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4,3 von 5 Sternen18
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. Juli 1999
From the very first page, it is obvious (sometimes painfully so) that this book was not ghostwritten. It's Dave, and nothing but Dave, in all of his rambling, schizophrenic, gramatically incorrect glory. This is no Hammer of the Gods. But when it comes to Dave, do we really want a serious, analytical discussion of his life? I don't think so. What we get is a look back through Diamond Dave's eyes at one of the most incredible careers in rock and roll. This book is a lot like his music. It's not meant to be taken all that seriously. It's not meant to be studied and analyzed. But when you look below the surface, you see that hint of brilliance that has made him one of the most talented performers in show business. This book reads a lot like one of Dave's interviews (and if you have ever heard him interviewed, you know what I mean). He just sort of rambles about events of the last several decades that have molded his life. No outline. No plot. The events described aren't even in chronological order. It just sounds like he took a tape recorder and talked about anything that popped into his head. But that just makes the book more enjoyable. Dave's life has been like a roller coaster and this book makes you feel like you are along for the ride. It's twenty plus years of girls, records, arenas and explorations into the deepest, darkest parts of the world like the Amazon and Himilayas. This is an incredible tale, told by an incredible performer. Just hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride.
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am 20. März 2000
DLR takes the reader on a wild roller-coaster ride throughout the 400+ pages of his narration of his life's experiences. Although, it is neither written chronologically nor academically sound, it is a fasicinating look into the makings of a true showman and a person not afraid to follow his heart and live each moment to its fullest.
Though he does not give much specific info regarding the makings of VH or solo albums & movies, his child-like spirit reigns throughout and does not seem to have diminished with age.
DLR shares his many exciting and life-threatening journeys and conveys that he is a man of true substance. It is a shame that VH couldn't continue longer with DLR, but the ego conflict was too much and VH was stalling with the follow-up to 1984. I'm sorry but I think that Ed Van Halen's playing has not improved one bit since 1978, it's only gotten more slick and commercial. This book does not get 5 stars due to lack of continuity and conciseness.
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am 14. Februar 2000
This is David Lee Roth undressed, unrehearsed, unpredictable, and unbelievable. Filled with wit, humor, outrageousness, sarcasism, intelligence, surprises and some painful stories, hear how Dave got to be known as Diamond Dave, in this wonderful book. Always going out of his way to make that short story long, Dave's Crazy From The Heat is a good read anytime of the day or night. Totally hilarious and highly recommendable.
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am 5. August 1999
As a big fan of classic Van Halen, I couldn't wait to dive into this read...however, I came away disappointed at times. I appreciate Dave's attempt to not re-hash what he thinks we all know (ie, backstage antics, making of the albums, stories behind the songs), but, as a fan, that's what I'm interested in. Not to say he doesn't touch on topics like the parties and his relationship with Van Halen, but he hardly gives them enough time. In fact, I believe Michael Anthony's name was only mentioned ONE time in the whole book! Sometimes his nonsensical verbiage and analogies caused me to speedily scan over whole pages. I think his travels and post-VH days are what interest him the most, so he gives these subjects more time than I, as a reader, would have preferred. Dave, if you're reading (and we know you are), relive the glory, give us the "tell-all" man! We're a nation of "The Enquirer" and "Hard Copy" - I got Machiavelli and Plato on my bookshelf when I want to read the heavy stuff. I must say, overall, the book is worth reading. We now have Dave's story; combine it with Eddie's and somewhere in the middle you will find the truth.
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am 13. April 1999
Look, there's no denying that Diamond Dave is all over the place in recounting the story of his life, but that's part of the charm: it reads as if you're enjoying a night out at the local five-star strip club with the man. Essential details are forgotten, he veers off-topic in mid-paragraph, sometimes it seems like it's long overdue for you to finsh your drink, shove one final twenty dollar bill into Amber's G-string and call it a night. But just as you're about to do so, Dave grabs you by the arm and says, "Oh, wait, wait, got one more story here, oh, you gotta hear this, you're gonna love this!" And you will. On several occassions you will laugh out loud, sometimes in the most unexpected places - there's a great tale about how the man nearly crapped himself to death in the backwaters of the Thrid World - what more could anyone ask for? There could've been much more about VH and especially his initial solo outtings ('Eat 'Em, Skyscraper) Is too much time spent on Vegas? Well, yeah, but that's what was freshest in the man's mind. Look, just buy it. And, Dave, write us another, will ya?
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am 26. September 1999
I just finished this book after reading it on and off for a few days. I'm glad I read it; Crazy from the Heat on the whole was worth a read. It did have a tendency to fluctuate in how interesting it was though--quite interesting at times, at other times just okay. David Lee Roth no doubt has had an experience-filled life and has much to tell. I was most interested when he talked of his career and times with Van Halen; his trips to places around the world was also cool to read about. I noticed how the writing and grammar wasn't quite proper, but it's got to have been written like that on purpose--whether it's informal writing or not, it added to the story. I think that I was always unclear about the circumstances of why he left Van Halen, but this book cleared that mystery up. Diamond Dave unquestionably is a free-spirited person that's not scared to take chances in life and that's great. This wasn't one of the best books I've read, but it wasn't bad either.
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am 9. Juni 1999
In wide-ranging, all-singing-all-dancing, witty fashion, Roth delivers a coup de main of a rock autobiography which is especially welcome in light of today's vapid pop/rock scene. Indeed, as far as celebrity memoirs are concerned, "Crazy from the Heat" is as swashbuckling as they come, as the erstwhile Van Halen frontman spins a formidable web of drinking stories, social commentary, personal boasts, and the odd contretemps with inimitable zest. Even if you haven't thought about the man since MTV's salad days, you should give his story a chance--after all, as he might be wont to say, "...this isn't Bill Murray in a leisure suit singing 'Feelings.'" It's like nothing you've ever read before; in a word, it's Rothian.
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am 19. März 1999
As you read this book, picture Diamond Dave sitting across the room smoking a Cuban cigar, a bottle of half empty Jack on the coffee table, as he recounts the many chapters from his past. After more than a couple of drinks and few hand rolled cigarettes, you, his friend and audience for the night, "put your hand between your legs and ease the seat back, smoke another cigarette" and enjoy the ride. Every page of this auto-biography is a treat. Unfortunately, if Dave is telling the truth, it confirms every fear I've had about Eddie Van Halen since 1990.
Hey Dave - thanks for the ride....
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am 25. Dezember 1997
Hard core VH fans may be dissapointed but Roth tells it like it is, at least from his perspective. Good to hear the other side of the story of the VH-1 Awards fiasco. Ed VH makes it all Dave's problem when it seems that Ed's ego and control-freakism probably derailed (hopefully only temporarily!!) the greatest reunion in rock history! I was in Germany for the '78 Sabbath tour and VH blew them away, Sabbath was nearly booed off the stage after the "Opening Act" was through! Hopefully someday cooler heads AND egos will prevail!
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am 20. Mai 1999
I discovered David Lee Roth as a young teen. I began to search for anything Dave/Van Halen related. Soon I amassed over 2000 pictures and articles. And ya know what, I learned a lot more in this book, plus it brought back a lot of memories. David Lee raised me and has satiated my spirit. I realized how similar we are and how to apply some of my traits to be a better entertainer. Wouldn't you know he wrote this with Rollins. Another teenage heart throb of mine, turned inspirator. Thank you so much.
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