in class. They had no mercy on her condition.
Camilla found out that she can be herself whether the kids liked it or not!
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am 11. Juli 2000
This is a wonderful book to read to children who worry about what others think of them. Poor Camilla gives up lima beans because all her friends don't like them. She wants to fit in so badly that she denies herself of the things she likes. She develops a bad case of stripes all over her body. As children make fun and blurt names of colors, shapes,and things her stripes change to those things. Experts and specialists cannot find a cure for this strange illness. Only after Camilla decides to be herself and not worry about what others think, is she cured. This is a valuable lesson that can be learned by children of all ages!
A Note to Teachers: Camilla learns that it is ok to be different. It is inevitable that all students will encounter peer pressure at one time or another. This book can provide opportunities for discussions about diversity and the acceptance of others. Hopefully, students will be reminded that they cannot please everyone. It is more important to just be yourself!
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am 15. November 1999
This is a great read aloud for any age. I read it to my sixth graders and my third graders and both classes loved this book. David Shannon has done it again. In this book he teaches a lesson of knowing who we are and not following the crowd. The main character, Camilla Cream is worried about what to wear the first day of school, as she has so many friends to impress. After trying on forty-two outfits she looks in the mirror and screams. She has broken out with a bad case of stripes. This is a hillarious story of what Camilla has to go through with her case of stripes. Davis Shannon's illustrations add so much to the story. The cover itself will attract readers. I have decided that David Shannon is my new favorite author and illustrator. I highly recommend this book.
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am 5. Juli 2000
This is a tale about Camilla,a little girl who is very concerned about what other people think of her. She gets a bad case of the stripes and all the experts are called in to help but only when she is willing to do something unconventional, like eating lima beans, which she really liked to do, is she restored to her original appearance.
I really liked the message this story conveys and the acrylic painting of her body stripes and other manifestations of her "illness" which are set against oil painted backgrounds. The artwork is very memorable, and hopefully, so will be the message.
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am 13. Juli 2000
This book was great! My son collected it through Americorps which produces a summer camp for kids in our area. This was the first of 6 books that he received. The illustrations where wonderful and the story gives a good lesson in teaching children to be themselves. I took this book to work with me and let several of my co-workers read it! They loved it! Be prepared to sell more, they are going to the book store to pick it up! Thank you for this wonderful story!
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am 18. März 2000
"Stripes" shows children how good it feels to be yourself in an amusing and subtle style that is as delightful a read for adults as it is for children. I haven't tired of reading it yet. My daughter chose this book at a book fair for the illustrations, and asks to have it read often. I would share this with any child who may be feeling some pressure or desire to fit in. Perfect for kindergarteners or first-graders; great for any age.
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am 25. Oktober 1999
I was drawn to this book by it's colorful and clever cover. I read this book every year to my 5th graders and have read it to my children. It is a captivating story about a little girl with a very common problem - fitting in. I have had a difficult time locating it to get a copy of my own but now I have found it and I plan to continue reading to my students and my children. It is a wonderful book!!!!
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am 27. Oktober 1999
In A Bad Case of Stripes, the main character loves to eat lima beans. She doesn't eat them because none of her friends do. She ends up being covered in stripes to make her stand out from the rest. She learns that it is not important what others think. This book is excellent for all children to show them that it is okay to be different. The book is also a very fun read.
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Just want to mention that the illustrations in this picture book are positively AWESOME. While that word is often overused today, it is aptly applied to this book. It's not to be missed by anyone who appreciates a spectacular picture book! My now 8 and 10 year old have not stopped looking at it. Of course we believe one is never too old for a great picture book.
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am 22. Dezember 1999
The illustrations are potentially scary for preschoolers and primary grade children with sensitive imaginations. The pictures of multicolored skin are fine, but there is one illustration of the girl sprouting branches, roots, feathers and crystals which is somewhat disturbing. Older children probably would find the illustrations fascinating.
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