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4,8 von 5 Sternen23
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Mai 1999
I first heard a few lines from this book on a T.V. show, and I was in tears! I ran straight to my computer and ordered it. This book is a must have for every child (and parent!). I have never read a book expressing the love of a mother for her child so beautifully. The mother bunny becomes whatever it takes for her to "find" her little bunny as he dreams of different things to be to run away from her. The mother bunny doesn't condemn him, but conforms to his thoughts and dreams and "chases" after him as he tells her what he will become and how he'll run away. I loved the way the mother spoke so lovingly to her little bunny, letting him know that no matter where he went, she'd find him. My son loves the brilliantly colorful images on every other page. It is a nice contrast to the black and white writing in between. This has become a favorite in my home and I intend to give this book as a gift to any and every mother (or mother-to-be) that I know!
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am 19. Juli 2000
I really love this book. The color illustrations are really good. This book demonstrates how far a mother would go to take care of her child. She tells him she would travel all over the world and become many different things just to be close to him.I had read this book in the past, but it meant so much more to me after the birth of my daughter.I really enjoy reading this book to my daughter and I also enjoy reading it to my class at school.
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am 17. März 1998
If there were a classic book to express a mother's love for her child, it would be this one. A little bunny announces to his mother that he plans to run away. "If you run away," his mother replies, "I will run after you. For you are my little bunny." The little bunny then tells his mother all the things he would do to escape her, and she counters with all the things she would do to get close to him again. He will turn into a fish and swim away from her; she will turn into a fisherman and catch him. He will become a rock on a high mountain; she will become a mountain climber and climb to where he is. Finally, he decides that if his mother is willing to go to those lengths to stay close to him, he might as well stay where he is.
What I like most about this book is that the mother doesn't try to change her little bunny into what she wants him to be. Instead, she changes herself. If he's going to be a bird, she's going to change into "a tree that you come home to." This book helps me remember that although my children may never be the children I thought I'd have (how did I get a daughter who hates pink ribbons and bows?), I can be the mother that they need, meeting them on their own terms.
Another book that deals with this same theme in a funnier, but still sweet, way is "I Love You, Stinky Face," by Lisa McCourt. My children and I give Stinky Face a perfect 10!
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am 4. April 1998
When Margaret Wise Brown was teaching at the Bank Street School in New York City, she learned that the best children's books developed from children's curiosity and spoke about the world in a style familiar to children. The repetitive, predictable text in The Runaway Bunny builds a child's expectations and encourages following-along and saying the lines with mother bunny and her adventurous baby boy. The detailed drawings by Clement Hurd alternate between black-and-white and color; the black-and-white ink sketches seem to present the little bunny's desires to run away, while the colored images portray the mommy bunny's responses: to catch and comfort her boy, mommy bunny becomes a sheltering tree and a kind gardener. In addition, with no text to tell a story for them, the colored pictures let the children tell their own stories about the problems mommy bunny is having finding and holding onto the little bunny. Little bunny is hidden somewhere in each of the colored drawings, so it is an adventure for the readers to seek him out -- it's as if he is running away from us, too! Far from being too advanced for the smallest children, this board book version of The Runaway Bunny can become a child's friend. My own children nibbled at its corners in the car and slept with it at night.
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am 30. Mai 2000
This book is wonderful. I cannot get through it without crying (but not in a sad way). One of my all-time favorite childrens' books. Your "bunny" will love its comforting message too, that you will never abandon her.
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am 17. März 1998
This delightful tale of a little bunny who wants to run away; imaginatively so, finds his mother earnestly seeking him with each clever attempt of disguising himself.<PB> The eloquent prose and charming artwork adorning the pages of this classic story portray the steadfastness and strength of a mother's love for her child. <PB>A book to cherish for generations and to assure and nourish the souls of our children.<PB> This welcome, endearing addition to the bookshelf is sure to be delighted upon again and again, and prized for it's testament of a timeless bond between mother and child.
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am 12. November 1999
My son has a reading tutor, and this was a book I picked up in his school library and it lists the reading levels. The AR reading level was 2.6. He is in second grade. He said down and read this book the first time, and never missed a word, and was enthralled with the black and white pages with writing, compared to the colored pages with no words. Talk about incentive to get to the next page full of color and see in color what the black and white words told you about. This is the perfect gift for a first or second grader who needs a reading incentive.
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am 17. März 1998
As a child, this was my personal favorite. This story relates to the child, that a mother's love has no boundaries. This book gives young children a sense of security in knowing that you are loved no matter what you do or where you go. The illustrations in this book add to its wonder, as the child hunts for the runaway bunny on every page. I had the opportunity to read this book to children at a daycare where I worked last summer. They enjoyed it just as much today, as I did in my childhood. This is a must read for every mother and child!
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am 11. September 1999
This book is a must read -- daily -- for parents who adopt an older child with a history of being "let go" by other families. The young bunny learns that no matter where he runs, his mother will always find him. This is exactly the message that children who "join" a family later in life need to learn, especially if they have previously lived with families who let them go when they ran away. This book gives a family the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to their child day after day.
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am 21. März 1999
What a wonderful story for a tiny child -- but also for adults! It provides an analogy where you can put yourself in the place of the bunny, and God as his mother. God continues to pursue us even tho we run away from Him, but, when we do return to Him, He gives us everything we need! Just like the mommy bunny did in the story! I don't know if the author intended this, but it is truly a great way to read it! We used it at a Women's Bible Study last week!
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