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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. Februar 2006
I enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha because of the very catchy and likable story it told. As Sayuri grew up and lived in the Geisha house, I felt as if I was following her around and living her life with her. The beginning of the novel made me want to read on because of the sadness it shared. It's a very good novel, touching your heart, and makes you appreciate your family. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes entertainment, and enjoys his or her family. It's a very fast read, and once you get into the story, it's very difficult to put it down. Any readers ages 14 and up could enjoy this because it has a little something for everyone. During the story, you feel as if there is always something to relate to. Thanks----Harriet
I also recommend " The Quest " by Giorgio Kostantinos
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am 11. Februar 2006
... eins meiner Lieblingsbücher.
Chiyo wird mit neun Jahren aufgrund der schweren Krankheit ihrer Mutter und der Mittellosigkeit ihres Vaters nach Kyoto gebracht, um dort zu lernen, eine Geisha zu sein, wie eine zu denken und in der harten Konkurrenz unter Geishas zu bestehen. Viel mehr wohl, zu überleben. In Gion (dem Geisha-Distrikt von Kyoto) setzt sie sich gegen weitaus erfahrenere Geishas durch, um eine der populärsten Gesellschafterinnen Japans zu werden.
Arthur Golden mag sich nicht zu 100% an das Original Mineko Iwasaki gehalten haben, trotzdem fasziniert die Geschichte der kleinen Chiyo-san von Anfang an. Lebhafter kann man diese fremde Kultur den westlichen Lesern wohl kaum nahe bringen.
Ein geniales Buch, gefühlvoll und schlüssig geschrieben. Lässt keine Wünsche offen.
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am 19. September 2000
A commentator has said that this is a book that seems to stay open. It's absolutely true! I first had an interest in reading "Memoirs of a Geisha" because I have never read a novel about Japanese culture before, and I wanted to learn more about it from an author who had studied it in-depth. Once I started, I couldn't put the book down until I finished it a few days later. The story of Sayuri's life as a geisha in Japan around the time of WWII is engrossing, fascinating, and at times disturbing.
"Memoirs" chronicles the life of Sayuri (as narrated by her to a fictional biographer), and how she goes from rags to riches, from riches to rags, and back again to riches. The plot is truly a page-turner; Golden also writes in lush detail about every aspect of Japan's geisha culture. However, Sayuri's development throughout her life, while believable, was disheartening. Here was a woman with so much potential--she's beautiful, intelligent, insightful--and she is trained to be manipulative, deceitful, and opportunistic. Not that this is surprising, based on the environments and upbringing she experiences. It could be argued that she made the most out of her circumstances; she took the hand she was dealt and then beat the dealer at his own game. Still, the reviews that compare Golden with authors like Austen and Dickens ring hollow when you examine the progress of a David Copperfield or an Elizabeth Bennett, who rise above their circumstances and whose individual characters are refined and brought to a higher level of integrity and morality--the opposite, in my opinion, of Sayuri's.
As other readers have commented, the ending was a little to "neat" for me. I felt betrayed by the Chairman's reaction to Sayuri's last desparate act; indeed he seemed to condone the notion that the end justifies the means--go for what you want, and break the rules of ethics if necessary. Sayuri's lowest, most contemptible moment with the Minister is rewarded with a happy ending. Now I sound now like I'm not recommending this book--I do, heartily! But be forewarned, the ultimate message of this book is one that is very lonely and spiritually devoid: rely on yourself, because God and man alike will fail you.
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am 27. Mai 2001
Arthur Goldens Roman "Memoirs of a Geisha" (Die Geisha) nimmt den Leser sofort gefangen: Seine ruhige und doch packende Erzählweise führt uns in die Welt der zu Beginn des Romans 9jährigen Sayuri und erzählt uns ihren Weg von dem mutterlosen Mädchen eines armen Fischerdorfs zur angesehendsten Geisha. Ein Weg, der nicht nur ein Viertel Jahrhundert umfaßt, von 1929 bis in die Nachkriegszeit, sondern der uns auch in die von westlichen Lesern oft mißverstande Welt der Geishas einführt. So wird dem Leser manches Mal die Augen geöffnet und er erkennt, welche harte und unbarmherzige Schule die Geishas in ihrer Ausbildung durchlaufen, daß ihr Leben nicht nur von Parties, Teezeremonien und Tänzen erfüllt ist, sondern auch von Ausbeutung und Entbehrungen.
