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am 21. März 2000
Chna Galland's account of her spiritual odyssey, Longing For Darkness, is absolutely riveting. Her journey from her disappointment in her male-centered Roman Catholic tradition through Buddhism with its strong female Deity,Tara,only to find that feminine spirit inspiring the Black Madonnas of her own faith.By blending the two traditions, Ms.Galland found a spirituality that satisfied her longing for a feminine aspect of God. Her complete honesty about her inner being makes this book unique. Wherever she wanders, she connects with people of deep faith and learns from every tradition. This book is worth your effort.It may start you on your own spiritual journey, as it did for me.
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am 2. September 1999
This is one of those powerful books that I recommend to every woman I know. China Galland's journey is our own journey...the specifics may vary, but we women all share an underlying longing for the full expression of our souls. And that includes our Shadow. To find the dark feminine reflected in the divine, validated, accepted, even cherished is a life changing moment. China's search was riveting, moving and inspirational. She is a brave and wonderful heroine.
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am 25. April 1997
China Galland began her pilgrimage at a time of inner turmoil. Alcoholic, a single mother, and addicted to perscription drugs, her story would seem something for us to pity. Actually, we never get the chance to pity her, because of her great strength of character.
At one time a devout Catholic, she found that the old ways could not serve to nurture her spirit. She found the bureaucracy of the Church an obstacle, rather than a source of assistance. Its conception of an exclusively male divinity did not nurture her spiritually.
Turning to Zen opened a door for her, but she needed a concept of divinity which embraced femininity. A chance meeting changed her life, revealing to her two avenues to investigate: the Tibetan goddess Tara, and the cult of the Black Madonna. Her quest became her new lease on life.
Pursuing information about "The Goddess," with the vigor that Arthur's knights sought the Holy Grail, becomes an epic task. Every sojourn becomes a lesson in humility; her own hardships pale in comparison to the hardships of others, and the strength which they can exhibit. With determination, she seeks answers in Khatmandu, Chestochowa, Medjugorje, and many other places. The intensity of her presence apparently matches the intensity of her writing; people everwhere empathize, and help her. She convinces those in Dharmasala to allow her to speak with the Dalai Lama. In Gdansk, she persuades members of the Solidarity party to allow her to meet with Lech Walesa. She draws everyone into her pilgrimage, especially the reader.
China Galland presents a feminine way of seeing, without pushing a Feminist agenda. Her words have great potency, and will have great meaning for most people, women and men. Although she succeeds in her quest to find spiritual meaning, the emotional weight of what she conveys requires that one read it slowly, in many sittings. When finished, the reader will also feel as if at the end of a long pilgrimage, and likely gain in personal insight.
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am 10. Mai 1998
I just heard her speak at the New York Open Center on the Black Madonna; she read some passages of this book and her new book, The Bond Between Women. Absolutely incredible! I was extremely moved. If all recovering addicts realized their anger is at the dysfunction man has suffered at the hands of man, and turned that addiction into passion for peace and justice in the world, our world would truly be a better place.
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