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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 26. Januar 2000
Even if the authors did get a fact or two wrong (the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was NOT America's first supersonic jet, as the book erroneously states about 3 times. The F-86 and F-100 were both supersonic and preceded the F-104), and even though Leo Janos' touch was perhaps a bit too evident here and there (darned near everybody in the book talks in the vernacular of Chuck Yeager -- or was that Janos all along? -- with perhaps a few too many "goddams" thrown in for effect) the book is a great read.
It abruptly yanks the alluring veil of secrecy off of the Skunk Works and shows you the basic, raw underbelly of what it took to design, build, fly and sell the most advanced aircraft the world has yet seen.
Unfortunately, as a definitive document on the Skunk Works' achievements and historical implications of their aircraft, the book is but a tease. The story of the amazing SR-71 alone is worthy of a book-length treatment. But as a preface, "Skunk Works" is a great lead-in to other relevant books such as:
"Operation Overflight", by Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry; "Mayday: Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and the U-2 Affair", by Michael R. Beschloss; "Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet", by Brian Shul (SR-71 pilot)
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am 17. März 1999
I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student (hoping to find a niche in the aerospace industry), therefore I found this book absolutely surreal. Ben Rich and Kelly Johnson were revolutionaries in the aeronautical field, as they never allowed excessive government interference, therefore only the best products were produced. The technological advancements described in the book are nothing short of astounding. Rich's work on the inlet of the SR-71 is considered revolutionary even today, and the author really does not give himself enough credit. Once I picked this book up, it was impossible for me to put it down. After reading it, all I can do is salute the greatness of the individuals who played such a pivotal role in international defense, and can hope to match their competence someday.
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am 10. Mai 2000
Skunk Works is an inside look at the Lockheed plant that built the U-2, SR-71, F117A Stealth fighter and other top-secret aircraft. Rich, as the former head of the Skunk Works, takes the reader through the entire process, from initial brainstorm to operational aircraft. Along the way he shows us the victories, pitfalls and bureaucratic redtape that pollutes the industry today. Skunk Works is an absorbing look at the covert side of military aviation long kept secret from the public. As a Vietnam vet who served with military intelligence, I always cringe when I read disclosures of top secret information. As a history and aviation buff, I find those same disclosures fascinating. Skunk Works is a fun read that takes full advantage of the end of the Cold War. It won't disappoint
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am 18. Dezember 2014
Diese Buch gibt einen hervorragenden Einblick in die Entwicklungsabteilung der geheimnisumwitterten Skunk works von Lockheed.Dabei zeigt es auf, wie in der damaligen Zeit Schritt für Schritt technisches Neuland erschlossen wurde. Dies gelingt besonders bei der Schoilderung der Entwicklung der F 117 als erstem Tarnkappenflugzeug. Nicht minder interessant ist auch die Entwicklungssgeschichte der SR 71 und die Vielzahl von technischen Schwierigkeiten, die während der Entwicklung auftraten. Man sieht dem Verfasser, einem führenden entwickler, bei der Arbeit "über die Schulter" und erhält so Einblick in eine der auch heute noch geheimnisvollsten Entwicklungen aus der Zeit des kalten Krieges. Füe den technisch und historisch interessierten Leser eine klare Kaufempfehlung.
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am 7. Januar 1999
Ben Rich's book, "Skunk Works" was an extremely good book for those interested in the aerospace industry.
Ben Rich was the head of Lockheed Martin's secretive project's division called "Skunk Works" during the seventies and eighties. He has won the 1989"Collier" trophy, an award given to exceptional achivement in the aerospace field.
In the novel, Ben covers a selection of the Aircraft that were secretly made during his time at Lockheed. These include the F-117a, the U-2. the SR-71, the little-known "Stealth" boat, and a small section covering the B-1, and B-2.
I loved this book from start to finish and found it hard to put down, and, if you buy it, you will know what I mean.
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am 22. September 1999
You've seen the Skunk Works' aircraft on the Discovery Channel. Now you have the whole story - or at least as much as one of the foremost authorities on the subject is willing and able to tell you. "Skunk Works" is a great read, written by a man with intimate knowledge of one of the most fascinating periods in American aviation and its role in the diplomatic intrigue of the Cold War era. Just as compelling as the subject matter is Ben R. Rich and Leo Janos' ability to communicate unimaginable engineering problems in a manner that makes you feel like you really understand what they are talking about. Not likely for most of us, but it's great fun along the way.
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am 10. März 1999
An excellent, engrossing book that unfortunately gives us the impression that the Skunk Works complex was similar to an industrial-strength version of Big O Tires. The complexities of making aircraft, namely the F-117A, are never given due justice. The planes could have just as well have been cars; and the engineers auto mechanics. The book is a bit simplistic, though crammed with historical data, good restructuring of events, Cold War lore, and a number of coyly disguised descriptions of a "secret base", the infamous Area 51.
Nevertheless, a must-read book.
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am 13. Juli 1998
Told, one imagines, as completely as possible within the confines of security, this is Ben Rich's history of his tenure as head of the Lockheed Skunk Works. As only the second man to ever hold that job, and working in the shadow of the legendary Kelly Johnson, Rich gives us a rare view into the history, politics, culture and technology of the Skunk Works, centering around the greatest accomplishment of his era, the Lockheed F-117. The book is well paced, thanks to the work of Rich's co-author, Leo Janos, who also co-wrote "Yeagar".
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am 27. Februar 1999
This book gives a great example of what Americans can do if the governemnt keeps their noses out of it and let the people work! The Skunk Works was an outstanding organization which turned out outstanding aircraft. This book gives you the inside view from various points of view to show just how close things were to collapsing at times...either financially or physically. There is no way that this type of outfit could operate in this manner today and it is a shame. It shows what can be done when you let people be to do their job.
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am 13. Mai 1998
As a guy who has talked to the people that Rich worked with, from U-2 pilots to Air Force officers who have budgetary control over black projects, this book truly is for real. He takes a highly technical topic and breaks it down so any layman can truly appreciate the skill of the men who ran the Skunkworks.
Go ahead, folks. Dig in and learn why American ingenuity and know-how will dominate the world. Aerospace engineers can finally step out from behind the curtain and take their bow.
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