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am 11. November 2012
Hallo erstmal,

Super interessanste, spannende und bezaubernde Geschichte. Eignet sich sehr für Leute die Biographien lieben und sich für andere Kulturen interessieren.
Ich kann das Buch nur weiter empfehlen.
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am 19. September 2006
Als ich Memoirs of a Geisha kaufte, hatte ich eigentlich nur nach einem Buch zum Zeitvertreib gesucht. Aber dieses Buch entführt in eine faszinierende, fremde, herrliche Welt, nimmt den Leser mit auf eine Reise in den fernen Osten und ist voller so vieler kleiner Wunder und atemberaubender Bilder, dass man sich sogleich darin verliert. Memoirs of a Geisha ist sicherlich mehr als nur ein Zeitvertreib. Ein herrlich erfrischendes Buch, lebendig und warmherzig, voller kleiner Lebensweisheiten. Ich habe es verschlungen.
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am 15. Februar 1999
The book was easy to read, a concise, simple, and flowing style. The author should get good marks for what must have been exhaustive research to produce such detail. Memoirs of a Geisha is well written. But I could find little to sympathize with or learn from in any of the characters, the male characters exaggerated in their ghastliness, the geisha, when you remove the veil of artistic culture, nothing more than high priced call girls who only spread their legs for steadily paying clientele. Satsu, who fled prostitution, was the only character I could truly feel for, but she just dropped out of the story, Sayuri not even attempting to reunite with the sister she supposedly pines over, and this though Sayuri had the means and connections to find her. The characters left me empty. I found them to have little moral fiber at all, the story simply a tale of how materialistic, sometimes clever but otherwise empty headed courtesans ply their trade in Japan, the war even cast as horrible for the lack of sugar daddies and tea, having to suffer a real job, or the horror of ones hands getting rough! So what? As another reader said, it's a vacation novel, if that much, but a waste of time if you're looking for a book with any greatness.
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am 24. Februar 1998
Arthur Golden's Memoir of a Geisha is a tour de force of narrative voice, cultural detail, and style. The author's painstaking research shows itself only in the believability of his story and never slows the pace of this novel which, at its basest level, could be called a historical romance. But there is so much more contained within these pages than a genre novel. Readers will find a richly described life with layers of history, emotion, and a coming-of-age story that lasts a lifetime. Although the final chapter seems tacked and the extra details revealed there are coyly supplied despite the previous forthrightness of Satuyi, Golden can be forgiven these last pages after having delivered his treasure wrapped in silk.
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am 21. August 1999
This book deserves all of the wonderful reaction it has received. An enlightening yet engrossing look into the world of geisha and the Japanese culture. As a student of Oriental philosophy, I believe this book is written in language as simple as haiku and as image laden. The unique metaphors and the desciptions of the physical aspects of deep emotions were particularly poignant. As a lover of classical literature it is rare that I am so moved by anything written today. I believe this book is an instant classic ( and I do not say this lightly). As a woman however, I am dubious of its author's gender. Other reviewers have hinted at this, may I just come out and say that I don't believe this was written solely by a male. Perhaps the women Mr. Golden thanks had more than a little hand in this book? Otherwise, in my opinion Mr. Golden has achieved what all male writers before him have found impossible and that is to write a woman who is completely convincing to women. I can't wait for his next book.
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am 22. Juni 2008
Der Film hat mir gut gefallen, darum interessierte mich das Buch, warum auch nicht in einer Hörversion. Doch das Ganze steht und fällt mit dem Interpreten. Einige Hörbücher haben mir das Grausen gelehrt, da ich mit der Art, wie gelesen wurde, nicht einverstanden war. So auch hier: Die Frauenstimme ist nach fünf Minuten schwer zu ertragen. Sie liest in einem eigenartigen Singsang, den ich mir 3 CDs lang nicht antun wollte. Möglich, dass manche Asiaten so reden. Ich kenne viele, Chinesen, Japaner, Vietnamesen, habe aber derartigen Leierton bei meinen Bekannten nicht feststellen können.
Ausserdem, ob charakterisierend oder nicht, weniger wäre mehr gewesen. Enttäuschend.
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