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4,7 von 5 Sternen43
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 24. Februar 2009
Ich beschränke mich bei dieser Rezession auf die Eigenschaften dieser Ausgabe, auf den wunderbaren Inhalt Tolkiens Werkes werde ich nicht eingehen.

Ich bestellte mir dieses Buch mit leichtem Zweifel, da noch keine Bewertungen und Rezessionen vorlagen. Diese verschwanden jedoch augenblicklich, als ich das Buch schon 2 Tage später in den Händen hielt. Die Illustrationen von Alan Lee, die ca. alle 20-30 Seiten auftauchen und jeweils eine ganze Seite einnehmen (oft beidseitig) sind wunderschön. Sie sind wohl schon vor den Filmen gemalt worden, denn große Ähnlichkeiten mit den Schauspielern sind nicht vorhanden - was jedoch überhaupt kein Mangel ist, es gibt einem wunderbare einblicke in Tolkiens Welt, ohne stur an Filmszenen gehalten zu sein.

Das Englisch ist gut verständlich, an die etwas "altertümliche" Ausdrucksweise gewöhnt man sich schnell.

Ich kann dieses Buch jedem empfehlen und keinerlei Mängel entdecken.
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am 14. August 2010
Also mal kurz gefasst: Die Story ist wohl wie jedem bekannt absolute klasse.
Nun zu der Auflage an sich. Das Buch hat einen schönes Cover und einen festen Einband. Die Schrift ist recht groß und gut leserlich. Für mich immer positiv, da ich bei kleiner Schrift nach 10 Minuten immer Augenkrebs bekomme. Wenn man alle Bücher dieser Auflagereihe kauft hat man quasi ein Buch, weil die Seiten im 2. und 3. Buch so nummeriert sind, als wäre es ein einzelner Einband. Auch gut gemacht. Das war das, was ich gesucht habe. Denn immer so ein dickes Buch überall mithinschleppen ist echt nicht gerade toll.

