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am 23. Juli 2000
"A Small Place" is a small book of unsubtle reflections about Antigua, the nine-by-twelve mile island in the West Indies where Jamaica Kincaid was born and spent her childhood. Unfortunately, the book is redeemed only by the lyricism of Kincaid's prose. In simplistic fashion, Kincaid explores the legacy of British colonialism and the corruption of Antigua's native leaders. Kincaid acknowledges the splenetic nature of her endeavor, telling the reader to "look at this prolonged visit to the bile duct I am making, look at how bitter, how dyspeptic just to sit and think about these things makes me." The book is certainly bilious, a sort of juvenile screed from an author demonstrably capable of more subtle analysis. Read "A Small Place" if you're traveling to the West Indies or read it if you're an admirer of Jamaica Kincaid's literary craftsmanship. Just don't expect too much from it.
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am 24. Februar 2005
Small Place is a very simple-written book. With a fascinating setting in Antigua is the story of the extraordinary conditions of the life of the people of Antigua. Jamaica Kincaid's writing portrays not only her bitterness with the legacies of slavery but also her disappointment with the new Antigua, especially the loss of social values and the corruption plaguing the political life and those higher up in society. And she brought it out so succinctly and poignantly that this book clearly articulates the crisis plaguing developing nations, especially Africa that though independent, still have not yet shaken off the negative legacies of colonialism. This is a highly recommendable read.
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am 10. September 1999
Antigua, Traumziel in der Karibik, ist das Thema von Jamaica Kincaids Essay "A Small Place". Auf 80 Seiten entwirft die inzwischen arrivierte Autorin ein Portrait ihrer Heimat auf dem duennen Grat zwischen Sehnsucht und Abrechnung, ein Portrait das mehr ueber Land und Leute vermittelt als jeder Reisefuehrer. So richtet Kincaid den Blick einerseits auf die Bevölkerung, weiss aus erster Hand um die Traditionen, um die Sitten und Gebraeuche. Als meisterhafte Erzaehlerin verbindet sie die leidvolle Geschichte der Insel anekdotisch mit eigenen Erlebnissen aus juengerer Vergangenheit. Andrerseits nennt sie auch die Schattenseiten des scheinbaren Paradieses beim Namen: die grenzenlose Korruption der Herrschenden und die Armut der breiten Bevoelkerung eines Eilands, wo der Neoimperialismus euro-amerikanischer Reisemultis an die Stelle des britischen Kolonialherren getreten ist. Dass man Kincaids Essay trotz der immer wieder spuerbaren Wut bis zum Schluss mit Genuss liest und nicht zur Seite legen moechte, liegt ebenso an den luziden Beobachtungen der Autorin wie ihrem unaufdringlich rhythmischen Stil, der der Prosa einen lyrischen Charakter geben und Kincaid zu einer der gefragtesten amerikanischen Prosaschriftstellern gemacht haben. (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 26. Februar 1999
When we all visit from our safe, comfortable, clean northern usa cities, we should take a closer look at the caribbean to see what the government has done with tourism dollars. It is not being spent on their people or their needs. As we enjoy the sun, ocean, food, and, most importantly, the people, ask where the money we are donating to the economy goes and if we have a right to pollute their lovely island. We walk around in scantly clad clothes and take no notice of what the native people think of this. Their morals are much higher than ours. Tourism will continue to ruin all of the West Indies, we must question our own government's motives in supporting the Byrd family.
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am 8. Dezember 1999
If you consider it an essay on colonisation, it is a very frank and pointed assessment on the effects of colonisation, not only from an Antiguan's point of view, but from an Antiguan who is now staying in America's point of view. Angry, penetrating and brutally honest. A must read for every worshipper of colonisation and its bountiful gifts.
As a novel, it is equally stimulating, the style is succinct, terse and eloquent.
At the bottom of it, it is expressing sentiments that have been considered rude to voice... until now I guess.
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am 22. Mai 2015
Good condition, fast delivery, everthing was Fine and delivered as it was decribed in the outline. I don't regret it.
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