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4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 3. Dezember 1999
I bought this book for a friend of mine. And in a weak moment (no books to read in the house) I picked A Good Walk Spoiled up. I had anticipated being bored to death... as I am not a golfer and pretty much golf illiterate. What I found was a whole new world I had been missing... and honestly confused by. I have many golfing friends and I never understood what the fascination was all about. From the time Feinstein described Davis Love's urge to throw up in the first few pages... I was hooked and not due to my attraction to regurgitation. The actual angst these guys put themselves through was amazing to read about. Their home lives and what inspired them to live on the road 40 some weeks out of the year in search of that elusive hole in one made me appreciate the sport in a new way. 500 pages later I was surprised not only that I had hung in there but also that I throughly enjoyed the experience. I contribute my positive trip into golf land to Mr. Feinsteins clever turn o'phrase.
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am 3. August 1997
I laughed, I chuckeld, my throat would swell with emotion as I read this truly entertaining book. I don't think you need to be an avid golfer, or even a golfer to enjoy this wonderful book.
Mr. Feinstein makes it feel as if your with the players and part of them. The candid comments allow us to see the human side of these great athletes, their hopes and dreams, their sorrows and tragedies. I have read the book twice, and quoted it to others so often I can't remember.
In fact, I loaned this book out so many times to other golfers, I have lost track of the last "borrower". All of those who have borrowed it, bought there own copy to enjoy themselves -- again! Thats when I get my copy back. What more can be said?
If you want to give a wonderful gift to your golfer, or just someone interested in the game....this is it. Thank you Mr. Feinstein...A wonderful piece of work, and destined to be a golf classic
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am 24. März 2000
I'll begin by saying that I don't find Feinstein a particularly elegant writer. Like so many of the golfers he admires, Fienstein is a bit of a grinder. I prefer the golf essays of Herbert Warren Wind and John Updike. That said, I immensely enjoyed this book for its detailed and often inspiring look at the golfing and private lives of several players on the Tour. If the book had a central point, I thought it was that playing professional golf is just about as difficult a way to make a living as there is. The physical, mental, and emotional strain is almost unbearable and the lonelieness and self-reliance very fatiguing. Like another reviewer, I did not find the book too long, but too short: I wanted to read about more players and about more seasons.
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am 15. Juni 1998
This book is a fascinating look at the professionals on the golf tour - it personalizes for us the cast of characters we see on the TV at each weekend tournament. Necessarily it gives many insights into how the pros cope - or don't cope - with the frustrations and anxieties that anyone with any golf experience has had if he or she has ever swung a club more than one time. There are scenes that fill one with the same anxieties you look for in a spine-tingling mystery; and there are others in which you are nearly as dissolved in tears as the subjects are. In its heart A GOOD WALK SPOILED is about people and emotions, and the struggle for identity. Every reader will find themselves on these pages. It's a book you hardly want to end.
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am 19. November 1998
Feinstein gibt einen spannenden Einblick in die Welt des professionellen Golf auf der US-Tour. Wie wird man Mitglied der Tour? Wie bleibt man Mitglied der Tour? Wie überlebt man einige Jahre auf den kleineren Touren (2. Liga)? Wie steckt man den Frust weg? Feinstein schreibt weniger über glanzvolle Stars, obwohl viele bekannte Namen auftauchen, vielmehr interessieren ihn unbekanntere Randfiguren auf dem Weg nach oben. Er hat "seine" Golfer über viele Monate durch Höhen und Tiefen begleitet. Ich habe mich noch ein Jahr später gefreut, als ich einige Namen plötzlich unter den Top-50 der US-Tour wiederfand. Sollten Eltern ihren Kindern zur Abschreckung kaufen, wenn diese plötzlich Golf-Profi werden wollen...
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am 1. August 2000
This engaging book covers life on the PGA tour from the perspective of several tour players, not necessarily the top names on the tour. At the time this book was written, Bruce Fleisher was an aging journeyman on the tour, having won only once in his career. Feinstein chose to make Fleisher one of the golfers he covered. I was engaged in following the day to day life of this son of holocaust survivors and was therefore delighted when several years later, Fleisher became the top money winner on the PGA senior tour. He is currently a superstar on that tour. This book is golf writing at it's best. I recommend it
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am 20. Januar 2000
If you are a lover of golf, either on the course or on the couch, you will love this book. The way Feinstein blends the stories of the nobodies and the superstars is captivating. The period it covers is the 1994 PGA season, so it doesn't have current stars Woods and Duval in prominent roles, but I think the book is more valuable because of that. You learn about the lesser known players and all the quirks of the tour only an inside observer could see. Sporting fans will find this book excellent, but I can see that other people might become bored with the details.
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am 2. September 1999
This book is OK for golf fans, and the best parts are the behind-the-scenes lives of pro golfers. The endless paragraphs on scoring and strokes become tedious about one third down the book. Love to hear about Davis Love, Curtis Strange, Paul Goydos and those trying to make it on the big tour, but too many repetitive match descriptions, which end-up looking all the same. After reading this, and reading the reviews of "The Majors", I will definitively NOT read, let alone purchase, "The Majors".
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am 25. November 1998
This book dealt with all types of players on the tour. Sure everybody loves Greg Norman and Paul Azinger, but why not learn about Billy Andrade and Jeff Sluman. I found the most interesting stories to be the ones about players like Mike Donald, Jeff Cook, and Brian Henninger. These guys fight everyday for their livelihood. The stories about Q-school and the Nike tour show what real pressure is all about. This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to find out what professional golf on tour is really like.
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am 5. Mai 1999
This book which as one of the other reviewers mentioned, basically consists of scorecards and mini-bios, but they took the book for what it was publicized to be, not what it is, it is a journey into the PGA Tour and picking out several players to discuss with them golf and life.
I liked most of it with the exception of Feinstein sometimes using abbreviations for long phrases. This seemed to me to be a feeble attempt at cleverness, but it just got on my nerves.
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