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4,5 von 5 Sternen67
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. Januar 2013
Ich habe dieses Buch auf Empfehlung eines Freundes gelesen und war wirklich angetan. Man bekommt einen guten Einblick, was es heisst "Fan" zu sein, man versteht auf einmal Verhaltensweisen von Freunden, die ebenfalls im Fußballfieber sind. Teilweise zieht es sich etwas, geht er doch sehr ins Detail..aber genau das ist es, was auch ein Fußballfan tut und somit sehr authentisch. Für Fans von Hornby ist dieses Buch zu empfehlen, jedoch mit dem Hinweis, dass es wirklich etwas anderes ist.

Ich selbst als fußballuninteressierte Frau habe dieses Buch ur so heruntergelesen, da es durchaus spannend ist und man sich irgendwie auf einmal doch mit dem Autor identifizieren kann.
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am 19. März 2000
With 'High Fidelity' opening in theatres soon (supposedly at the end of March 2000), the buzz from Nick Hornby's work will reach a fever pitch. Want to know where Hornby finds the inspiration and raw material to craft the exquisitely detailed and accurate pictures of male angst such as Rob Fleming ('High Fidelity') or Will Freeman ('About a Boy')? Look no further than the life of Hornby himself.
On the surface, 'Fever Pitch' follows Hornby's life-long obession with Arsenal, the English Premier league team he dutifully follows through good times and bad. But this is more than a story about football (or soccer, if you will). It's also the story of a complex person struggling to make things right with his family, the various woman that pass through his life, and his career.
Make no mistake: the brilliant writer that created Rob Fleming did not appear overnight. Like Rob, Hornby struggled with his passions for years before achieving his breakthrough with 'Fever Pitch.' A previous reviewer notes that this is a biography that does not work because of the author's lack of an 'interesting life.' I disagree - the reason Rob Fleming connects with so many readers (see the 'High Fidelity' customer review section for the raptorous comments from men and women alike) is because of his normalcy and our shock at seeing so many of our own thoughts crystallized so perfectly on the page.
The same holds true for 'Fever Pitch,' but with the caveat that a lot of what you read here is distilled through the experience of English football.
My recommendation: if you're a football/soccer fanatic, this is a book you simply must read and keep in your collection, regardless of whether you've read either of Hornby's other works. If don't know *anything* about the game and are not too keen to learn, read this book only after you've read 'High Fidelity' and 'About a Boy.' Then sit back and marvel at the connections between the trilogy of characters that are Hornby, Fleming, and Freeman.
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am 18. Mai 1998
I write just 48 hours after Arsenal have completed the Double for the second time (16 May 1998)! How Nick Hornby must be celebrating! We went to Highbury for the first time in the New Year, knowing that somewhere in the crowd was the Nick Hornby. We thought we saw his done-head on the pitch - sorry, my mistake, that was Steve Bould!
Seriously, though, I read this book last summer and my daughter, aged 14, read it after me. We rate it 10, because it sums up everything British football supporters feel about British football. "Fever Pitch" speaks for us so well that most of us who are football supporters feel that we should have written this book ourselves!
Much as he may dislike the description, Nick Hornby is typical of the modern British football supporter, middle-class, analytical, cynical yet obsessive. With the demolition of the terraces has gone football's cloth cap image. In its place are the people who can afford £15 or so per match (£60 for a family of four with no child reductions) to sit in Highbury's all-seater North Bank.
I liked the format, autobiography written as a series of match reports. I identify with Nick Hornby when he relates that he sat petrified in his seat for an hour before kick-off, terrified that Arsenal might lose, and, later on, willing on the final whistle. I love the arrogance in which he writes that it really was not good enough: Arsenal were out of Europe, had not won the FA Cup and were only fourth in the League!
The bits I enjoyed most was the account of how an un-named Everton centre half (we all know who he was!) scored an own goal and how Malcolm MacDonald claimed it for his own! Also, how Cambridge United, when they scored, played "Oh what a lovely bunch of coconuts!" on the tannoy. His accounts of football hooliganism in the 1980s are graphic and should down in the history books.
Although I am with Hornby 100% when he writes about football, he does not convince me so much when he gets on to the male psyche - maybe becaus! e I am a woman. When Hornby is writing about football, he is writing from the gut. On the male psyche, I feel he is digesting what other people have said and written and he does not carry so much conviction.
I am a woman and a football supporter. Maybe there is another book to be written about woman football supporters - we are a growing band.
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am 26. April 2011
Fever Pitch ist ein wirklich toller Roman von Nick Hornby und nicht nur für Fußballfans geeignet. Die autobiografisch angelegte Geschichte über einen jungen Arsenal-Fan ist wirklich lustig und in Tagebucheintragsform geschrieben. Jedem Eintrag aus dem Leben des Protagonisten geht ein bedeutendes Arsenal Ereignis voraus.

Fever Pitch ist auf Deutsch und Englisch leicht und verständlich zu lesen.
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The essence of the book is captured in the following. After Arsenal lost the FA Cup final against Ipswich in 1978: "... to them (the business types), it really was only a game, and it probably did me good to spend time with people who behaved for all the world as if football were a diverting entertainment, like rugby or golf or cricket. It's not like that at all, of course, but just for an afternoon it was interesting and instructive to meet people who believed that it was." Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby is the search for an explanation of being an obsessive football fan. This search results in a brilliant book. Although not all football supporters are as obsessive as Hornby (some are even more obsessive), the vast majority will recognize the emotions that drive them to support a team fanatically and to remember the numerous, useless details about teams and matches. The (lack of) reason to do so will also apply to other sports like American Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball. This book is a great self-analysis for all fanatic supporters of any sport worldwide and, if read by non-supporters, they can understand or at least accept supporters' behavior a little better. With Arsenal taking many trophies in England during the last seasons with their impressive offense Bergkamp, Overmars and Anelka and the resulting general recognition that Arsenal is not at all boring, I am pretty sure that Hornby had (and continues to have) many ecstatic moments.
