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am 16. Juni 2000
twenty years (or so) after first touching this book, i am buying it again. maybe its because i lost my father to cancer when i was young, but to this day, this book affects my life. when i was much younger i marveled at the events that took place (the balloons, the kites, the school teacher), and wished i was there to experience it.
today, the child in me still wishes to be there, but the adult in me sees a stronger message beyond the events (which possibly explains what happens with the pheasants). what i realize now, is the events are incidental to the lessons, the love and bond between not just father and son, but people in general.
maybe i am going off the deep end a bit, but i believe everyone should read this book at least once in their life. to miss it would be crime.
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am 8. Oktober 1999
Danny, the champion of the world is an awesome book. The book leaves you hanging at the end of chapters. It is full of suspense. It's about a boy whose mother died, and lives with his dad in a old gypsy wagon. His dad is a nice guy. He and Danny do lots of things together. Danny lives a good life until school comes and worst of all he finds out his dads deep dark secret. Then comes Hazels woods. Danny gets an ides that is very good. Then his father and him go on an adventure. Read the book to find out if his dads secret is good or bad? I really enjoyed the book. I've read it 8 times. I think you should read it because it has a little bit of humor a little bit of sadness and a little bit of action. So READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!
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am 20. Juni 2000
"Danny the Champion of the World" is a masterpiece. For my money it is Dahl's best book, (though "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Fantastic Mister Fox" come close.) I think that although the intended audience of kids is sure to enjoy it, adults too would appreciate the tale. It is not only a ripping good adventure story, about a boy and his father who attempt to poach pheasants from a wicked landowner, but an atmospheric one as well - we can feel the palpable thrills in the early fall air as the characters plot the fine art of poaching for the pure private pleasure of it, like any great artists. As with all of Dahl, this book has moments of great comedy as well as a love for food and freedom, all of which appeal to its audience. There is also the subtly tender relationship between Danny and his father that add depth to the story. Well, we could go on. All I can say is that anyone who can read, adult or child, will thank themselves for reading this one.
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am 30. August 2013
Dass der verstorbene Roald Dahl zu den besten, ungewöhnlichsten und beliebtesten Autoren der Kinderliteratur zählt, dürfte wohl unbestritten sein. Das allein ist allerdings noch keine Voraussetzung für ein gelungenes Hörspiel. Im Gegenteil! Meiner Meinung nach ist ein Hörspiel (im Gegensatz zu einer reinen Lesung) gerade dann schwierig, wenn man Geschichte und Charaktere bereits kennt - da stößt einem die Interpretation eines übermotivierten Sprecher gerne mal auf.
Im Falle von Danny the Champion of the World halte ich das Arrangement allerdings für sehr gelungen. Den Sprechern gelingt es, die typisch bizarre Roald Dahl-Welt mit ihren klar in Gut und Böse geteilten Charakteren wiederzugeben. Dabei bleibt der typische Charme dieses Abenteuers von Vater und Sohn erhalten. Zudem wurde die Geschichte an den richtigen Stellen gekürzt bzw. adaptiert, wodurch auch diejenigen, die nicht in den Genuss des Buches kamen, auf ihre Kosten kommen, während die übrigen nicht in Langeweile verfallen. Auch die musikalische Untermalung, die mir bei vielen Hörspielern ein Dorn im Auge ist, übertreibt es nicht und betont ihrerseits die Leichtigkeit der Geschichte - auch weil untermalende Hintergrundgeräusche (Motorenlärm etc.) angenehmerweise auf ein Minimum reduziert sind.
Insgesamt halte ich das Audiobook für jüngere und ältere Höher gleichermaßen geeignet.

