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4,7 von 5 Sternen64
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. Juli 2000
This book is a one of a kind fantasy novel, there are few who can match its simplicity and its brilliance at the same time. In this book Peirs Anthony has created a realm of magic that exists unseen in our own world. The story revolves around a charcter (bink) who is searching for his magic talent so he wont be exiled to mundania. The characters are wonderfully enjoyable and usually have nothing to do with the plot, and pretty much only exists to accompany Bink (the main character) on his quest. This book is an exciting and worthy edition to anyones library. I warn you though that if you do read this you'll most likely be tempted to read the millions of sequels in this series. Of which only the first few are really good.
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am 10. April 1999
I have read all 22 Xanth novels. Six of them really stand out as good stories: Good, moral, heroic main characters, cool talents and magical abilities, good storyline. They get pretty serious, and it almost seems that Piers is trying to teach young readers through the good, moral, honorable, heroic characters, how to act in real life. But most of them get so congested with puns that there's really nothing going on, and it just gets corny. The six good ones are A Spell for Chameleon#1 Castle Roogna#3 Ogre, Ogre#5 Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn#8 Heaven Cent#11 and Question Quest#14. Faun & Games#21 had an OK character named Atilla the Pun. The puns get on my nerves. I like puns, I just don't like Piers Anthony's puns. When he started this series he wrote for young men. Now he writes for troublesome adolescents, it seems. He can't go a book without mentioning breasts and panties. Yes, there is a romance in virtually every Xanth book, but still, the sexual inuendos don't fit; they're out of context. I guess Piers just ran out of cool magic talents for his characters. Because let's face it: that's what made the series. When it had magicians with interesting talents that one could base an entire story on the ramifications of them, it was a good series. It isn't anymore. Read the first 14 and then stop.
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am 13. Juli 2000
You tend to see polarized reactions to Xanth. People either love it, or hate it. I think thats because the Xanth series has a limited appeal (mainly to boys between the ages of 11 and 14).
You see, I have been in both positions. In my pre and early teens I read just about every Xanth book there was, by my late teens I wouldn't get near any of Anthony's work. At the grand old age of 22 I can look back and see why I enjoyed it when I enjoyed it.
Anthony does the entire sword and sorcery thing and adroitly mixes in lots of sexual tension and innuendo. The later is what makes it so appealing to teenage boys. Young guys swimming with hormones just eat it up. However, once you get out of the initial stages of adolesence, Xanth, with its puns and predictable plot line, becomes very boring.
You'll gobble this book up, as well as its subsequent sequels, if you're in the aforementioned demographic, but probably won't like it if you aren't (although I have talked to a few women in their 20's and early 30's who like it). When it comes down to it Xanth is like one of those teeny-bopper rock groups, you really dig it for a short time, and then throw it away with disgust.
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am 4. Januar 1998
Definately the best novel of the sci-fi genre, and quite possibly the best novel ever written! It has everything! You'll find humor, action, romance, drama, fantasy, plain, honest fun, and much, MUCH MORE! Hmmm... It's too bad the grading scale doesn't go above 10. It deserves at least a 72 on this scale! This is the book that started it all, and although it's true, the Xanth novels DO get a little weaker as they progress along the 21 (so far) volume set, in NO WAY do they become anywhere NEAR boring or trying. This book is sure to envelop and enrapture you, and plant the seeds of your addiction to Xanth if you give it a try! Mr. Anthony is the GREATEST!!!! Never has there been a more delightfully realistic, yet captivatingly fictional place as Xanth, and Anthony brings it to life in such a way that you will SWEAR that Xanth really exists. No other author could ever create a more splendid and felicitous story as A Spell for Chameleon, try as they may...
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am 18. August 1999
I have read the first 17 or so books in the Xanth series and nothing compares to this title. I would rate all the books including Night Mare and back to "A Spell for Chameleon" 5 stars, but after that the series gradually declines in value. I believe the reason for the degradation of interest in Xanth is that the landscape becomes less lethal in the latter books. In "A Spell for Chameleon", all off Xanth's fuana and even its flora represents a potential threat, and it makes the book more suspenseful. It could be read alone with out interest in future Xanth books and the final chapter wouldn't leave you hanging, yet it still leaves behind an interest in what future holds for Bink, the main character. A Spell for Chameleon is definitely one of the best titles there is in the Xanth series, and perhaps one of the best books I have ever read.
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am 1. Mai 1999
I first stumbled upon Piers Anthony in a sixth-grade science classroom--a friend of mine was reading 'Demons Don't Dream' and loaned it to me. During the next month or so, I read all 18 of the Xanth books written at the time; I have since re-read most at least once.
'A Spell for Chameleon' stands out among many--it is not pun-driven or even idea-driven, although Xanth is certainly a tremendous idea; rather, the plot unfolds naturally from the world, and, more importantly, the characters. Each magic talent is creatively written and has serious implications, and the book has <gasp> a moral.
Don't be scared off by the significant literary clout, though. The book is a great read for anyone, whether or not they flunked 10th grade english; it goes quickly, and the story is pleasingly more addictive with each page.
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am 12. Januar 1999
A Spell For Chameleon was the book that hooked me on fantasy and started a reading habit that has spanned almost 20 years! While it's theme is relatively simplistic, there is a wealth of innovative concepts and creative writing such that young readers everywhere will likely enjoy this book. In fact, the first six Xanth novels were wonderful and I recommend them without hesitation. After that point, however, the series suffers a loss of novelty and creativity that dooms it to mediocrity at best. For the older and more sophisticated reader, I would recommend the Wheel of Time novels by Robert Jordon. In conclusion, as a parent of a young son, I will undoubtedly read A Spell for Chameleon to my son when he is older in the hope that it will spur in him a desire to read as it did in me.
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am 4. April 1998
This book is, by itself, quite good. As a total series, the Xanth books are good for the younger audiences. There are, however, and as noted by a reader above, sexual inuendoes, so a parent may wish to review each book before all a child to read it. I personally read them at ten and loved them. They were one of the series that got me started on fantasy. However, having aged four years and my tastes changed, I realize that they are very light fantasy. Every once in a while when I feel a need for a fast and fun adventure, I may pick up a book in the series and read it and a few others. Xanth is not, however, a deep and insightful series, merely a good adventure. Don't let Xanth restrict your later reading.
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am 27. Juli 1998
A Spell For Chameleon is one of my all time favorite books. I would recomend it to anyone who doesn't want to read BORING and uninteresting content for the first part of the book. Once I read this book I rushed to the store and bought the next couple books in the series by Piers Anthony. I really like how the author creates fun unforgetable unique characters and gives you clear mental pictures of the lands and magical things. No one of his books is the same but you can easily identify him as the author for his creative way of writing. If you haven't read any of his books in the Xanth series I strongly recomend you read A Spell for Chameleon.
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am 28. Oktober 1999
This was a book about the struggle of a 22 year old boy who didn't have any magic. Becuase of this, he was going to loose his fiance and be exiled from Xanth. To get to the edge of Xanth, he meets many interesting peoples and confronts many dangerous obstacles. Once he finalydoes get to the edge of Xanth, he is confronted by the evil Magician Trent who wants to take over Xanth. He and a very homely yet smart girl end up as the captives of this evil magician. To find out what happens in this extrordinarily punny and exciting book, READ IT YOU DUMB BLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this has been censored by the adult conspiracy. thankyou)
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