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4,0 von 5 Sternen11
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. Januar 2006
Well since there are already enough info about the plot, I'll go straight to what I think of it. The five stars says it all though. I loved it! It's really very different than her other books. So if you expect anything like 'Dream Man' or 'Mr. Perfect', skip this one. It's totally told from Blair's (the main female character) point of view. And it's hilarious! She just seems so shallow but in a very cute way. I thought it was very refreshing to read about a character who was sometimes wrong, a lot of times annoying and seemed silly, at least on the surface. She wasn't perfect and that made the book perfect to me. The murder is put all the way in the background, not at all what you would expect of L.H. or of the title actually. So really, just give this a try because it isn't what you expect of the author. And it's so funny, that you won't stop laughing. I promise! Another thing though...don't take these kind of books too seriously. I mean they are books about love (with almost always an alpha male character) mixed with a bit murder to make it interesting. You can't expect it to be very realistic. So just enjoy it for what it is, entertainment and a way to get out of the real world for a while.
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am 3. Juli 2005
Blair Mallory beobachtet eines Abends nach Ladenschluss, auf dem Parkplatz ihres Fitnesscenters, einen Mord. Das Opfer ist eine ehemalige Kundin, die Blairs Auftreten und Aussehen kopiert hatte. Am Tatort erscheint ausgerechnet Lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth, mit dem Blair vor Monaten einige Verabredungen hatte. Die junge Frau zeigt dem Polizisten die kalte Schulter. Wyatt hingegen möchte die Beziehung wieder aufleben lassen. Als Anschläge auf Blair verübt werden, übernimmt er deshalb gerne die Rolle des Beschützers. Außerdem muss er herausfinden, ob man sich nur einer unliebsamen Zeugin entledigen möchte, oder ob Blair von Anfang an das Ziel des Mörders war.
Linda Howard hat es wieder geschafft. Sie geht neue Wege und hat für ihren jüngsten Roman die Ich-Form gewählt. Der Krimianteil tritt in den Hintergrund, wenn Blair in ihrer unbefangenen Art über Gott und die Welt philosophiert. Hauptsächlich handeln ihre an den Leser gerichteten Monologe von ihren Beziehungen zu Männern im Allgemeinen, ihrem treulosen Exmann und einem sexy Polizeiermittler im Besonderen. Die exzentrische Heldin kokettiert mit ihrem Image als dumme Blondine. Blair nutzt den Umstand, als ehemaliger Cheerleader regelmäßig unterschätzt zu werden, zu ihrem Vorteil aus. Sie wickelt jeden Mann um den Finger, nur bei Wyatt will es ihr nicht gelingen. So lebt die Geschichte von den zahlreichen Wortduellen zwischen den Protagonisten, welche als Vorspiel für die knisternden und, wie üblich expliziten, Liebesszenen dienen. Howard bedient sich bewusst so manchem Klischee und versteht es meisterlich, Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau zu bieten. Die urkomische Screwball-Komödie hat ihren Platz in den Bestsellerlisten jetzt schon sicher.
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am 2. Januar 2005
I have been a long-term fan of Linda Howard, for couple of decades. To find her writing in first person is jarring. Up front, take my review as a person who doesn't care for first person writing. Me, I, Mine...can get so redundant that they stick out like a sore thumb in my brain. That is why I am giving this book four stars. I am not sure why she felt the story had to be in first person, other than maybe trying to draw the market from Chit Lit. It severely limits the story to the first person point of view, not allowing me to know the hero better. It was very distracting, in a story if told in third person could have been five stars. Blair - the first person comes across as "talking to the reader". It was a style that just came across flat for me. Back to the days of old Sam Spade narratives? I sincerely hope not. So please read my review knowing that is MY tastes.
As for the storytelling, it's Howard's classy style all the way. Blair Mallory is a gal with everything on the ball. She was the "it" girl growing up, a cheerleader who married the rising political star, Jason Carson. After four years, Blair's Miss Perfect life is not so perfect. She wins a large settlement in her divorce, thanks to holding damning evidence over the not quite so perfect Jason. She takes that and opens a coed fitness center called "Great Bods". Once again, Blair is on the bright side of life. She really loves the business, the people working for her. Only problems - along the lines of "Single White Female" - starts to intrude into her new remade perfect life in the form of Nikki. Nikki joins "Great Bods" and soon it's clear to all she's remaking herself into an image of Blair. Nikki changes her hair to match Blair's, her clothing is just like Blair's. But instead of adoration, Nikki hates Blair and everyone seems to be aware of this. There are a lot of complaints about Nikki, so when it comes time to renew membership, Blair refused to resign Nikki. Nikki pitches a hissy fit, then storms off. That should be the end of that - right? Not in fiction!! lol.
That night, as Blair starts to go home, someone shoots at Blair. At least she thought they were shooting at her. Blair instantly jumps to the conclusion that it's Nikki. Blair calls the police and when they arrived, Blair is stunned to find Nikki dead with a bullet in her.
