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am 12. Oktober 2011
"King, Warrior, Magician, Lover - Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine" is a C. G. Jung based interpretation of masculine behavior and personality in the light of social context mythology, poetry and art. This book describes what it takes for a man (and boy) to grow up, what C.G. Jung defined as individuation process. The book presents those four archetypes and asserts that men need to embraces or control their positive and negative elements (shadows). C. G. Jung believed as depth psychologist that evolutionary and cultural roots manifested in archetypes to form our unconscious experience. The authors describe the potential in contemporary us and how to access those archetypes and utilize there energy within us.

The book is organized in two major parts, the archetypes of boys and the archetypes of men and four subchapters the respective archetypes. All four representations of the archetypes have one positive (right amount) and 2 negative poles (deficit or surplus). For example, the positive lover archetype embraces the world with passion whereas the negative poles are the addicted lover and the impotent lover. Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette see every man (or boy) somewhere between these three extremes.
- The King is the life giver and the most important responsible for the safety and well being. The book quotes from history and art that every society must have king or leader who is entrusted with guiding his people to success and comfort. The benefits and virtues of the king are many, but the responsibilities are many as well. And if the king fails in his duties he is traditionally disposed. The shadows sides are tyrant and the weakling.
- The Warrior is today the most controversial of the archetypes, because of the cruel acts perpetrated by its shadow side. Yet aggressiveness is a highly needed characteristic responsible for our personal achievements and those of our culture. The authors suggest that properly accessed, the Warrior can do a great deal to empower us to live our lives, provide self-discipline, and protect. The two shadow sides are the Sadist and the Masochist. The Warrior is a destroyer who destroys the enemies and clears a space for renewal and change. The prototype of the warrior is the soldier.
- The Magician, represents Logos according to Jung a masculine principle, is the archetype behind a multitude of professions like, lawyers but also engineers, scientists and priests. He sees the unseen. He is the mediator and communicator of secret knowledge, the healer, technologist, teacher, and spiritual.
The Magician always has a tendency to abuse his power, being the negative Magician, the manipulator.
- The Lover like the feminine principle Eros manifests energy and fertility of the nature. The gendering of Eros and Logos and synergy is a consequence of Jung's anima/animus synergy. Lovers are at easy with our own deepest and most central values and visions, and with others. And only through union of the feminine and the masculine our culture and personality prospers and grows. The "me- society" of the impotent is sterile and without compassion and the sex addict destroys any spiritual dimension.

Gillette and Moore's book asks valid questions and does right again on the misunderstood and suppressed aspects of masculine life.
The book asserts also, that in former time these roles could be fulfilled by on person. The shaman as a holistic archetype has the King's capacity to care, the Warrior's capacity to fight and the Lover's capacity to value someone or som value enough to fight.
There is much to contemplate in these books which can be mapped with political, mythic and culture examples. The self- evidence of this interpretation and its usefulness is overwhelmingly convincing. The book can be used for understanding history, analyzing the state of your society, for self reflection or spiritual exploration. For example, look at your politicians: Does one of them have the virtues of those positive archetypes? As a man look into yourself or ask your family - are you a good King, a good Lover, a good Warrior and a good Magician? I re-read this book after a monk, who not coincidently is also a trained Jungian, used it as guideline line in a weekends treat at a monastery. We, men came from all walks of life, and the discussions went until early morning, from which I still profit as I do from this book.

Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette have had great influence in the American men's movement, but I approached this book from C. G. Jung, on which the concept of archetypes is based. The proposed archetypes of the book: "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" of the book prove to be useful metaphors for men to work on themselves and to understand their sons. Hope that was not to lengthy...
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am 29. November 1999
My brother lent me this book, and I was quite prepared to not like it at all - it seemed at first to be one of those sappy men's movement books.
However, once I started reading it I finished it in one long sitting.
The concepts are simple and make sense.
The core concept is that every man has varying amounts of King (representing the ability to bring order out of chaos, and a sort of benevolent use of power), Warrior( the ability to marshal resources, have courage, bear pain, make clear choices based on facts not emotions), Magician (or "alchemist" - concerned with knowledge and skill, and how to use it), and Lover (emotionally connected to others, having empathy).
Each one of these attributes has many good qualities; they can turn negative however, in both active and passive ways. The book cogently explains the symptoms of this - this was the part of the book that made me think the authors knew what they were talking about, in that I saw myself and my co-workers in some of the examples.
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am 17. Dezember 1999
I'll try to keep this brief. Crucial to my journey these last ten+ years (age 50-60) has been steadily relistening to these tapes. Each time I 'hear' something new and provocative. If you care about personal growth, go for it with these tapes. Women: note that three of the four archetypes apply directly to you: warrior, magician and lover. And the 'king' has much in common with the 'queen'; -- so, don't hesitate -- it'll be one of the best purchases you've ever made. I've used these and their books as a springboard for some adult ed classes that I've taught in Hunterdon County, and also to flesh out important messages in the music of Garth Brooks (relating to the human journey)in a self-published book I wrote. This resource, plus Riso or Palmer on the Enneagram (q.v. @ amazon!), plus maybe the prodigal son story, are all you should ever need. Thank you Robert and Doug, and thank you for making this forum available!
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am 2. Juli 2011
Ich finde das Buch in mehrerer Hinsicht großartig. Es kombiniert die verschiedenen Archetypen und ihre extremen Ausprägungen mit mythischen und historischen Figuren. Dadurch liest es sich fast wie eine Aneinanderreihung von Kurzgeschichten über herausragende Männer. Dennoch finde ich es fachlich sehr gut strukturiert und fundiert.

Gleich zu Beginn gibt es ein paar Übersichtsgrafiken und bei den letzten Kapiteln gibt es auch gute Hinweise, wie man(n) sich selbst weiterentwickelt. Das Buch hat mir geholfen, ein paar Charakterzüge an mir besser zu verstehen. Ich werde es noch ein paar mal lesen.

Es ist leider etwas zu kurz. Die letzten Kapitel hätte man noch deutlich ausführlicher gestalten können.
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am 23. September 1998
Using common terminology and examples from contemporary movies, this book easily leads the reader through the thick, dense forest of archetype psychology as applied to the lives of present day men. Superbly delineating between aspects of boy psychology and their counterparts in mature men, the book also identifies factors critical to male psychic development that are severely at risk in our technology-driven, consumer oriented culture. Much of what the authors present can be extrapolated to girl/woman psychology.
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am 23. Oktober 2015
Ich gebe dem Buch 5 Sterne, da es jedem helfen kann, sich weiterzuentwickeln. Es wird der Mann in 4 Kategorien eingeteilt und der Grund dafür genant, warum er handelt, wie er handelt. Dabei hat jede Kategorie hat auch seine Schattenseiten.

Man wird sich und sein Umfeld sehr schnell in einer der Kategorien finden. Bei mir haben erstaunlich viele Sachen zugetroffen.

Auf jeden Fall ein gutes Buch, wenn man mehr über sich selbst herausfinden will und sehr anwendungsbezogen Inhalt bleiben will :)
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am 21. Dezember 2011
Ein spitz geschriebenes, jedoch auch einfühlsam und erschreckend ertappendes Buch. Mr. Moore hat hier wirklich Gas gegeben. Eine Reise durch die Psyche des vielleicht ein wenig gestörten Individuum X, welche zu Erkenntnissen führen kann, die man so nicht erwartet hätte.
Empfehlung als Geschenk für Männer, die sich noch nicht ganz im Klaren darüber sind, ob sie eher der "Löwe" oder das "Lämmlein" in der Gesellschaft darstellen möchten.
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am 9. Juli 1998
I go back to this book again and again to get ideas for my life and for working in my men's group. Based on Jung's formulations of the human psyche, it expands on them in a contemporary and relevant way. It's a practical book about living as a man in today's society.
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am 26. April 1998
This book made me look at the male
population differently than ever
before. There is a lot of truth
here. I can see the pattern the
authors are talking about every day.
This book was very enlightening for
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am 11. November 2015
Mal ein anderes Buch zur Weiterentwicklung des persönliches Selbstverständnisses. Interessante Geschichtsreferenzen und Beispiele werden gebracht, allerdings empfand ich manche Bereiche als unausgewogen von der Textmenge her.
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