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am 19. Februar 2000
I found this book extremely useful when I first started learning Javascript, because of the ample number of examples followed up with codes, eye ease presentation and omission of boring text and useless explanations.
When I had started to study Javascript in more programming depth, I discovered that the book was very weak in conveying the meaning of the programming language.
This book is laid out in an "Action A - Code A", "Action B - Code B", "Action C - Code C",...In other words, you must follow the static examples used in the book where I had a lot of trouble in figuring out how to edit certain variables to my purposes. This book does not get you into the heart of Javascript, making it nearly impossible for a novice to produce a code out of creativity. This book is also great for impatient people, and dyslexic readers.
Overall, if you're a novice, this book is the best there is on Javascript and is the easiest to learn some simple codes from; if you're a programmer wanting to learn the language, I'm sorry, it would be money down the drain if you buy this book.
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am 5. Juli 2000
If you have a small website and you are interested in adding some special effects or interactivity with Javascript, you may find this book very interesting. I have 2 small websites, and I found this book adequate for the small things I wanted to accomplish.
However, if you are interested in getting heavy into Javascript and creating your own code, I would not recommend this book. It has a very poor reference section in the appendix, and does not explain things in a way that would teach you to be a real Javascript programmer. The book is only good enough to give you some code you can copy, and have a general idea of how it works.
I noticed that this is somewhat typical of the Visual Quickstart series of books. They provide you with enough information to do certain tasks, but they do not get deep enough where you can have a lot of flexibility and creativity on your own.
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am 28. Juli 1999
This book is not really for beginners. Actually, its for people who want to learn a couple uses for javascript fast. The format is setup in the following way: There is a brief introduction; several examples of javascript are given; the parts of these examples are then described in a brief comprehensible manner. I have some other Visual Quickstart books, and they were quite satisfactory- especially HTML For the World Wide Web. The formats of these books are similar if not exact. The only difference is that HTML For the World Wide Web gives you sufficient information to create your own webpages easily and fairly effectively. The fact that it takes an extremely large book to cover the majority of javascript may account for my distaste towards this book. Once again, if you want to learn the majority of javascript- and have lots of time- I'd recommend a book like the Javascript Bible.
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am 6. April 2000
After reading Castro's "HTML 4 for the World Wide Web", I spotted this book and bought it without really examining it. Since it's from the same publisher, I expected the same high quality. I was disappointed.
Or maybe it's not a quality thing, as such: I have a lot of experience with procedural languages, so there wasn't much for this book to teach me. This is an ok book, I guess, if you're a beginner. A better option for people with some experience, IMHO, is "Professional JavaScript" from WROX.
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am 21. April 2000
While I have been programmer since 1980 and being paid for it, unlike MANY recent people. I repsect the book for what it has. Quick simple examples that make one thing clear. They do work and that is all the WWW is looking for. No one want to reinvent the JAVA just for themselfs. The book does rush, and like so many 'in 7,21 days' you can do this; its not a comprehensive manual. But it never stated it was! As for netscape v. IE live with it. Anyone remember beta vs VHS. Now you have to think DVD.
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am 17. Januar 1999
This book presents some Javascript basic concepts and offers code for some of Javascripts most common uses such as rollovers, cycling banners, and detecting browser plug-ins, etc. These are easy to use even for a beginner such as myself. The disappointment with this book is that it does not really teach you how to write your own Javascripts. This book is designed for those who want to quickly enliven their pages by using some of the scripts presented.
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am 14. Januar 1999
It's a good beginner book, but with knowing a little Javascript experience or some html even it's a little slow. Also the javascript doesn't work on all of my browsers. (IE3, IE4, N3, N4.5)<--- Not including the one that say this one only... Doesn't even work on N4.5 sometimes... Oh well.... It's a good book for it's price, but if your intermediate java looking for an easy referance... sorry to say it's not here....
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am 1. Februar 1999
This book took me a while to get used to, mostly because you have to decode the thing before you can use it yourself. What I'm getting is that the writers don't really dissect each script, so you kid of have to figure out what goes where and why in order to apply it to your own work. It's a good reference for me now, but I do wish it went a little more in-depth script-wise.
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am 24. August 1999
Well, this book is just like its title: A Quick Start. It gives you a lot of useful and real-life examples which you can just apply to your own webpage, but it lacks of (really, I mean it) the basic explanation from ground up. So you have to be at least a little bit experienced in programming in order to understand the examples (array, loop, etc.)
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am 5. Januar 2000
I'm currently taking a course on Javascript online and I found this book to be a good reference tool when you are doing the actual typing. For what I use it for it is very helpful but it wouldn't help much if you were trying to learn from this. It explains what each part does but not what it means.
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