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4,6 von 5 Sternen74
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. Juni 2000
This is one of the funniest, thought-provoking books I have ever read--funny from the first line, thought-provoking weeks after reading it. Vonnegut is very deceptive in his writing. Just when you think you know what's going on, he turns the story in a completely new direction. I was kept off-balance throughout the entire book.
The book puts you in a strange quandry: you want others to read the book, but as you read it you want to share outloud almost every scene. It would be easy for me to post here my many favorite lines, memorable moments, and insights drawn from this work. It would also ruin it for every one of you who have not yet read the book. I would not do that you should experience this story first hand.
There is a stanza from a poem by Lucille Clifton that is strangely appropriate to "Cat's Cradle" even though it deals with an entirely different subject matter. In this altered paraphrase of Clifton's words, Cat's Cradle "is a political story is a war story is a universal story but it is not about these things this story is about one human heart this story is the story at the end of the world."
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am 25. August 1999
I've read many of Kurt Vonneguts books. I consider him to be my favorite writer and it is through this work that I was first introduced to American Pop writing. To me, then it was a very special little book. That's why it makes me a little sad when I reflect over it now a few years later and realise that its not really as fantastic as I once thought. Vonnegut betrays his science fiction background in a book that sprawls out of control. In places Cat's cradle reverts to a 'then this happened, then this as well' style that is immature and unappealing to the reader. This book does have its moments. An excellent introductary correspondence with the son of Dr Hoenikker, the invention of Bokononism; a religion based purely on untruths, which serve to show the creativity which Vonnegut is capable of anyone considering reading this might do better to read 'Slapstick(or lonesome no more)' which to my mind is a far superior book.
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am 15. März 2000
Vonnegut has written here his most unique and original vision. I found myself smiling openly as I turned each page, not necessarily because it was funny, but because it was that good. You don't see anything coming, but when it does, it somehow makes all the sense in the world. To say that this book is simply an apocalyptic novel is to sell it short. It contains within it snippets of dialogue and random encounters with quirky individuals that we've all experienced at one time in our lives. Although only a very short novel, it's as dense as they come. Every sentence has its own significance, every chapter is a story in itself. I never thought that such zany and zealous prose could manage to create such a structurally sound story. You'll probably finish it in one sitting, and you'll be angry that it's over.
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am 17. Juni 2000
End-of-the-world fiction is probably my favorite fiction genre, and I found Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle" to be by far the most bizzare addition to my library in this area. My interpretation is that it is suppose to be taken in the same vein as Stanley Kubrick's black comedy film "Dr. Strangeglove." Not only was it written around the same time at the height of the Cold War, it has the same high farce tone about it. Vonnegut's ultimate fate for the world is sheer genius, though when it finally happens, it seems almost like an afterthought. Vonnegut's book is a challenging read and one that is not for everybody. Nevertheless, you'll find yourself thinking about it long after you've put it down.
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am 7. Dezember 1999
I first read Cat's Cradle on trip through Illinois heading for Chicago. I started laughing out loud almost immediately and the others in the car had to hear the 'funny part'. Soon I was reading the whole book out loud and all of us were laughing our heads off constantly. This remains for me the best example of Vonnegut's use of black humor to make a serious point. The characters and plot line are as original as anything he ever wrote and the humor is still as fresh as ever. This is wonderful, hard edged writing, a kind of modern day Jonathan Swift tale that mingles science, religion, philosophy, political upheaval and human nature at its most extreme. The book keeps us laughing and leaves us thinking.
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am 15. Oktober 1999
I just finished Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. This is my first Vonnegut book and I'm most definitely a fan now. He has the incredible ability to interweave serious issues into a humorous satire. There were times I laughed out loud, and then I wondered why I did. He forces one to search deeper and to question our beliefs and the consequences of science, religion, capitalism~everything. The books of Bokonon were some of my absolute favorites, even though it was a ridiculous religion; it certainly contained many roots of truth. It is a very very fast read, I didn't want to put it down. However, you wanted to savor every word and think about every chapter. DO READ IT!
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am 11. Juni 1999
I've never read a Vonnegut book until Cat's Cradle. I had only seen the horrible film version of SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. I knew that the book couldn't have been as bad as the movie. I went to the bookstore to find it, but they didn't have it. I then saw CAT'S CRADLE, and thought it would be a sufficent substitute. I'm glad i picked it up. It's a funny satire regarding the end of the world and the family of the man who invented the nuclear bomb. Vonnegut does a very good job at creating and maintaining brilliant characters and situations. I hope to soon pick up another Vonnegut book, and I have no doubt that I will enjoy it.
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am 20. September 1999
Cat's Cradle is the first Vonnegut novel I have ever read and still my favorite novel of all time. Never before have I read an author that is so dark, fatalistic and twisted, yet funny and optimistic at the same time. Vonnegut writes like nobody else. "Cat's Cradle" makes you think. It makes you laugh at notions you normally wouldn't. Vonnegut's very "matter of fact" style of writing is genius. I'm sorry but, If anyone tells you that this book is no good its because they're just not intelligent enough to appreciate it.! I have read ALL of his works and I always eagerly await his next.
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am 24. März 2000
This is my favorite Vonnegut book, and one of my most favorite books of all time. This book shaped my views on religion and on life in general. Vonneguts writing is deceptively simple and easy to read. His ideas are the kind that make you think, "Of course! That is what I have thought all along, I just didn't know how to express it!" Vonneguts main characters are his ideas, and such is the case in this book. You don't necessarily identify so much with the characters, but with the ideas their story illustrates. This is a great book and I would, and do, recommend it to anyone and everyone.
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am 17. September 1999
One of Vonnegut's best works. He truly makes you think! It's based upon a substance called Ice-9 powerful enough to freeze over the entire world at room temperature. It provides us with a man's thought of how the world will end, and gives us a look at the future, that some would find very believable, while others would find it very entertaining. It is definitely the type of book that you must follow from the beginning, and think things through at times, but overall a great book. Most Students, whether in High School or Collage, if you ask them have probably read the book. Definitely a peoples choice!
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