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4,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. November 1999
I picked this book up a few years back, it was the first book on magick, satanism, or whatever you want to call it, that i had ever read. Its been about three years now and ive learned a few things about satanism, and religion in general. This book, first of all, is an ignorantly written USURP from earlier pagan religions, and its Ritualistic section was stolen from a system of magick known as ENOCHIAn, which is not satanic at ALL! After La vey's attempt to destroy ones sense of illusion which is inherant in the occult, such as the astral plane and spiritualness, he takes from there ideas and alters them slightly to suit his Supposed satanic ideas. Shemhamforash is his Ignorat version of the Kabbalists Shem (Name) Ha(of) Mephorash (Extension). Shem Ha'Mephorash means "The name of extension". A Name of God YHVH, the jehovah that he earlier cracked open his skull, remember? Replaceing SHIATAN for AIDA in the Enochian Keys was even more stupid, for the SHIATAN is not even an ENOCHIAN word. HE MADE IT UP! IADA- means the most high, or GOD, in ENOCHIAN. If he doesnt belive in spiritual planes and the such why does he use a language which was derived through skrying experements, and he claims that they are the reason that all magick works. WRONG AGIN MR> LAVEY! In any event, he did point out that the Idea of HELL is a misconception of the hebrew SHEOL-GRAVE, and the greek Gehenah-garbage dump, tartarus-the earthly status of fallen angles, and HADES-greek equivelant of hebrew SHEOL-GRAVE.Though he tries to equate SATAN with the pagan God pan, which is an insult to the new and old religions of paganism. They had no satan, niether do they now, he even points that out, but contradicts himself by later saying that Pan and satan are the same. His useing the bible to build his philosophy is a weak attempt to promote satan. The bible uses the word satan many times to mean simplt OPPOSITION. The angle that stood in front of SAUL was SATAN, or OPPOSING him. And that is the way it is written in the origional language. the Idea of an all powerfull dark force is an ignorant one indeed, for the mystery schools of old pointed out, there are no good or evil, but a balance in all things. THERE IS NO SATAN, nor will this book help you find anything but lies and misconceptions of the author about what HE thinks the world is all about.
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am 11. März 1998
This book is unexpectedly thought provoking and suprisingly good -- "suprising" to anyone coming to the topic with no prior knowledge of the subject. First point to be made to those wanting to get a preview of the book: This has nothing to do with "worshiping" or some malicious little man in a red suit with horns and a tail; nor is it about "being bad".
La Vey's message is rational and compelling. And, to those who would argue that it isn't 'real Satanism' or that he is some kind of phoney because he doesn't advocate killing virgins or molesting children, I would suggest that you have problems more immediate than religious/philosophical concerns you need to deal with before concerning yourself with any of this.
'Satan' is a concept of Judaeo/Christianity symbolizing it's 'Evil' (That Good and Evil are relative terms is the fundamental underlying concept). Therefore REAL Satanism is NOT about absolute contrariness, performing anti-social acts, gratuitous harm inflicting -- and all for absolutely no purpose other than "to be 'Evil'". That is not Satanism -- that is Moron-ism. That is performing actions for no reason which is the the definition of irrational behavior.
As Judao/Christianity is itself an eclectic and often contradictory meandering hodge-podge, with a LONG and winding history (both in its ideological development and in its institutions) -- and as its concept of 'Evil', 'the Devil' etc. is at LEAST as ecclectic, meanderind and complex as it itself -- it is only fitting that LaVey's Satanism takes on the freedom to empoly this ecclecticism in organizing and defining itself. This does not make it "phoney" -- on the contrary, it adds to its legitimacy.
Satanism as the book illustrates, brings religion out of the realm of power-wielding authoritarian institutions, corruption, politics, un-human & un-natural codes of behavior, hypocracy, and in general being a totalitarian-minded BURDEN upon the individual -- to its proper function: being an agent of FULFILLMENT TO THE INDIVIDUAL! Satanism as the LeVey suggests, is all about freedom. Freedom of the individual, and breaking off the chains of an oppressive, and not on the whole beneficial or 'Good' established religious establishment in our society.
As you can see, I was impressed with the book and would recommend it. It takes what is seemingly a non-topic and very compellingly and rationally brings it to life!
If you are a druggie kid who's into killing cats or wants to see what stabbing a person is like and is looking for a book that glorifies his idiocy and pointless behavior, you are not a Satanist: You are a Butt-Head-ist, and you have serious emotional problems. This book will not provide any cofort to you. Similarly if your idea is to "sell your immortal soul" to some little ill-tempered goat-boy with a pitchfork for whatever reason -- you are just wacky.
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am 31. August 1997
While Anton LaVey would lead us to believe Satanism began with his founding of the Church of Satan in 1966 it is in fact a far older tradition, far devorced of the Capitalist "buy a life-time membership for $100" concept the Church of Satan embodies.

