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am 24. Juni 2000
At the beginning of my quest for answers to the Universe, i found sitchin's books. they are all full of intriguing ideas and possible answers to the origins of humankind on earth. i see strong hints of his theories in X-Files and the Star Trek series. and i say this as a fan of these shows.
readers, keep this in mind, sitchin's works DO NOT complete your search for answers to The Origins of Life or the Universe. sitchin's works are truely interesting and can be exciting. BUT BEWARE: do not let your searchings and readings stop here with Sitchin. go ahead and read Sitchin, but continue to search for answers with more reading and research to satisfy your intellect and soul.
i would suggest other authors such as Peter Russell (White Hole in Time, Global Brain) for academic and philosophical theory on the evolution of life on earth. And Ken Carey(The Third Millenium) for further answers to the cosmic origins of mankind that comes with satisfying prose on the spiritual essence and the Universe's purpose in humans.
whether your try these authors and others, i hope you find other material to further your personal search for Answers.
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am 9. Juni 2000
Part II of the Earth Chronicles deals with some of the most monumental buildings on the Earth (pyramids, Jupiter's temple at Baalbek, sacred city of Heliopolis...) and it also gives explanations, why (and by whom) these buildings were built. It makes sense, because it is really quite unexplainable, why have buildings that followed that time deteriorated that much in terms of quality and size. It is obvious that people have learned something from outside but after part of the knowledge was lost, they were not capable of surpassing their predecessors. Sitchin claims that Baalbek and Sinai peninsula were spaceports of Gods. Pyramids were designed for directioning of spaceships as for precise measurements of the planet. This also explains the fact that all great pyramids are not inscribed while newer are. This assumptions are given on the basis of studying ancient texts, especially Epic of Gilgamesh who was claimed to be of semidivine origin and wanted to join Gods in Immortallity, but was finally bitterly disappointed as he found out that he should be invited in the immortal club as it was fact with the Utnapishtim and that immortality cannot be gained. Reading is really fascinating, not too scholarly, but certainly not pure fiction. Highly recommendable.
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am 4. April 2000
How did an ancient civilization move quarried stones in the mountains of Lebanon that weighed in excess of 2 million pounds each? Who really built the Great Pyramids of Giza, and when? Why are ancient Sumerian cities arranges in precise geometric positions? What did the quests of Giglamesh and Alexander the Great really find? This book attempts to shed true light on many of these historical misconceptions. This book has been exhaustively researched, translated from the ancient texts by Sitchin himself, and it shows in Sitchin's writing. He is a brilliant historain of ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. It is rather hard to keep all of the names straight in this book, because he covers so much ground. It might take me a second third read before I can fully digest the book. But it is worth the effort because the implications are so profound. At times his writing style is a bit dry. This is a recommended read for people of scientific mind who would like to shed the lies that they may have been force fed in todays closed-minded institutions.
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am 24. Januar 1998
The second offering of Sitchin's landmark Earth Chronicles series,this book offers more startling revelations than the initial spark of the "12th Planet".Here,discussed in the same scholarly & well researched way the author is known for,with a personal twist,are musings on the fountain & dates of life,the pharaoh's journey to the afterlife(with stunning ancient drawings to document it),the riddle of the sphinx,the forgeries commited on the pyramids & many more.This book also afforded me a diff. view & a rising interest on Alexander The Great.The faults are the same,including the author's exuberant generalizations,but nevertheless is still a mind-bending & probable life-changing read.
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am 16. Juli 2000
I have read all of Mr. Sitchin's books. They are an eye opening interpretation of Biblical events. I strongly recommend that you begin with The Twelth Planet and read them in sequence. It is much to easy to read one in the middle and get very confused. If they are read in order they are far easier to understand.
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am 25. August 1999
I have read the whole series of "The Earth Chronicles", which I think is marvelously written. It is neither fictional nor scientific, however, I would classify it as pseudo-scientific non-fiction. It is not really important whether Sitchin's writings are scientificly true, but it makes marvelous reading, nothing like I have ever read before. He masterfully creates an illusion of a scientific research, and in it he creates a new genre -- the Disneyland for science-oriented minds. For all that, even if one reads it with a sceptical smirk on one's face, there is always a thought frollicking somewhere in the backyard swimming pool of your mind, "What if some of this stuff is in fact true?" And that makes the whole series very attractive.
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am 1. Juli 1998
Sitchin's second effort is mainly an expansion on one of the central themes addressed in his first book, "The Twelfth Planet". A number of related subjects are discussed, the unifying theme being man's preoccupation with the concept of (and search for!) immortality. If you think about it, you have to wonder... where on EARTH could man have gotten the idea that such a thing as eternal youth could exist? Certainly there are no examples of immortality native to this planet. If you like Sitchin this book must not be is a prerequisite to thorough understanding of later volumes in the series. The print is rather small though, making the book a little more difficult to read.
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am 12. Februar 1999
Like ALL of his books, this one too is amazing, compelling, persuasive, enlightening, builds rationally and logically to each of its points BUT (there's alway a "but")is a bit difficult to read. Also, as with ALL his books, Zecharia draws his concise conclusions by bringing the knowledge of many sciences together. It is a must read for anyone with an open mind and thirst for knowledge.
As the chronicles tend to build on each other, the reader will find it more comfortable to read them in sequence: 12th Planet, Stairway to Heaven, Wars of Gods & Men, Lost Realms,When Time Began.
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am 1. August 1999
For those who are fascinated with Earth Chronicles of Zecharia Sitchin I would like to recommend the Book of Urantia as complementary reading. I think it treats the same subject from a very different point of view.
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am 13. Juli 1999
Proves that if you keep an open mind people will throw all their garbage in it.
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