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5.0 von 5 Sternen Esperanto is not alone!, 28. Januar 2013
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Rezension bezieht sich auf: From Elvish to Klingon (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Michael Adams had my attention riveted for many hours. I had no idea that so many languages were invented over several hundred years. I knew of Esperanto and the cult language Klingon for the Star Wars fans, but this book describes some of the many people who have spent many years of their life constructing and developing an artificial language. Esperanto comes perhaps nearest to a usable universal language because it is logical and fairly easy to learn, particularly for Europeans, since most of the roots come from European languages. But whatever the merits of the many invented languages, they all failed because no international body such as the European Union and the United Nations could bring itself to select and use in their meetings one of these invented languages. They could have saved so many translaters and interpreters! Esperanto has a fairly wide following of enthusiasts who meet in conventions and chat in Esperanto, but there is no practical use for it. Interestingly enough one language did find a practical use -- a sign language! What seems at first glance crazy was an ideal instrument for some homes for the disabled in Toronto in teaching them how to express themselves through the symbolic language of Mr. Bliss when they had no power of speech. A fascinating book!
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From Elvish to Klingon
From Elvish to Klingon von Michael Adams (Gebundene Ausgabe - 27. Oktober 2011)
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