The Satanic Bible itself is (in the bulk of it) the works of far greater minds. "The Book of Satan" is in fact taken from the infamous "Might is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard (aka Arthur Desmond, a New Zealander). Almost half the book is LaVey's slightly bastardised version of the Enochian Keys, which differ only slightly from Aleister Crowley's translations by the addition/changing of the occasional word to give the appearance of the "keys" being "Satanic"

LaVey's depiction of Satanists as the nice guys next door who *don't* practice human sacrifice and play dressup for ritual psychodramas is far devorced from the harsh realities of true Satanism. Genuine Satanism cannot be learned from a little book bought from the local book store or via the internet. True Satanism requires years of genuine and practical learning and experience.

In fact the only thing this book has going for it is that it is cheap, so when you read it and find that it is in fact a shallow and lifeless portrayal of a genuine dark pagan tradition you won't worry that you forked out a mere couple of dollars. Just don't be gullible enough to think that you are a Satanist by sending away $100 for membership to the "church of satan".

I'm sure the Prince of Darkness chuckles to himself at the irony of this whole little event in history...
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am 7. September 1999
Dies Buch ruft sehr zwiespältige Gefühle in mir hervor. Einerseits enthält es viele Gedankengänge und Vorstellungen, denen ich hundertprozentig zustimmen kann, und die sich mit meinen Anschauungen decken, andererseits enthält es einige Kapitel, mit denen ich überhaupt nichts anfangen kann, da ich als vernunftbegabter Mensch nicht an diese Formen der Magie glaube. In diesem Buch werden zum einen die Ansichten des Anton Szandor LaVey dargestellt, der größere Teil jedoch enthält die neunzehn "Enochischen Schlüssel", in "Enochisch" (der magischen Sprache in satanischen Ritualen, angeblich älter als Sanskrit, ähnlich dem Arabischen, Lateinischem und Hebräischem, teilwese als Sprache der Engel bezeichnet) und in englischer Übersetzung inklusive Erläuterungen zu diesen, und Anleitungen zu schwarzen Messen inklusive benötigter Gegenstände, idealem Zeitpunkt, idealem Ort und weiteren wesentlichen "Zutaten". Trotz aller Vorbehalte gegen diese Form der Magie ist das Buch sehr zu empfehlen, es enthält die besten Vorschläge zur Lebensweise, die ich bisher gelesen habe. Ein Großteil aller Menschen lebt sowie schon nach LaVey's Prinzipien, jedoch würde niemand diesen Lebensstil Satanismus nennen. Es ist die Lebensführung, die die Vernunft gebietet! (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 18. Mai 1999
This book does not go in depth into Satanism near so much as it does whine and complain about what is wrong with every other religion. Plus LaVey tries to lead his readers to believe all the heinous stories of Satanism are false, while all the similar stories of other religions are true, making them an easy target for his tireless bellyaching. Comparison examples are used throughout most of the book, and it seems more of a long-drawn out critical analysis of world religion than it does an explanation of Satanism (and yet I got through the entire thing ...painstakingly). This book also leaves many unanswered questions as LaVey describes Satanism as a carnal religion is which the deity to be worshipped is oneself. It doesn't much explain who is Satan, why Satan should be worshipped, or even why he refers to the relion as Satanism. Anti-Christianity or Narcissism would better suit what is described of his religion. Nor does this book mention the Here-After except that according to Christian beliefs we are all going to burn in hell anyways, so we should live it up without concious or remorse while we still can. To sum up, this book is a single man's perspective on how people should act with a popular and yet taboo label on it in order to get it to sell; left me feeling disappointed, unenlightened, and out 5 bucks.
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am 28. April 1997
I bought the Satanic Bible out of pure interest. I wanted to know why there could be people who are interested in these kind of ideas.
The book though takes a turn when you start reading it. This is not some idiot who writes about the devil and sacrificing virgins for fun, but an intellectual person who clearly explains that all other religions are wrong....and he seems to be right in practically all ways.
LaVey tells us that Satanism ( in this logical form ) has never said a bad word about other religions, but that all other religions have been putting Satanism down since the beginning of it all.
It's a scary tought that he's actually right. Luckily it has "sort of" a happy ending, where also LaVey slowly changes from the Mr.Spock of religion into the priest we'd expect him to be and Satanism turns into just another one of those religions ( created by human hand rather than some God ( or Devil that is ) ).

