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am 19. März 2012
I am a big fan of Facebook and I spend more time on its pages than it's probably healthy. It has become my favorite go-to site not just for personal updates, but far more importantly for the links and comments of the daily newsworthy events. It gives me an opportunity to banter with a few of my like-minded friends on the latest political and social events. "The History of the World According to Facebook" tries to imagine what would it have been like if Facebook had existed for, well, forever and if the great events of history somehow managed to make it to the running commentary on your Facebook feed. The result is a very entertaining and well-designed humor book that will appeal to all Facebook enthusiasts, as well as a substantial number of Facebook detractors.

The book is organized around the typical Facebook communication categories: status updates, event notifications, wall posts, etc. It is formatted in the "pre-timeline" Facebook format. The historical events are presented as an online interaction between famous historical figures (Joan of Arc and Charles VII, Jesus and God, Grant and Lee, Einstein and Roosevelt), countries (Germany and Poland), inanimate objects (meteorite), and even abstract concepts (equality, etc.). All of this can be extremely funny, but it also makes you think of how our conceptualization of life in general has been subtly altered by the use of Facebook and other social media. I find myself too often thinking about how would a particular event or situation in my life play on Facebook. A book like this one can give me a much needed reality check.

Unfortunately, this book can be very tendentious and ideologically tainted at times, to the point that is downright off-putting if you don't share the author's very narrow political sensibilities. For the most part, though, the book is pretty funny and stays clear of current politics. Nonetheless, I feel that there was a wasted opportunity here to write a truly funny yet non-partisan social commentary.

Overall, this is for the most part a very funny book. Like most humor that reflects particular era, its shelf life may be limited, but from everything that we've seen about Facebook so far there is no reason not to believe that this kind of humor will remain relevant for at least a few more years.
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am 26. Juni 2014
Eine lustige Uminterpretation im Stil des Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter Zeitgeists. Ist wohl am lustigsten für Leute, die die Dienste jeden Tag selbst nutzen und den ein oder anderen in den linkes und posts wieder erkennen. Ist eher leichte Unterhaltung zum rumblättern und für etwas Zerstreuung. Auch ein gutes Geschenk.
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am 13. April 2015
Definitely a must read for everyone who wants to know how the world would have looked like if there had already been facebook a few thousand (or even a few billion years) ago. Also, this gives us a chance to reflect the modern world in a sarcastic way ;) I liked reading this book a lot!
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am 22. November 2012
Hilarious, would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn about history through sarchasm :) :) :) :) :) :)
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