In comes Wyatt Bloodworth, police detective. Naturally, Blair once dated Bloodworth, still is attracted to him. The press picks up on that Blair witnessed the killing. So when the second shots ring out this time at Blair for real, the reader wonders if it's because she witnessed Nikki's crime or if Blair was the target all along.
As Wyatt and Blair untangle the questions, they naturally fall for each other. When Nikki's killer is caught everything seems fine, until Blair's brakes are cut, bringing up the question
again was Blair the target all along.
It's a very taut book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If it just hadn't been written in first person. Let's hope this is a quickly passing trend and Howard goes back to
third person so the whole story is fleshed out, not just the 1st person point of view - at least for my tastes.
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am 1. April 2005
I really, really love Linda Howard but I did not enjoy this book.
I didn't mind the first person view as much as I thought I would but it was disappointing not to get any insight into Wyatt's feelings.
The dialogues were good and funny but I was extremely annoyed by the way Wyatt treated Blair. So annoyed that I nearly stopped reading after 100 pages.
The ending also seemed a bit farfetched and I missed the steamy sex scenes.
My recommendation: get it from the library, it's not worth buying.
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am 4. Februar 2005
I am a huge Linda Howard fan. But I could not help to be disappointed by her most recent novels, like "Dying to please" or "Cry no more". I did not care for the heroines - (I didn't connect with them in the way I normally do) and the heroes were just cold fish.
But here are the good news. In "To Die for" Howard found back to her better storytelling. I not overly fond of first person narrator myself, but here the prissy heroine adds to the fun and the irony of the book. The hero Wyatt is fun too - very, very macho - but Blair can handle it.
After the last disappointments - I am pleasantly surprised.
The story: Fitness trainer Blair witnesses a murder - which brings her in contact with police lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. Two years ago Wyatt dumped her for no apparent reason - and she is still mad. They struggle along between relationship and murder investigation.
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am 13. März 2005
I thoroughly enjoyed OPEN SEASON by Linda Howard. When I saw the reviews on this new book I rushed to get a copy. I am sorry I did.
It is a contrived story, written from the perspective of a very confident heroine with a brash manner and a man who calls her a bit of fluff!
I like an intelligent thriller and if that is what you are after, forget this book. I have struggled through to page 244 and now I couldn't care less how it ends.
Sorry Linda Howard, but you really can do better!
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am 13. Dezember 2004
Blair Mallory may be blonde, but she is business savvy. The ex-cheerleader married politically aspiring Jason Carson. Four years later they divorced. Blair got everything she asked for in the settlement thanks to a single photograph of him kissing her seventeen-year-old sister. She uses the money to follow her dream of opening a coed fitness center, "Great Bods". It is a huge success. Blair not only loves her business, but she actually cares for her staff and customers. All except for Nicole "Nikki" Goodwin. Nikki joins Great Bods and began to mimic Blair. Nikki colors her hair the same color, grows it long, purchases a similar car, and even buys the same workout clothes (all the way down to the leg warmers). But everyone, even the members of the gym, could tell that Nikki pure hates Blair. Many members of the gym complains about Nikki's attitude too and files formal complaints. So when time came for Nikki to renew, Blair simply pulls out the complaints and gently refuses to let Nikki renew her membership. Nikki's exit is violent, though she never hits anyone. That very night, as Blair locks up and leaves the building, Nikki is shot dead in the parking lot. Blair did not get a good look at the killer, but just being a witness is enough.
The police lieutenant, Jefferson "Wyatt" Bloodsworth, a man Blair once dated and to whom she is still very much attracted to, enters the picture. The media, of course, promptly put Blair on the front page and told the public that she witnessed the murder. NOT GOOD! Needless-to-say, the next gunshot Blair hears is directed at her. Nikki had been a case of mistaken identity. Now Wyatt and Blair must figure out who wants to kill her before they actually succeed.
***** This novel has plenty of romance, but is overflowing with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author, Linda Howard, writes the story as if Blair is actually talking to the reader. With Blair's witty mind and "don't mess with me, I'm no push over" attitude, I found myself actually laughing aloud often. I highly recommend this one for anyone going on vacation and wanting something wonderful to read. I specify to those on vacation because you may find yourself staying up late at night to read and will want to sleep late the next morning. Excellent! *****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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am 8. Oktober 2010
Eine große Enttäuschung von Linda Howard!