Wegen alledem: 5 Sterne
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am 13. September 2005
This book picks up where "Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings, Part I)", left off. The fellowship is dispersed. We are lucky in the fact that J. R. R. Tolkien will completely follow each path from beginning to end. All the wars are covered in detail and the progress of the ring bearer is chronicled. New creatures and old vermin reveal themselves. The adventures hare much darker and character growth is reviled. As you know this is not part of a trilogy, but the second part of one ongoing story.
As with "Ramayana" by William Buck, we find that every creature has its function and that there is not black and white in this purpose. Frodo alludes to this when he thinks of Gandalf, Aragorn, and Gollum in the part they play.
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am 19. Juni 1999
This is the second book in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, so obviously, if you haven't read The Fellowship of the Ring, you won't get it. Otherwise, it is one of the best books that I have ever read. I'll admit, the first 50 pages were kind of slow, but when Merry and Pippin meet Treebeard, everything is swept along from there. I liked how Frodo almost tamed Gollum, bringing him away from the lure of the Ring. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite succeed. Gollum delivers Samwise and Frodo into the hands . . . er-claws of Shelob and . . . well, I won't tell you the rest. Just listen to my advice, and read this book!
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am 4. Mai 2000
This book continues the events that took place in the Fellowship of the Ring, as now the Fellowship is broken up. Each small party explores different parts of the land, Middle-Earth created by Tolkien. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimili explore the fields of Rohan, Merry and Pippin befriend a survivor of an ancient race, and Frodo and Sam go straight into Mordor, leaded by the creature, Gollum. This was a great book and keeps you interested all the time. It really is hard to put it down once you start reading it. Afte rteh Fellowship of the Ring, I strongly suggest picking this book up (whether it be from a library or a store) and read it! It will keep you wondering what will happen in the third edition of the series.....
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am 23. Juli 2000
The Two Towers is one of the best books i have ever read. it starts out with boromir defending pippin and merry from orcs sent by the evil one, and from that point inward this book never disappoints. if you enjoyed the fellowship, hold on. this book will take you through many twists and turns as far as the plot. however, try to have the return of the king handy when you finish. the end will leave you hanging so much all that you can think about is wat happens to frodo and sam. nevertheless, this book is a classic and should be read by almost anyone.
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am 2. Februar 2000
The Two Towers is the second part of Lord of the Rings. It was hard to come to a decision, but I have to say that this favorite out of the three parts. With most of the questions left from The Hobbit answered in The Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien kicks up the action and takes the suspense to a new direction in The Two Towers. Tolkien brilliantly split the story two ways in TTT. In doing that, Tolkien allowed himself to really develope the supporting characters more easily. This becomes so apparant at times that the lesser characters seem as important as the main character, Frodo. In fact, Frodo isn't involved in about ten chapters of TTT. It gets to be noticed that the characters experience events and situations that really changes their thoughts of perceiving their world. The Two Towers is full of twists and surprises, and it leaves you wanting more. Excellent descriptions of the regions that the Fellowship pass through overflow in this book. Like in The Fellowship of the Ring, you forget that this fantasy, as the background and lore has the sense of a real and complete history. The Two Towers, overall, has a darker mood than The Fellowship of the Ring. At the end, a feeling exists encompassing the real danger that the quest might fail. The Two Towers has one real bad aspect. Near the end, the reader can feel extreme tension and suspense because of the actions in the book. Then it flat out leaves you hanging by the neck, leaving you cursing like you never cursed before, unless you have The Return of the King waiting right there to be picked up. The Lord of the Rings is not to be checked out at the library if a person wants to check out each volume seperately. Some passages will refer the reader to a Appendix, and those are in TROTK. Check out a single volume edision instead, or better yet, buy LOTR, single volume or three volume version. Lord of the Rings should be read and experienced by everyone, and acknowledge that Tolkien was a real genius. We would have suffered greatly if he wasn't born.
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am 16. Dezember 1999
JRR Tolkien beautifully interweaves the plot in The Two Towers, told from a third person point of view. His bright adjectives are amazing in his descriptions of cities, forests, and characters. In this story, the second part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Tolkien narrates the story of Frodo the Ringbearer and the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring. When Frodo and his servant Sam leave the Fellowship for Mordor, ill things come to the rest of the group. An Orc ambush leaves Boromir dead and the two hobbits Merry and Pippin captives. Ever since the fall of Gandalf, Aragorn the Ranger led the group. Now he leads Legolas the spirited Elf and Gimli the surly Dwarf on the chase of the Orcs. When the Orcs were near their destination of Orthanc, the stronghold of Saruman the traitor, the trio of warriors and the Riders of Rohan that they met with, finally catch up to the Orcs. The five score Riders overcome the vicious army of Orcs in a battle at the break of dawn near the mysterious forest of Fangorn. The hobbits, confused, retreat to Fangorn. After a vicious, bloody battle between the Rohirrim and the thousands of Orcs, Isengard is defeated. But Gandalf had returned, and spurred the King of Rohan to attack Orthanc. Gandalf had broken Saruman's staff and banished him finally after the slow, but vicious Ents had destroyed and flooded Isengard, defeating the traitor ultimately. When all of that is going on, Frodo and Sam journey over a wasteland of hills and rock. The evil character Gollum has caught up to them, and they knew they were being followed. With an ingenious plan Frodo captures Gollum and almost trains him to guide them to Mordor. As he writes, JRR Tolkien intricately describes the places that the hobbits pass through, the setting almost telling the future of the story. As the hobbits journey with Gollum as their guide, they meet Faramir and the soldiers of Gondor, and end up befriending the proud warriors. Later Gollum leads them to Mordor, and to an unknown resolve to the story... One of the best parts of the book to my opinion was when Tolkien told of the soldiers of Gondor as though he personally knew them. He closely detailed their clothing, weapons, armor and gear as though he was one of them. The second part of my favorite scene is when the soldiers are fighting the evil men under Sauron's control. Tolkien consistently describes everything going on around, from individual men to how the setting affects the battle. "Four tall Men stood there. Two had spears in their hands with broad bright heads. Two had great bows, almost of their own height, and great quivers of long green- feathered arrows. All had swords at their sides, and were clad in green and brown of varied hues, as if the better to walk unseen in the glades of Ithilien. Green gauntlets covered their hands, and their faces were hooded and masked with green, except for their eyes, which were very keen and bright." This book is masterfully crafted by Tolkien's genius, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure or fantasy or both. The beginning was slow, maybe the first 40 pages or so, but it is a wonderful tale. I really loved it and I'm going to also read the final book to find out the ending. I think you should find out what happens too...
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am 28. April 2006
Hierbei handelt es sich um die Hörbuchversion des zweiten Buchs (The Two Towers, unterteilt in Buch 3 und 4) von Tolkiens Lord of the Rings, wie der Titel schon besagt. Es ist eine digital aufgearbeitete Fassung der Aufnahmen von 1990.

