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4,5 von 5 Sternen17
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 23. November 1998
Good book for software porfessionals !!!. especially who are in the industry and wanna learn real Java. This book has no baby graphics and no silly examples. Its straight to the point and boards you on java. But a bit difficult to non programmers. Needs some basic OO concepts. Also demands some patience while reading. should be accompanied by some CD or project examples. Lastly and surely !!! Its NO way near to the C bible by K & R.
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am 5. Januar 2012
Es ist definitiv das beste Buch für Java. Stammt schließlich auch von den Entwicklern / Erfindern der Sprache.
Daher könnte man 5 Punkte geben. Nur ist es LEIDER hoffnungslos veraltet.
JDK 1.5_02, so stehts zu lesen, wird verwendet. Für Juni 2012 ist die neue Auflage, dann die fünfte, angekündigt. Da würde ich jetzt schon vorsichtig eine Kaufentfehlung für diese Auflage rausgeben.

Wer jetzt Java lernen muß oder will, kaufen kann man es sich schon, aber es ist halt leider auf dem Stand von 2005. Dadurch fehlen alle Erweiterungen und Verbesserung von Java 1.6 und Java 1.7, wobei Java 1.7 nicht die großen Neuerungen hatte. Java 1.7 ist mehr so ein Zwischenrelease nach jahrelangem Stillstand. Interessant wird dann vorallem Java 1.8.

Deswegen NUR die 3 Sterne, vor 7 Jahren wären es 5 Sterne gewesen, ohne Frage. Trotzdem würde ich selbst jetzt dieses Buch so manch aktueller 1.7 Schwarte vorziehen, die behauptet sie wäre das Buch für Java!
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am 10. Juli 1999
This was the first book I bought on Java, coming from a C background. Clearly the book has been modelled (in style) on 'The C Programming Language' which boded well as I began. However, I soon felt out of my depth. The examples at the beginning of the book required an understanding of concepts not yet covered, leaving me feeling inadequate and frustrated. I agree entirely with the reviewer who recommended Deitel and Deitels 'Java: How To Program' as a companion book (but wait for the third edition which will cover Swing), which has given me the background to appreciate Goslings book as a comprehensive reference source - with examples. To summarize, I was disappointed with the book for my initial purposes but I am now glad to have it in my library.
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am 27. Januar 2000
Nearly 14 years ago, I learned C from a terse little book "The_C_Programming_Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie ("C by K&R") - principals in the creation of C. In similar tradition, I chose "The_Java_Programming_Language" ("JPL") by Arnold and Gosling (first edition) as the foundation for my Java learning experience. Mastering the fundamental philosophy and elements of any Language is crucial in understanding how (and why) to use it. In this way, "JPL" certainly does not disappoint. Basic "core" Java elements (java.lang, java.util, and are clearly explained in a terse style similar to "C by K&R". In addition, "JPL" correlates Object-Oriented Programming fundamentals that relate directly to Java (Chapters 2 & 3). However, previous or collateral exposure to OOP is generally considered necessary because the "JPL" is first a book about Java, OOP principles simply surface "by extension". Like "C by K&R", the examples in "JPL" are succinct and have meaningful correspondence to real-world programming. I highly recommend "The Java Programming Language" - especially for seasoned C/C++ developers who are new to Java.
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am 24. Juli 1999
When I began studying Java, I purchased _The_Java_Programming_Language_ (2nd ed.) and spent a month of free time reading the entire tome. It provided invaluable insights into Java's philosophy and syntax; I don't believe that my study and subsequent employment of the language would have been nearly as successful had I neglected to read _The_Java_Programming_Language_.
Reading an introductory book prior to tackling _The_Java_Programming_Language_ is in my opinion a necessary step if you're unfamiliar with object-oriented concepts; _The_Java_Programming_Language_ assumes a preexisting understanding of OOP. Though I had learned OOP basics in a college CS course on C++, I found the concepts and examples presented in Arnold's book a worthy challenge.
The book is so concise and authoritative that I continue to use it as a reference. I consider _The_Java_Programming_Language_ a jewel of my library and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone embarking on a study of Java.
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am 8. März 1998
One of the things missing from so many of the "Teach Yourself" Java books is an understanding on the part of the author as to why the language is designed in the manner that it is. Coming from James Gosling, this book contains detailed and extremely concise explanations of Java that explain the deeper logic behind Java.
This is NOT a book for the beginning Java person who just wants to learn how to make an applet or open up a socket. This is a detailed explanation of Java intended to provide a solid reference on the reasoning behind Java. As such, it is very readable and very informative.
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am 6. April 2000
This is a superb book, by intelligent authors who understand how to write precisely and clearly. I found it to be an ideal introduction to Java. Buy it if you like to genuinely comprehend what you're doing. (It is relevant to mention that I already had a Computer Science degree and programming experience with other languages, but no exposure to Java.) Again and again I have found myself returning to this book to refresh my understanding of a concept, and I've generally been promptly rewarded.
I dislike most books I look at (see my other reviews). This one is a wonderful exception.
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am 16. Februar 1998
The book does well to keep the descriptions brief. If you haven't had much O-O experience but have had a lot of programming experience it does a good job to help you out. If you like books with lots of examples this is not for you, however if you enjoy clean descriptions that get right to the point it is "the call". Be sure to go to the back and check the URL to the on-line errata site as well. Since this book explains the language, you'll want another book with all the language API's to really get fancy.
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am 13. Dezember 1998
This is one of THE two must-have books for learning Java and the rationale of Java, in my opinion. (The other is Deitel & Deitel's Java, how to program, which teaches you the mechanics.) The book has a few omissions (e.g., the awt classes are not sufficiently covered), but the coverage given to classes and class extensions as well as the explanation of input and output alone is well worth the price of the book.
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am 19. November 2011
Ein unglaublich gutes Buch von Ken Arnold, James Gosling und David Holmes
über die Sprache Java, welches es schafft, detailreich und extrem präzise, ohne
langweilig oder anstrengend zu lesen zu sein.

Es beschreibt alle wesentliche Aspekte recht detailliert und nennt Dinge,
die man in anderen Büchern nicht findet.

Die ideale Fortsetzung von Java von "Kopf bis Fuss".
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