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am 23. November 1998
This book is excellent in telling the underlying implementation of C++ and how the cfront compiler changed C++ into C. While this is not an everyday task and one that most people could care less about, it is truly one of the most important things you could learn because it shows an important comparison between the code you don't have to write and the execution time you lose. Every C++ programmer should have read this book at least 10 times to decide what structures should be used under what circumstances
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am 19. Mai 1998
This book has a very good explanation of the trade-offs involved in implementing C++.
Problem areas however are: * Cursory explanation of how templates, RTTI and exceptions are handled. * Reads more like a `cfront' rationale with examples from other compilers interspersed. That doesn't mean that the examples are limited. Just that it reads more like the author's experiences, rather than a totally objective view. * Doesn't clearly separate run-time effects that are artifacts of a particular implementation from things required by the Standard. * Lots of typos. Many of the figures don't co-incide with the text -- the text explains with one set of variables, and the figures show some other set, with some names transposed.
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am 18. Dezember 1997
This is the second book one should read after reading books like C++ programming language or C++ primer as first book on C++. This book is a complement to the above titles. It covers exactly that portion of the language which remains hidden in other books. The "real C++" is here, in this book. One cannot come across an equivalent of "Inside C++ object model". One cannot be a complete C++ programmer without knowing the facts mentioned in this book. It's unique in the sence that it carries with it irreproducible experiece and enjoyment Stan Lippman had while working on the wonderful C++ compiler. Reading the book was an unforgettable experience for me.
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am 21. April 1998
A good leisurely stroll through the ways C++ constructs are implemented, explained by rewriting the C++ code to make explicit the implementation detail, and the way objects are represented. But watch out for a LOT of typos in the code (I read the first printing). Templates, RTTI and exceptions are squeezed into the last chapter.
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am 31. August 1999
I found this book helpful in explaining more of the foundational issues behind C++. Chapter 3 in particular was very helpful, in that Lippman explains in detail just how classes are compiled. Buy this book if you want more details on performance issues in C++.
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