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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. Februar 2000
Reading the other customer reviews, I find it very interesting to see how different they are, and how different many of them are from my experience.
I was surprised to read the review on this page by the woman who believes we ought to read Jung first (or instead). My experience is the opposite; when I've picked up Jung's original works I've found them tough to follow, but this book I found very accessible and useful. I don't think the comparison between the Bible and a tv evangelist is at all fair. It's more like the difference between Strunk & White and the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED is wonderful, but Strunk & White is the one that is most likely to help you become a better writer.
Although I think of myself as a creative person, I tend to downplay that part of myself and to lead with my left brain, as it were. Reading this book I felt like I was being given a path to my inner wellspring. I felt that I had at last found water for a thirst I hadn't quite been able to identify until now.
This book is about one's inner life. It is not a how-to book, it's not political (except in the sense that the personal is political), and I didn't feel that it over-emphasized "what's wrong with you," as another reader put it. It does continually nudge one to think about what might be wrong: many many women are cut off from their own preferences, their own inner selves, because they feel pressured to conform with societal norms. Many societal norms are, in my opinion, quite damaging and inappropriate. It is very easy in American society to get the impression that women should be seen and not heard. Women are still encouraged to focus on how we look, to be compliant, to act ladylike and be nice even when we are being denigrated, and to stand by our man no matter what. We are encouraged to help others at the expense of our own happiness, and many many of us fall into this trap without even realizing it. We think it is normal to put ourselves last, and we lose touch with the shames and the fears that keep us from being happy, wiping the subject of happiness off the table with a dismissive hand as something that is too indulgent or not important.
This book helped me realize the ways in which I stand in my own way, and it gave me courage and inspiration.
The author is not only a Jungian analyst, but a storyteller. She is steeped in the traditions of storytelling from both the Latin and the Hungarian sides of her family, and I very much enjoyed the ways in which she uses this legacy of the storyteller as healer to make her points. I never thought of storytelling in this way before, but reading this book I found it to be true. (I feel that her stories have helped heal me.) I am a storyteller myself, of a sort, so for me the book was a kind of homecoming. If you have ever wondered why fairy tales seem so cruel and peculiar, you will find the answers in this book. Fairy tales have been mangled in the translation, but this author shows you where they came from and what they are really about.
While I am a huge believer in free-market capitalism, growth, business, and civilization (as opposed to back-to-nature Green-ery), I have tremendous concerns about the increasingly violent and impersonal nature of our society. This book shows you how to cultivate a healing, loving attitude toward the world without becoming a doormat--quite the contrary, it shows how love can give you more strength and power than you'll ever find in a boardroom.
Another review on this page criticized the book for not putting these issues into a broader context of one's life. It took twenty years for this author to distill her wisdom of storytelling and her knowledge of Jungian archetypes into this lovely, readable book. For me, that's quite an accomplishment. I'm more than willing to take it the rest of the way myself.
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am 4. Dezember 2015
I ordered this book because my women reads it in her own native lau¨nguage. I want to know and discuss with her about the energies of men and women. This is out frequent topic. Also Osho's books and some other authors we have been discussing. So this book (Women who run..) I have not been reading, but will be in near future.
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am 14. April 2000
A woman's bible? <chuckle>. Yes, I personally think that some would feel this way. I would not 'replace' it with bible <sigh>. Clarissa Pinkola has put to black-n-white, what I could not. She does not necessarily tell us anything that we do not already know, but merely reminds us. And yes, I agree, this is not a how-to-book. There are no 'expectations' other than self-acualization. It has much depth, some can read straight through, others a little at a time. I have come back to it time and time agian. From what I understand of her book, fables were told to help the individual to find their own answers. (Not much different from psycology today.) In each story, you are the princess, the evil step-mother, the magician, the prince, the nice old woman, the scarey witch. For it is you who allows yourself to be decieved. You can save yourself. You seek, you destroy. You create, you hide, you embelish. I have found much spirituality within this book. I talk of the 'power of a woman' quite often. How else can you stand by your man? You cannot do it when you are weak. How can your children depend on you and thrive later in life, if you cannot give them the foundation? This book does not tell you to go run outside without any cloths on, laughing at the world. (Unless that is your calling! :-).) It encourages you to believe in yourself via fables of long ago. I feel that it does shed light on 'social and economic realities'. (I.E. Chapter 9 Homing: Returning to OneSelf pg. 271) "The ego is initially born into us as potential and is shaped, developed, and filled up with ideas, values, and duties by the world around us: our parents, our teachers, our culture. And this is as it should be, for it becomes our excort, our armor, and our scout in the outer world. However, if the wildish nature is not allowed to emanate upward through the ego, giving it color, juice, and instinctive responsiveness, then although the culture may approve of what has been fashioned in this ego, the soul does not, cannot, will not approve such incompleteness of its work." Also, I find no 'generalization or oddities' in this book that are in any way offensive, if carefully read and comprehended. :-) It also is not just a book for women, as Clarissa states it is also for those men 'who choose to run with women who run with wolves.' In referring small portions of this book to men (I.E. Chapter 4 The Mate: Union with the Other) I have recieved postive feedback in parallel in better understanding the dual natures of both men and women. Clarissa's 'credibility and her considerable scholarship' come second to her gift of storytelling and love of anthropology. I admire her ability to take a close-to-authentic fable from different origins, and to educate, mesmerize, and encourage strenth to me, the reader.
