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2.0 von 5 Sternen Handy printout of the online documentation, 31. Januar 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Seam Framework: Experience the Evolution of Java EE (Jboss) (Taschenbuch)
With ~450 pages, the book is quite thin considering the amount of space it covers with the entire Seam framework. The result the typical problem with framework books: they tell you whats already in the online docu, and stop when things get interesting.

Still the book is handy if you don't like reading on your laptop or have poor W-Lan in your couch home, but otehrwise the book is hardly worth the paper. Neither does it give a much deeper level of information than the online docu, nor does it help to enlighten you on any hard-to-understand subjects.

Its not an bad book in such as its well written looks clean and is understandable. It just fails to match the amount of detail or the degree of complexity where it provides a real value over the online docu.

One example: seam security brings solutions for identifying users and storing them to the Ldap or database. The books tells you so. The thing is, the way seam works here, its practically useless because the interface does not allow you to extend your user profile and the common workarounds do not allow you to use ldap any more. Does the book cover any of this? No. It just stops right after tellung you how to use the ldap identity store. Which accidentially is where the online docu stops as well. Which is, when you read the source, exactly where the seam source is getting messy. So this is where I would expect an entire chapter in the book, because exactly this chapter would provide value. Unfortunately the book covers exactly what works well in seam. But frankly, where seam works it works so well I dont need a book. Its where seam does not work (and there are enough areas for this) where a good book would come in handy. Exactly those chapters are missing.
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