Ein großes Manko ist allerdings, dass die beiden CDs jeweils einen einzigen Track enthalten. Während mein Autoradio noch in der Lage ist, sich die Stelle zu merken, muss ich bei meinen diversen Abspielgeräten daheim leider von vorne beginnen oder nervig hin- und herspulen. Grundsätzlich kann ich dieses Versäumnis nicht verstehen, da die Aufeilung technisch völlig unaufwändig ist und keinerlei Nachteile darstellt - zumal sich Abschnitte bei diesem Hörbuch anbieten, da auch die Geschichte in kleine Abschnitten erzählt wird, die vom musikalischen Leitmotiv unterteilt werden. Dafür einen Punkt Abzug.
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am 10. Oktober 2013
Als die Welt noch ein bisschen kleiner war und der Buchhandel über die Grenzen hinweg recht mühsam, mussten wir eben auf das Erscheinen einer deutschen Ausgabe warten, Heute ist dies ja mit ein paar Mauklicks zu machen, dass man die Bücher der Kinderjahre nun mit dem gleichen Spaß im Original lesen kann.
In Fremdsprachen für sich zu lesen sorgt m,E. am besten für das Gedeihen einer Sprache im Kopf, denn hier erfolgt der "INPUT" in dem jeweils erforderlichen Tempo und den stimmigen Portionen. Gute Geschichten liefern inhaltlich-sprachlich den Schwung über die (allmählich kleiner werdenden) Vokabellücken hinweg.
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am 16. April 1998
Dahl has the wonderful gift of creating a warm and satisyfing relationship between young Danny (whose mother died when he was an infant)and his self-sufficient father. They live on a small pocket of land, surrounded by the vast estates owned by a cruel, would-be gentlemen farmer. Danny has friends at school, but he won't share his dad with anyone. Thus they mean the world to each other.
The trouble starts when Danny discovers that his father has a secret passion (shared by half the village): Poaching from the forest of the local squire! It's a running battle between the crafty villagers and the vigilant gamekeepers, who think nothing of emptying buckshot into bucolic backsides! Danny becomes initiated into the scared rites of Poaching by Dark, learns various methods used by his grandfather, and even invents one of his own!
Their goal is more than to provide tasty dinners for free: they want to ridicule this vicious squire on his annual Pheasant Shoot, by removing most of his birds--just when he plans to impress his real-gentry guests. <BP>Will Danny or his father be caught? Can his father talk their way out of this time? This is a degihtful tale--highly improbable but not impossible. This is an excellent book to share by reading out loud!
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am 7. Juli 2008
If I were to describe 'Danny- the champion of the world' by the master of children's books Roald Dahl in four words, they would be: adventurous, charming, deeply layered.

The book tells the story of 9 year-old Danny who lives with his father in a gypsy caravan just outside a little town. Danny's life is turned upside down when his father's deep dark secret is divulged. That is when the big adventure begins.

I found this imaginative book strikingly well written. It is absolutely engaging, delightful and charming. This book even thrilled me as an adult and I read it from cover to cover in no time at all.

The characters are deeply layered and marvellously described. Very special is the relationship between Danny and his father. They share a deep bond and it makes you wish that every son has such a father to whom he can look up to.

I can promise you: while reading this story, you will stare 'like a child who has just discovered that the whole world is made out of chocolate'.
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am 3. Mai 1997
I really enjoyed "Danny the Champion of the World." Roald Dahl is a wonderful author and this story of a little boy and his father is truly endearing
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am 28. Mai 2016
Great story, one of Roald Dahl's best. Danny is a smart boy who helps his father achieve the UN believable.
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am 7. Juli 2008
"Danny the Champion of the World" is a masterpiece. It is as good as Dahl's book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Dahl's stories are well written, creative, magical and meaningful.
I love this magical and loving tale of Danny and his father and have read it from cover to cover. One day Danny discovers his father's secret and the adventure begins. I enjoyed this enchanting book and would recommend it to children and adults who like a bit of adventure in everyday life. The book is meant to be read aloud, but it is a marvellous story for anyone to read to themselves, as well. To put it in a nutshell, this timeless classic especially for children between eight and twelve years is definitely worth reading.
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