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am 18. Dezember 2011
Helpful, encouraging, uplifting and comforting! I liked it very much, particularly the parts on La Loba and injured instinct and the women making it against that Bluebeard DV offender guy and that weird abusive stepfamily -) Great job! It's also very beautifully written.
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am 14. Oktober 2014
A few words can't really describe how much I love this book. Definitely one of my favorites. Couldn't stop reading. Hello ladies outthere, you so should read this is a game changer :) The transaction was great too. Everything just perfect, thanks :)
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am 28. Februar 2000
I read this book 3 years ago and constantly go back to it. I use the stories for children and adults to give them a different perspective of their life situation and am always amazed at how simple words can bring such depth to an event of the psyche. Thank you Clarissa this book is such wonderful, heartfelt present.
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am 27. August 2015
Ein ganz großer Schatz in meiner Büchersammlung. Die Geschichten und Märchen und besonders ihre Interpretationen haben mich sehr überzeugt und inspiriert. Ich kann jedem, der sich für die Themen Märchen/Geschichten und Wesen der Frau interessiert, das Buch nur empfelen.
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am 2. Juni 2000
Ancient cultures the world over have all had oral traditions as the roots of their literature, both for the purposes of education and entertainment.
In the darkness by the fireside, story-tellers enthralled their fellow tribesmen with tales handed down through countless generations and centuries.
What determines which stories are told and re-told on through the ages? Usually, they are tales which illustrate a moral value, a particular quality or a lesson that a particular society deems important. Whether it be a cautionary tale or a legend demonstrating a virtue, we get great insights into what is valued by examining the old, old stories.
Until recent years with the advent of Women's Studies on university campuses, the teachings imparted to one's daughters and grandaughters were often overlooked. That glaring omission has been rectified through Clarissa Pinkola Estes' incredible book.
"Women Who Run With the Wolves" is not light reading by any means, but is a scholarly exploration of the feminine character. Has civilization tried to strangle our basic "Wild Woman" inner natures? And, if so, at what cost has the shrew been tamed?
"Women Who Run With the Wolves" contains some familiar stories from our collective childhoods: The Little Match Girl and Bluebeard. But these are not the soothing, toned-down versions to read by your toddlers' bedsides. Instead, they are terrifying and real.
Estes, who is both a Jungian analyst/psychologist and professional storyteller, vividly recounts the visceral details of often violent folklore.
Not only are European nursery tales included, but the book is global in scope. Estes also weaves in less familiar traditions, such as stories from the Lakota Indians. The one element running through all the stories is how they relate to women's lives and spirits.
In each section, the author gives a scholarly overview of why the tale was told, what values it imparted, and why the story still speaks to us today. She also recounts the story with great dramatic narrative, and it is easy to imagine oneself listening to the tale around a flickering campfire late at night.
Ancient wisdom coupled with modern psychological insights make reading this book a mind-expanding experience.
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am 3. Mai 2000
It was as if for the first time ever I saw my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my mother... and eventually also myself. Women Who Run With the Wolves is about allowing yourself to embrace womanhood. Not by burning bras or refusing to get married but rather by using what is already there, underneath all that, which makes us vulnarable and insecure in our gender. Estés takes the reader on an exquisite journey through our inner landscape and her unbreakable faith in the strenght of all women is contagious so that in the end you too cannot help but believe in yourself. Simply life-changing. What more could you ever want from a book?
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am 9. März 2000
If you are breathing, you are in this book. This book was recomended by a psycologist when I began suffering from depression. It is very insightful as to why we behafe the way we do. It makes you sit back and reflect.
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