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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 4. Januar 2012
Unter anderem will Jon Ronson diesen Fragen nachgehen: Stimmt es, dass führende Politiker und Wirtschaftsbosse oft als Psychopathen diagnostiziert werden würden? Stimmt es, dass psychopathische Eigenschaften sich positiv auf solche Karrieren auswirken?

The Psychopath Test ist eine interessante und gleichzeitig unterhaltsame Reportage. Dass Jon Ronson ein Gespür spannende Themen und schräge Interviewpartner hat, hat er bereits in The Men Who Stare at Goats bewiesen. Sprachlich setzt Ronson in seinem neuen Buch sogar noch eins drauf. Das Buch liest sich fast wie ein Roman. Gelegentlich lockert Jon Ronson die teilweise schockierenden Berichte mit wohl dosiertem Humor auf und er beherrscht das Englisch, er spielt förmlich mit der Sprache. (Vorsicht allerdings mit der deutschen Übersetzung, die soll angeblich nicht sehr überzeugen.)

Im Buch erzählt Ronson von vielen, ganz unterschiedlichen Personen. Von Psychiatern, von Psychopathen an Anstalten, von Profilern, die bei Gewalttaten als Berater hinzugezogen werden und von egozentrischen Wissenschaftlern. Er trifft sich mit Scientologen und berichtet über die neuesten "Moden" in Sachen Geisteskrankheiten. Und was er über Pharmakonzerne zu berichten weiß, wird niemanden kalt lassen.

Immer wieder geht er dabei auch auf seine eigenen Gedanken, Gefühle und Unsicherheiten ein. (Teilweise bin ich mir aber nicht sicher, wie ehrlich er in diesen Fällen ist, doch das spielt keine große Rolle. Es lockert auf und verdeutlicht manche Aspekte sehr gut.)

Wer bereit ist, sich auf eine Reise durch die unterschiedlichsten Bereiche von Geisteskrankheiten zu begeben, der ist hier gut aufgehoben! Es mag eine beängstigende Reise sein, doch ich verspreche, sie macht auch viel Spaß!
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am 5. Februar 2012
While Jon Ronson has previously paid tribute to men who stare at goats, he's now giving all those madmen out there a scrutinizing look in his book The Psychopath Test, almost single-handedly solving the puzzle of a mysterious book and the person behind it.
I must admit that before I started reading, and even throughout the first chapter, I thought this book was riding mostly on the humorous wave, yet it turned out to be wonderfully entertaining and self deprecating, while at the same time taking a smart and serious look at what psychopaths are made of. Jon skilfully eases into the subject taking the reader on a journey through the madness industry. Not just observing, he inevitably finds himself doing amateur diagnosis of those around him, and he does not spare himself either.
One has to wonder about that fine line that separates crazy from normal. Why do some people end up in a mental institution despite appearing to be perfectly normal folks? Or what about high achievers who show scarily many traits that fit into the scheme of "psychopaths"? Do the mad know they are mad? Could it be possible, just how Scientologists believe, that there is no such thing as mental illness?
This book won't give easy answers to any of these questions, instead it tries to make sense, sometimes doubting then believing, but most of all making you rethink your own preconceptions and knowledge.
In short: A fascinating topic - a wild, mad read!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Pan MacMillan. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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am 24. Februar 2014
So unterhaltsam kann ein Sachbuch sein. Ohne Polemik, Übertreibungen oder Sarkasmus gegen seine Interviewpartner schreibt Jon Ronson sehr humorvoll und für mich als totalen Laien sehr verständlich über ein stark missverstandenes Thema. Nach diesem Buch hat man ein Verständnis was ein Psychopath ist und fühlt sich um einiges klüger. Ich kann es kaum erwarten mehr von ihm zu lesen.
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am 10. März 2016
I have always liked Jon Ronson's stories. And I like this one in particular, so much that I give it away as a present to fellow managers.

Until the middle of the book it is all fun and very well researched on other people's insanity, until you start to realize you got (some of) the insanity in yourself, particularly, when you are an executive manager like myself. Fortunately, he gives you relief somwhat in the middle of the book, just when you start worrying. Not too early though to keep the excitement of reading his excellent story. I knew of Chainsaw Al and met quite a few other candidates for being a psyochpath in Business. It sometimes helps to have no or a false conscience.

Buy the book at least twice, read one and give the other one to a friend who works as a manager or in politics!
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am 10. September 2012
I was searching for an intelligent, fun, *witty* book to lift my spirits when I stumbled on Ronson's new book. Judging from the reviews on the blurb, I had found just what I'd been looking for:

"I began "The Psychopath Test" late at night, tired, dispirited and ill - then found myself laughing like the proverbial loon for page after page" (Will Self)

"The belly laughs come thing and fast - my God, he is funny... Ronson's new book is provocative and interesting, and you will, I guarantee, zip merrily through it" (Observer)

"Excellent", I thought. Then I started reading. And wished I'd brought another book to my holiday on a remote Greek island. Let me just say this much:

Potential buyers, beware!

Those among you looking for an entertaining read, stay far, far away from The Psychopath Test. Most of all it is deeply disturbing. If you have a brain, a heart, a conscience, and a vivid imagination, don't ask yourselves why so many reviewers both online and offline find this book "hilarious". For me, it was sickening, not entertaining, to read about the unsettling account of psychopaths and the detailed descriptions of their deeds: whether it's the abduction, rape and murder of children, women, and men or large-scale crimes against humanity, you've got all the gory descriptions in here. For me, it was sad, not entertaining, to read about David Shayler's claims that he was the new messiah. It was sad, not entertaining, to read about tens of thousands of kids wrongly being diagnosed as bipolar. It was sad, not entertaining, to read about the girl who committed suicide after humiliating her "ugly" sister for the sake of a make-over reality show. "The most entertaining monsters" (Mail on Sunday)? "An entertaining exploration of madness" (Sunday Times)? A "funny read" (Stylist)? "Screamingly funny" (Tatler)? I don't think so.

Those among you looking for an interesting, intelligent book: stay away, too. A journalist who attends a three-day workshop on "psychopath spotting" and then basically declares himself a pro (yes yes, tongue in cheek and irony and all that - but still, it's the whole foundation of the book) certainly won't give you many insights you haven't had on your own before. Many of the insights he does offer are plain wrong, as any psychiatrist or psychologist worth his or her salt will be able to tell you. And much of the story is just rambling on about "madness" without real empathy with those who suffer from mental illnesses.

It's left me wondering whether Ronson was actually just trying to churn out another book to follow up his previous successes.
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am 23. November 2015
Das Buch lässt sich sehr angenehm lesen. Es sind spannende Storys enthalten, die Jon Ronson erforscht hat als Journalist. Er gibt schöne Einblicke in die Psychopathen die hinter Mauern leben, aber auch in die, die direkt unter uns leben.
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am 9. Juli 2011
My favorite line in the book, -if you are worried you may be a psychopath, your not one.(or so loosely quoted)
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