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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 26. Februar 2012
I passed my last copy of this book on only to order it again. Just like so many others here I read and re-read this book with persistent admiration. The ever-inspiring yet easy and entertaining to read story that has been and will keep helping its readers around the world to gain insight into and eventually be more happy with their own lives.
Simple yet incredibly insightful!
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am 26. Juni 2016
It is an extraordinary book, approaching the theme of death in a very sensible way. Once I had started reading it, there was no way I could not read it to the end. It is not as "life-changing" as one might think it is from the descriptions, but nevertheless I would definitely recommend it!
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am 28. Juli 2013
Dieses Buch kann man nicht beschreiben oder erschließt sich jedem einzelnen nur dann, wenn man es aufmerksam liest.
Aber für mich ist es das lebensbejahendste Werk, das ich jemals in Händen halten durfte!
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am 24. August 2015
I love this book because it talks about everything we question in life and comes up with answers that resonate deeply. Some of the things written i have noticed myself and i was thrilled that someone else on the other side of the world has experienced them and written about them to share with the world. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to reflect on the simple things in life, it is easy to read and deeply moving.
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am 2. Februar 2000
What makes a wonderful personal memory doesn't necessarily translate into an enlightening read for others. No doubt Mitch holds vivid deeply felt memories of his former professor - who sounds like quite a wonderful guy - but the "lessons" learned are obvious.
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am 30. Oktober 2012
Eine Geschichte die jeden betreffen könnte. Man kann sich gut in die Situation hineinversetzen und überlegt wie man selbst handeln wird wenn es mal soweit ist. Allerdings wird das Thema von einer Seite aufgegriffen die es jedem leicht macht weiterzulesen und zu lernen wie man am besten damit umgeht jemanden in den Tod zu begleiten bzw. sich von seinem eigenen Leben zu verabschieden.
Wirklich sehr empfehlenswerte Literatur!!!
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am 7. August 2012
Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my favorite books to read before I start the school semester as a teacher. This book is filled with many warm feelings about a man and his beloved teacher Morrie who is sick. This book can remind anyone who has ever had a teacher touch their heart and soul with love and help them to discover who they want to be and have the courage to do so, then this is the book to read. I had trouble putting the book down when I was reading it. I spent the time reading the book, crying and then reading the book until it was finished.
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Professor Morrie Schwartz is the mentor we would all like to have. Often we fail to seek out such a mentor because we feel inadequate or not worthy enough. If so, you will identify with Mitch Albom who seeks out his teacher's wisdom for the final time in this book. His fumbling should reassure even the most inhibited person to reach out for this kind of connection. That's the hidden beauty of this book, as Professor Schwartz's goodness shines through the narrowness of Mr. Albom's life.

This wonderful book focuses on the meaning of life, from the perspective of a teacher (Morrie Schwartz) who is about to lose his life and his pupil, (Mitch Albom) who has lost his focus on what is important. They come together for 14 Tuesdays (just like they did while the author was a college student at Brandeis) before the professor passes away of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

This book is filed with the most beautiful sayings you can imagine. Here are a few examples: 'Giving to other people is what makes us feel alive.' 'Love each other or perish.' 'Everybody knows they are going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently.' 'Learn to detach from experience.'

Many people would avoid a book on this subject, because they do not want to think about death. Although Morrie Schwartz is dying throughout this book, the subject is really about living rather than dying. Few will find the dying to be distressing, even though it is graphically and frequently addressed.

For those of us with many years to live, this book can be a wake-up call to start really living now -- in the ways we would if we were about to die, as well as to learn how to treat others while we still have them with us. For those who have but little time left, this book can be an inspiration for how to get the most out of the remaining time.

You will probably find it heart-warming (as I did) to find out that the advance on this book was paid in time to help defray some of Professor Schwartz's medical expenses.

May you find new meaning in your life from reading this wonderful book! Life is a teacher, and Morrie Schwartz's thoughts can be a text to help you understand the lessons. Live well and make your choices consciously!
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am 14. April 2000
This is a great book for anyone, but I found it especially appealing for me as a man. Society dictates and brainwashes men to believe that feelings are "weak"; particularly sadness or grief. To be a "strong" man, you can't ever cry or shed a single society would have us men believe.
The fact of the matter is, though, that society is dead wrong. It's the *weak* man that never cries and the strong man who is fully in touch with his emotions - and fully able to express them.
And that's what this book deals with...the necessity for expression of feelings in order to fully experience life. Don't be misled by the book's size. It may be short, but that's part of the book's beauty. I was amazed at the simplicity of this book - bite-sized chapters make for a very easy read, but each one is full of important life lessons.
Morrie, the book's subject and a retired college professor, speaks frankly and tenderly to Mitch, an ex-student of his. And over the course of Morrie's last 14 weeks on Earth, he brings Mitch back from the frantic, frenzied mindset of today's materialistic society. He teaches Mitch to feel again...that it's OK to be mad, it's OK to be sad, it's OK to cry.
Morrie was a profoundly loving man who faced his certain death with a triumphant optimism. He loved fully, and thank God he left us with this book of wisdom. Mitch Alborn has truly painted an amazing portrait of courage, hope, and inspiration.
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am 4. Februar 2000
I bought this book with great expectations- I knew it was about a man at the end of his life, but I expected a deep look into his way of thinking, into his philosophy..instead, what I found was a mere outline of a wonderful person (Morrie Schwartz)...and lots of details about the author himself, that I'm sorry to say I didn't care about at all. All this running around & working non stop for money, that Mitch Albom talks about as if it's the only way somebody could live..I just disagree. Not everyone is like that, not everyone has to talk to his old teacher to get the idea that you have to really listen to & love the people around you. For some reason, Mitch Albom found this to be a very new & strange way of thinking, but in my opinion, it is the first & most important thing somebody should learn in order to live a full life, & to give to people around him. I don't know how I managed to finish this book- I found myself constantly annoyed by the author & his disbelief in everything that Morrie did or said- the fact that he didn't feel sorry for himself, the fact that he didn't realise he was at a dead end. Of course Morrie was in pain, of course he knew it was all over. But the fact that he had lived life to the fullest made him strong enough to accept death. I have no idea why this was so hard for Albom to understand. So the one thing that stays with me after closing the book is Morrie himself, his great courage & his honest & clear way of looking at life & death.
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