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am 26. Januar 1999
This book was used for several years in the first two MIT calculus courses. (MIT has, lamentably, moved to a book published by one of it's own professors.) Simmons' text is the essence of a good text book; it has cogent explanations and figures which clearly illustrate. An introduction that non-mathematicians will understand and mathematicians will still respect. I'm convinced it is the best book available.
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am 23. Juni 2000
As an adult student trying to earn a degree in electronics by correspondence courses, I have had to buy a lot of different math books to attempt to help learn the concepts, especially the Calculus. I probably own about 10 different mainstream texts of recent years, and find that out of the many, this is the one that helps the most.Simmons makes clear the concepts without being boring or giving you only "Plug and Chug" problems.This textbook is actually interesting to read,and does what a textbook should do: teach you something.Highly Recommended!
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am 1. Oktober 1998
A brilliant book, I say. I have not seen anything in its class to date. Classy intros to just about everything, interesting notes on "genius" mathematicians, fab diagrams, lots of juicy, juicy problems - make this a very likable book. The problems are graded, and there are enough to satisfy any level of intellectual curiosity. Can be used by the beginner, as well as the more prepared student - it's lucid all through, and of course, intensely challenging. Overally, worth every unit of currency!
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