This is not a novel, but a bible that is 10 times easier to read than the Christian one. It also contains a reference part for everyone who wants to indulge into Satanic rituals or masses.
I wouldn't try it out at home but for everyone who still thinks that Anton Szander LaVey ( Still the most famous Satan-whorshipper ) is a lunatic, this book may just change your mind completely on the basis of Satanism.
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am 28. Februar 1999
The only reason I can consciously review this book as having any merit is for the fact that LaVey was a very clever, witty, and frighteningly charasmatic figure. Plus the fact that a book giving such a poorly thought out philosophy could manipulate thousands of weak minds into near worship of the author, which is, I suggest, all LaVey wanted.
Instead of going to one extreme of Roman Catholic-stereotypes of Christianity as a mind-washing, dominating relgion, LaVey simply suggests the reader go to the other extreme of a state of mind-washing one's own self. The whole thing is certainly very appealing to the teenage audience at which it is aimed. But the whole philosophy of being one's own God is too self-orientated for a society-based organism. One can not have a life worth living if all one ever considers is one's self. It's all just a giant rebellion no better than that which it is going against.
Of course, I think LaVey knew all this. Yet he continued to live only for himself, which is why, with the exception of a pathetic minority, the world will remember LaVey mainly as the guy who dressed up in a devil suit and appeared in Rosemary's Baby for all of five minutes. He built himself around Hollywood, not a thousand or so dedicated followers who meant nothing to him except his next paycheck.
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am 9. November 1997
I own The Satanic Bible. I bought it in 1994, and have followed the philosophy/religiuos teachings of Anton Szander LaVey ever since. I love this book, and all that it says. All I had to do is read the first few sentences in the introduction, and I became so intrigued by it, that I couldn't put the book down, I brought it to school with me and read during classes. What I read described all that I believed in the first place. And it introduced ritual magic to me. It's not written in some retarded language that you can't understand, it's written in modern day English. Aall that it's taught me, nothing else could. I used to be Catholic, and it made no sense and I found that Catholics are generally greedy, so I decided to not be Catholic. Then I stumbled upon this book in a local book store and found myself and my religion & philosophy. I highly recomend this book to all that want a clearer understanding of modern Satanism, want to become satanic, or are just looking for a good read. I can't say enough good things about Anton or the Satanic Bible, my love goes out to Anton and his family. This book has really changed my life ~ for the better. : ) Again praise to Anton, the CoS members, and to all that deserve it. Love and Life to you -- Nicole
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As an official Grotto Master of the Church of Satan, one might expect me to review this book. Honestly, I had my reservations. Why would any sane or logical person accept a belief system such as Satanism solely on my opinion? "The Satanic Bible" exemplifies all that is truly Satanic. Dr. LaVey codified something that numerous people never had the nerve to do. He gave it a name--Satanism. Anton LaVey stepped forward in 1966 to announce his allegiance with the forces of Darkness--those untrodden forces in his own psyche. Thus he delineated those forces in this book. "The Satanic Bible" not only explains the religion, but it challenges each of us to accept the Dreaded Name, to no longer be guilded by the glamour of the white light religiositers, and to no longer be ashamed of who we are. I encourage all people, Satanists or not, to read the book. Can anyone say that they do not want to better themselves or better understand why they do what they do? No. This book answers questions people have always had, but were too afraid to ask. Seek and ye shall find. Knowledge is power. Enrich your life as so many before you have done--buy the book. Read it and learn who you are. HAIL SATAN!
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am 30. Juni 1998
Anton LaVey simply put years of misconception about Satanism into one easy to read (if the reader has a complete open mind) book. Many people still think of "Satanism" as devil-worship. The one thing that Satanism has in common with Christianity is the many different paths within the same road. "Satanism" is a very broad term. What Anton did with this book is simply clear up a lot of common misconceptions of the term and provide a system of beliefs through years of study and his own life experience. Even in the book itself he does not claim to have come up with an original concept. His point of view has come from many sources. Emerson,Crowley,Thoreau to name a few. What he has done with The Satanic Bible is sum up what he has learned and presented it to the reader from a modern-day logical point of view. What has confused many is why it was called "The Satanic Bible" when all it really is a hedoistic,humanistic and an explanation of the need for fantasy vantage point. As well as calling it a religion with no deity. If the reader remains confused he/she did not use the only thing required to understand what he is talking about and where he is coming from. An open mind.
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