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am 12. April 2000
Peter Brook packs an incredible amount into this terse little gem of an essay. More than a discussion of his view of theater and some personal recollections, this book contains a how-to manual for every director, actor, designer, and producer. It is written in Brooks' unique style and is meant to be reread many times. With every reading, I find new insights as to how to bring real theatrical moments to my productions. As an essential part of my preparation for directing a particular project, I reread this classic. If it isn't on your bookshelf and isn't dog-eared from use, you aren't a complete professional in theater.
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am 15. Dezember 2013
Brook is generous to a fault as he invites us to understand the intricacies of producing good theatre. Like all art, it's almost impossible to define what is "good" art, but we can certainly recognise when it's bad - unless we are critics with an ulterior motive, or an academic impervious to the emotional content of a Shakespearean monologue. There are so many elements involved in bring off a great theatrical production that it is almost miraculous when it does happen, and those moments should be celebrated. Most of the time we can only admire the skill of the company in their striving to achieve this miracle.
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am 7. März 1999
In case you fell into empty space, you'll be able to find yourself. Not just on the stage, or live performing, but also in your real life. The book's words are frends to all readers, and to those who hate theater or don't understand it; everyone will get a brand new view to this matter. To all who'll read this book: "While reading this book, be patient and the fortune of new knowledge will appear! It's easy to understand the mistery of new world - theater! You'll be able to find the secrets of acting and performing forever!" Everybody sholud read this book, because it must be known to all!
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am 3. Mai 2000
For directors, designers, actors, and theater patrons, read this short book on the theory and practice of making good drama. Peter Brook's four chapters ("The Deadly Theater," "The Holy Theater," "The Rough Theater," and "The Immediate Theater") are filled with practical, helpful advice that it would benefit anyone to read this who loves the stage. Read it with a pencil, too.
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am 31. Dezember 1998
Concise and thought provoking, this is a necessary addition to any theatrical library. His thoughts and visions are clear and always move the reader forward. Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate: so he subtitles the book and theatre, so the book itself is.
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