Die Eigentümerin eines Fitness-Centers (Blair) wird Augenzeugin eines Mordes. Der zuständige Kriminalbeamte (Wyatt) ist ihr früherer Liebhaber, der vor zwei Jahren nach einer kurzen Affäre sang- und klanglos aus ihrem Leben verschwunden war. Obwohl der Beschützerinstinkt von Wyatt auf Hochtouren läuft, gelingen weitere Anschläge auf Blair. Wer und was stecken dahinter und wie geht es mit Blair und Wyatt weiter?

Der Plot ist eindimensional und langweilig, das Ende völlig unglaubwürdig und an den Haaren herbeigezogen, die Erotik ist irgendwo verloren gegangen.

Die beiden Hauptpersonen konnten mich nicht überzeugen. Blair ist ein billiger Barbie-Abklatsch und Wyatt eine schlechte James Bond-Imitation. Das ich hier und da über den einen oder anderen Dialog schmunzeln konnte, hat mich selbst überrascht!

Für mich persönlich gehört die Ich-Form nicht zu den bevorzugten Erzählformen für einen Roman. Vielleicht bin ich in dieser Hinsicht noch etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Jedenfalls hat mich Blair's ständiges Geplapper völlig desorientiert. Weiterhin habe ich in diesem Roman detaillierte Beschreibungen sowie den Blickwinkel von Wyatt gänzlich vermisst. Sicherlich ist dies nicht auf die von der Autorin gewählte Erzählform, sondern eher auf oberflächliches und flüchtiges Schreiben zurückzuführen.

Schade!! Linda Howard hat bewiesen, dass sie es besser kann!!
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am 28. Januar 2005
To Die For stellt eine gereifte und auch meiner Meinung runde Novel dar. Gute Novels sind wir ja von L.H. gewöhnt, diese ist jedoch anders. Zunächst einmal die Ich-Erzählerin Blair: Diese Erzählform ist neu bei L.H.. Blair, die Beauty und Fitness Queen schlechthin, entgeht mehrmals Mordanschlägen. Erfrischend, dass sich Blair auch ohne starken Machomann retten kann. Was den Cop Wyatt ziemlich in Verzweiflung bringt.
Ich mochte dieses Buch sehr. Keine schwache, mondsüchtige Frau, die sich vom harten Cop/Agenten/etc. retten lässt. Blair reizt Wyatt bis zur Weißglut, so dass fast schon Mitleid aufkommt. Höchst amüsant und lustig, verbunden mit der üblichen Spannung und Unterhaltung!
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am 9. August 2005
OMG, that is my newest favorite book! It was so funny and sexy and also with suspense. I loved it! I couldn't stop reading once I started, Blair just caught me! And Wyatt....sheeesh, what can I say.
Great book, I can only recommend it!
I've read all Mary Higgins-Clark and Tess Gerritsen, now I'm buying all Linda Howard. I hope her other books are as good as thisd one!
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