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5.0 von 5 Sternen DAVID KIRSCH KNOWS HOW TO TAKE IT OFF!, 4. November 2004
As one who's started many diets and not finished any, I was attracted to the dustcover phrase "Just 2 Weeks To Total Transformation!" In the past, something of the utmost importance had always knocked me off a diet - holidays, a family reunion, a gift box of candy, the necessity of eating popcorn at a movie, an irresistible urge to walk into an ice cream shop. As you can see, it took very little. But, I thought anyone, even me, can stick to a plan for 2 weeks.
As I began to read this book I became even more impressed with the author, David Kirsch, founder and owner of the Madison Square Club. Of course, he's had his share of celebrity clients, but what came through to me was the amount of space he spent in explaining the importance of motivation, and how to care for yourself during the plan. He seemed to really care about his readers' well being rather than just selling books. For instance, he suggests supplements to be taken during the two weeks.
Further, when he clearly stated that he didn't endorse plastic surgery, I thought "This plan book's for me." He wrote," ....I didn't want to endorse the notion that someone would need to undergo such extreme and often painful means to look his or her best. That's just not in line with my philosophy as a trainer and wellness coach." Makes sense to me!
Mr. Kirsch's approach is two pronged - exercise and nutrition. Both are equally important. Since this is a 14 day program, the exercise requirement is a large one - 1  hours each day. The exercises are clearly explained with photographs that show exactly how to do them.
His Nutrition Plan provides you with five small meals every three hours. Recipes are included, and they're tasty, especially his "Tuna Cobb Salad" and "Mexican Turkey Burger with Jalapeno Peppers and Mexican Salsa."
The author also has a bit of the cheer leader in him as he offers not only advice to keep you on track, but also words of encouragement. Finally, not to worry that all of this hard work will be lost because he also explains how to maintain the new you.
Well, my two weeks isn't up yet, but I can already feel and see a difference. I'll finish as I'm a bit like the Little Engine That Could...."I know I can, I know I can," And, I know I'll be delighted I did!
- Gail Cooke
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