Die Aufnahmen sind ausschließlich Originaltext, es ist nicht gekürzt worden. Die beiliegenden Verzeichnisse des jeweiligen CD-Inhalts sind sehr nützlich, um sich Stellen zu merken und sie schnell wieder oder überhaupt finden zu können.

Zur Stimme von Rob Inglis sei gesagt, dass er nur einen leichten Akzent hat. Das auffälligste dürfte sein rollendes „R“ sein. Störend wird sein Akzent nie, auch wenn er bestimmte Personen mit anderer Stimmlage und Betonung ließt. Es wird immer sehr deutlich gelesen.

Sein Lesestil führt aber dazu, dass selbst „aufregende Stellen“ in „nur mäßig aufgeregter“ Stimme gelesen werden. Hierbei handelt es sich eben auch um kein Hörspiel, sondern um ein Hörbuch. Wenn man seinen Kindern ein Buch vorließt, würde man es wohl ähnlich handhaben, manche Hörer mag es aber stören.

Nicht störend und sicher auch nachvollziehbar ist, dass hin und wieder Personen mit einer „falschen“ Stimmlage gelesen werden. Dennoch ein Abzug. Auch wechselt hin und wieder die Stimmlage des Erzählers. Es handelt sich wohl um verschiedene Aufnahmen. Auch nicht so elegant, aber wohl nur schwer anders zu lösen. Das kommt in jedem Buch vor, besonders ist es mir im ersten aufgefallen.

Im Allgemeinen sei gesagt, dass man die Stimme und Leseweise erst Probehören sollte. Es mag sein, dass man sich an der Stimme stört, was bei so vielen Stunden das Vergnügen sicher trüben wird. Des Weiteren handelt es sich um keine billige Investition. Schade, wenn es sich um eine handelt, die man später bereut.

Für mich hat sich jedes Buch auch in seiner Hörbuchfassung gelohnt. Es ist schön die englische Sprache auch wieder hören zu können. Wenn die Augen müde sind, aber man doch noch nicht zu müde, so bietet jedes der drei Hörbücher eine großartige Beschäftigung in Form von vergnüglichem Folgen der Geschichte.

Im Übrigen kann man auch einige Stunden auf einem IPod oder vergleichbaren Geräten mitnehmen, so spart man sich das CD-Wechseln nach etwa jeder Stunde. Für Käufer mit Audio-DVD-Spielern mag das eine Alternative sein...

Die CDs und ihre Boxen zu schonen lohnt sich auch alle mal, da sowohl als auch wunderschön illustriert worden sind.

Trotz der erwähnten Mängel 5 Sterne. Es handelt sich um ein hervorragendes Produkt.
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am 26. Dezember 1999
Two Towers is a work incomparable to anything out there. The skill with which Tolkien weaves his world creates a vivid tour through the imagination. Every word can be noted to have meaning; each race, and person for that matter, has a different style of speech. As a story, the Two Towers works alike to the Empire Strikes Back (though I am by no means comparing the two, I believe Tolkien's work far superior...Sorry Star Wars fans). It is the second act of a play, with the heros in distress and the Fellowship trying to hang together. Sam has the ring, with Frodo left for dead by the blow from Shelob. The shadow of Sauron eats evermore into the heart of Gondor, and forces are prepared by both sides. The fate of Middle-Earth hangs in the balance by the end of this novel. The Two Towers also displays a wonderful new cast of characters: we at last meet the wiles of Saruman, see the horror of Shelob, and feel the Ents' last battle. Rohan's noble Theoden and Minas Tirith's tortured Denethor also add to the mix, contrasting with each other as the Enemy's work is revealed even in the higher tiers of the Mark and Gondor. Don't miss out on the Two Towers. It is a classic of fantasy which will live on forever in the minds of those who read it.
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