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4,3 von 5 Sternen6
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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5 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 27. Juni 2008
After Dark ist ein weiteres gelunges Murakami Buch. Es ist relativ kurz (200 Seiten), was jedoch nicht störend auffällt.
Die Handlung des Buches spielt sich, wie der Name eventuell vermuten lässt, Nachts ab. Und zwar während einer einzigen Nacht.
Die mysteriösen und abgedrehten Elemente sind nicht so stark präsent wie in anderen Werken des Autors, deswegen ist dieses Buch auch für nicht Murakami Fans geeignet. Auch ist das Ende meiner Meinung nach nicht so verworren bzw. lose wie bei seinen anderen Werke.
Das Buch vermittelt den Eindruck einer schönen, unterhaltsamen Novelle, die auch zum Nachdenken anregen kann.
Mir persönlich hat dieses Buch u.a. richtig Lust gemacht mal wieder eine Nacht durchzumachen und derweil die Stimmung der Nacht auf mich wirken zu lassen.
Diese stellt das Buch übrigens sehr gut dar. Es vermittelt
alle normalen und seltsamen Gefühle, die man in einer durchwachten Nacht fühlen kann. Nur um am Ende der Nacht wieder einen neuen Morgen zu erleben und von vorne zu beginnen.
Ein insgesamt lesenswertes Buch, nicht nur für Fans. Zu den besten von Murakamis Büchern gehört es jedoch nicht.
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3 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 28. Oktober 2007
Haruki Murakami's After Dark takes place over the course of seven hours during an autumn night in Tokyo. From midnight to dawn we follow five lost souls: Eri Asai, a woman in a quasi-comatose state; Takahashi, a jazz musician at an all-night practice session; a prostitute assaulted at a "love hotel"; Shirakawa, a salary man working late on a software project; and Mari Asai a 19-year-old girl looking to escape from the tension of her strained home life. Before the sun rises, each of these stories will intersect with the others.
In this novel Murakami depicts the isolation and loneliness of modern Japanese life. "After Dark" also focuses on the theme of Japanese youth struggling to reconcile their ideals with the stifling conformity of the surrounding culture. There is a peculiar, surrealistic tone in Murakami's fiction. We remember "Kafka on the Shore" with the fish falling from the sky, a man who could converse with cats, and various other strange events. "After Dark" evokes a similar dream world ambiance. People disappear into television sets, or find that their image remains in the bathroom mirror even after they have left the room. A little disturbing at times...
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am 13. November 2013
This novella takes place during one night. It is about coincidences in real time and strange events occurring beyond time as we understand it. It begins near midnight in a fast-food outlet in Tokyo with a reluctant Mari (19), who, when prompted, remembers a previous meeting with law student and odd-jobber Takahashi. What joins them is Mari's beautiful sister Eri, who was also present in the swimming pool where they met, two years ago. In the next chapter, Eri is shown deeply asleep, spied upon, as if in an SF novel, by an almighty eye or camera, of which only the author can see and describe the images, results.
Both Mari and Takahashi have a busy night ahead of them. What they do time-wise is interrupted after each chapter by Haruki Murakami (HM), inserting his own inputs into how this story should progress. HM is an early fan of the use in literature of quantum physics or mechanics, whatever, whereby Time does not progress straightforward, but can turn around and return, or exist elsewhere, in a parallel form or state. E.g. you look in your mirror, walk away, but your mirror image remains visible. Or you sleep in your own bed, but are also locked up inside the office of a nocturnal IT consultant who has just gone home, but who earlier that night brutally savaged a Chinese prostitute, leaving her naked, taking with him all things she owned....
I dislike the idea of parallel worlds as espoused by e.g. David Mitchell, Murakami himself and the late Iain Banks, amongst others, unless a great story follows. And these authors have indeed written a number of remarkable books. An attraction of Murakami is his knowledge of jazz and classical music. With book and laptop within reach, I listened to all the music titles in "After Dark" (itself a classic by Curtis Fuller) via the internet. But it was not enough to make the book swing...
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am 5. Februar 2015
After being absoulutely disappointed by Norwegian Wood, I decided to give Murakami a second chance and I am glad I did. This book is amazingly written (not a word missing and not a word to much), the mood is intimate and at times rather eerie and there is so much to discover between the lines. I will definitely re-read this to understand every single detail in it. Murakami uses simple words, but in such a magical way that their meaning becomes complex and beautiful. I would say I enjoyed the writing style and the urban, surreal mood more than the actual plot.
Although the chapters passed fluently, this was not an easy read. It is certainly meant for experienced readers.
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am 30. Januar 2015
This is my favourite Murakami book. I read it in one sitting. I love that this book takes place in the span of one night. It's always interesting to read a story that shows how much can take place in a short timespan.
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0 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 14. Mai 2010
Dieses Buch ist umwerfend schön. Leise und liebevoll zeichnet Murakami ein Bild von seinen Protagonisten.
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