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am 17. Februar 1999
I am a British lad studying here in America and I would like people to take the opportunity to read Nick Hornby's book "Fever Pitch". He captures the passion shared amongst British soccer fans leaving us thinking, I remember doing that or I wish I would have done that. But you don't have to be British or even a soccer fan to enjoy this one, the book gives a great insight into British culture and goes far beyond the tea and biscuits stereotype sometimes assosiated with the U.K. So come on Americans put down that issue of sports illistrated and find out how the rest of the world lives. I bet my bottom dollar you will come out wishing that your favorite /football /baseball /basketball or hockey team had the same patriotic support. If not, then you will see one man's love for a team that streches far beyond support. But the reason this book has sold millions of copies across the world and had a movie made on it is because there are so many soccer fans like it. I would love to bring two thousand away fans from any soccer team in Britain to the Superbowl, and let them take the place over with songs, chants and the odd bit of high temper. You have to support your team, not watch your team. Please give it a go, trust me it will open your eyes to another part of the world. As Fat Boy Slim says "I Have To Praise You Like I Should" It's a religion in Britain, go on read the bible- Fever Pitch.
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am 31. März 2000
When I received `Fever Pitch' a couple of years ago I thought, "How nice. A book about English soccer (of which I am a fan)." While this is partly true, there is so much more to this book than that. It is about dealing with relationships; family, friends and others. It is about the process of growing up, and all the problems it entails. It is about frustration and desire and dreams and secret fears. It is about obsession, in whatever form it takes, and how some people seem to be particularly prone to it. Which means that, ultimately, I feel that I can identify with the author in a way that I have not been able to with other books that I have read. I've now read it seven times in the last 2 years. Every time that I read I laugh, cringe, get angry and cry at the events that Hornby relates. One passage has helped me in particular, Hornby writes "Non-footballing friends and family have never met anyone madder than I; indeed, they are convinced that I am as obsessed as it is possible to be. But I know there are people who would regard the level of my inadequate." If only I could get my wife, family and friends to read this book I am sure they would look upon me much more kindly. No matter what your obsession might be, I think that reading this book will help you to understand yourself just that little bit more.
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am 20. Februar 1999
Let me get this straight -- Hornby takes us through some two decades of his fanatic devotion to Arsenal and in the course of that time they win -- by my count -- at least four major championships of the endless variety that European football seems to offer. This is suffering???? Gees, he should be a San Francisco Giants fan like me and you folks in Chicago would find him even more of a whiner. Still, he's a lot of fun in his whiny fandom, and more than once you'll feel this book is a mirror of your own disproportionate affection for a sports team that has broken your heart too many times to count. Give this book to your wife, girlfriend (or for that matter, husband or boyfriend) who just doesn't understand why you have to slip away from the party, the restaurant, to seek out a TV, or call a scoreline and check how the lads are doing (although you know, of course, that they are losing). It's also worth noting that Fever Pitch was made into a pretty good movie which, to my knowledge, hasn't been released in the US. I saw it a couple years ago on an airplane across the Atlantic before I'd read the book or heard of Hornby's novels. Last thought: the best book ever of this biography/sports fan genre is Frederick's Exley's A Fan's Notes.
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am 14. Januar 2000
In this book is brought to life the passion felt by every true english football (soccer for Americans)fan. I can relate to Hornsby being an avid supporter of second division team Oldham Athletic. Five years ago we were in the premiership and beating Man Utd; one of our local rivals, one nil at Wembley in the F.A Cup semi-final, last year we barely avoided relegation. I am part of the 5,000 faithful who turn up every week in the usual rain, hopeful that the good days will return (If they do I hope the 20,000 Man Utd glory hunters don't return also). Although being a Gunner, Hornsbys' days of pain are pretty much over, people around the world should take the opportunity to see how much a part of english lives football really is. Sticking with your team through the lowest of the lows, and the feeling you get from the highs. You could say its only a game, but to the english its a way of life, we have an innate love. This is conveyed in Hornsbys' book, and after reading it, you can begin to understand just how gutted and depressed every english person alive felt after Euro '96 and World Cup '98. Come on America, you may love your sports, but no-one will love a sport more than the english love football;born and bred from our land.
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am 2. Dezember 2006
Eine liebevolle Autobiographie von Nick Hornby über seine größte Leidenschaft und damit auch seine größte Schwäche: Der Fußball. Wie es angefangen hat, wie es weiterging und wie es ganz tragisch mit ihm wurde. Er belächelt sich selbst, während er über strömenden Regen oder verprügelt werden schreibt. Doch man rennt immerwieder hin. Man kann nichts dagegen tun, und wenn man da ist, dann hasst man es! Besonders für Frauen könnte das Buch äußerst interessant werden. Als ich es las, konnte ich durchaus Parallelen zu meinem Freund knüpfen. Und plötzlich erschien er mir nicht mehr ganz so sehr verrückt. Dieses Buch hat das totale Fußballverlangen gesellschaftsfähig gemacht. Mit viel Selbstironie findet sich sicherlich mancher Fußballfan in diesem Buch wieder. Und wir Frauen können nun vielleicht etwas mehr Verständnis aufbringen.
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