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am 3. Februar 1999
This book shows you the way to build sails the old fashioned way, although some of the techniques shown are not really the way they were built in the "old days". It has lovely illustrations and and clear instructions on how to make sails with an eye on the craftsmanship of the past. The modern world of computer-designed and cut sails has no place here! If you are a novice and want this book to learn the art and craft of modern sailmaking, the book is not for you, as the construction details shown are needlessly complicated and redundant. Modern sails are actually easier to build than most of the techniques shown in this book, and most of today's sailmakers do not build sails using the book's methods. There are other books on how to make sails that are better and easier, but this is a great book for those who like the old ways of doing things. Nice photos and instructions on how to repair sails, and good basic advice for sailors who want to try their hand at a bit of palm-and-needle work. The author is holding onto the old way of designing and building sails, but has neglected alot of modern advances in the art of sailmaking.
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am 19. Mai 2000
The book seemed quite comprehensive on the subject of sailmaking. A good thing, but it took multiple readings to pick out what I did need vs. what I did not need when I started making my own sail. Having compared the techniques in the book to what I have seen in use among most so-called "production" sails, it was obvious to me this book was written for an audience who appreciates attention to details. It's a book for those serious about their sails, not for those who want to put together a quick and dirty sail that will last them only a couple of seasons, nor is it for those expecting nicely laid out patterns to follow.
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am 28. Januar 2011
this book is really great! i am an apprentice sailmaker and this book really helps me to learn important things...
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