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17 von 18 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 4. April 2001
Was als Kinderbuch daherzukommen scheint, entpuppt sich als äußerst witziger, hintergründiger Comic über das Leben mit all seinen Stationen... Die Reise und Entwicklung des Erwachsenwerdens, die Mensch im Laufe des Lebens so durchmacht, mit all den Hochs und Tiefs und dem dazwischen, treffend beschrieben und bezeichnet (durch schöne Bilder, "Seelenbilder", die einen äußeren und gleichzeitig einen inneren Zustand ausdrücken). Nachdem all die Phasen aufgezeigt werden, in die ein sich entwickelnder Mensch so gerät, und jeder sich in den einzelnen Zuständen spiegelbildlich wiederfinden kann, macht die Geschicht Mut, die eigenen inneren Tiefen auszuloten. Lustige Reime und gekonntes Jonglieren mit der englischen Sprache runden dieses wunderschöne Buch ab. Unbedingt kaufenswert! Guter Tipp für Leute zwischen 20-30, aber auch für alle anderen von 0-100 ein tolles Buch.
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4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 21. Juli 2010
This absolute classic by Dr. Seuss is the perfect present for any college or high school graduate.
It deals with every aspect of what may come your way in life, and beside it being a wonderful book for children it may even serve a higher purpose for a young adult who is about to set out into the big world out there.
The copy I received was a "Party edition" with a glitter-sprinkled cover, which may not be something liked by everyone but I thought it was kind of funny...the recipient of the book, who to this point had not been introduced to Dr. Seuss, liked it a lot...I can only recommend it! It's also available as a very well translated German version.
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2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 4. Juni 2010
Ein tolles Kinderbuch, das man wirklich zu vielen Anlässen verschenken kann: Geburt, Taufe, Geburtstag... es geht sogar für Jugendliche, die das elterliche Haus in Richtung Studium verlassen. Ein absoluter Klassiker, die gedichtete Form ist sehr niedlich, gut engl Kenntnisse nötig.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 15. September 2007
Researchers constantly find that reading to children is valuable in a variety of ways, not least of which are instilling a love of reading and improved reading skills. With better parent-child bonding from reading, your child will also be more emotionally secure and able to relate better to others. Intellectual performance will expand as well. Spending time together watching television fails as a substitute.

To help other parents apply this advice, as a parent of four I consulted an expert, our youngest child, and asked her to share with me her favorite books that were read to her as a young child. Oh, the Places You'll Go! was one of her picks.

This book describes a future filled with unlimited potential ('you can steer any direction you choose'), success ('you'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead'), set-backs ('you can get all hung up on a prickle-ly perch'), and overcoming obstacles ('somehow you'll escape all that waiting and staying').

Many will mischaracterize this book. Since it starts with the words, 'Congratulations! Today is your day.', some will see it only in the context of some special event. At one level, it could certainly be a graduation present for a high school or college grad. At another level, it can be given to those who are moving on from one school to another. You can also see it as a gift for any transition, even if from one grade to the next.

But, I think that the more important application of this book is in setting a standard of parental beliefs for your child about one's child's future life. Psychologists in book after book tell us that parents tend not to be supportive enough, and that teenagers and adult children feel that they have never lived up to their parents' standards. This book can play a very important role in conveying what those standards are and making them match up nicely with what will probably occur in your child's life. That's a tremendous resource, and one that all of us should avail outselves of! In particular, the end says, 'And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.). Notice, that the guarantee comes after faithfully pointing out that the path to success is never straight, that there will be setbacks, and that there will be self-doubt and delays. Hearing that guarantee in the context of the likely difficulties makes one realize that optimism and perserverance are what is being encouraged here. Also, setbacks and delays are merely that ... not failure or failing to meet parental standards.

Psychologists tell us that those who believe they can succeed will put up twice the effort of those who doubt their success.

So after thinking about it, I propose that the day to give this book to someone who has never seen it before is on the darkest day of their life, when all seems bleak and impossible. It may make all of the difference. The gift will be all the more meaningful if you (or someone else) read this book to them when they were younger.

With your children, the right time to introduce this book is as young as possible, so that the belief in their success and the realistic challenges of success will be grounded as soon and as deeply as possible.

So you may give this book as a gift to the same child many times in a lifetime. But don't leave out those who need it who are not your children! They need it even more if their parents did not read Oh, the Places You'll Go! to them as a child!

After you have read this book to your child or given it as a gift to someone else, consider the other ways that you can appropriately boost the self-confidence of that person. Telling a story about your own setbacks and how you overcame them may help. Making yourself more human will also bring you closer together!
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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 22. Januar 2012
Dieser Kinderreim umfasst die Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens, die Hang ups and bang ups und waiting und succeeding, ein unbedingtes Muss für jedes Neugeborene (zumindest in meinem Umfeld)...
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am 2. Juli 2000
I recieved this book from a special teacher as I graduated from high school. I had never read it, so I eagerly opened the cover to see what lied inside. I found it such an excellent and moving book about life that I thought Dr. Seuss wrote it specifically for me. The truth about life is there are always obstacles to overcome, but still "you will move mountains." His lively and comical words are just as indispensable as his wonderfully colored and creative illustrations. A truly magnificent book because it is about something we all have to go through:life. A great gift for people beginning new phases in thier life or a rewarding read just for yourself. Remember "Life is a Great Balancing Act" and you can succeed even if you fall into the Slump for awhile or visit the Waiting Place for quite some time. Soon again you will be off in your balloon and "Oh, the places you'll go!"
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am 15. September 1998
The message holds meaning for all ages, but the story is written in rhyme for elementary aged students. It is a lengthy poem about all of the places you can go, "With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet." Topics addressed are: freedom of choice, travel, failure, waiting, winning, losing, being scared and moving mountains. Imaginative cartoon style pictures reflect the tone of the book, at times hopeful, at times not. These colorful, flamboyant pictures serve to animate the story. Teachers, parents, caregivers, and librarians can read this book to early and middle elementary school children to give them a playful account of the many places to explore and things to do in life.
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am 26. Oktober 1999
I gave this book to my cousin when she graduated from high school. Unfortunately I was late in shipping it to her as she had joined the Army Reserves and was already in boot camp, so her Mother had to forward the book to her. There was a policy that recruits could not receive packages while in boot camp,so her Drill Sergeant made her open the package in his presence. He read the book and was so moved that he asked her to read it aloud to the entire platoon. When she finished, they all had tears in their eyes. She said it was the perfect message for the new recruits. All future graduates will receive a copy of OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GO! from me. Thank you Dr. Seuss, you are a genius!
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am 19. Oktober 1998
Oh the Places You'll Go is one of those great children's books that also jumps the genre into being a regular cheering section for people on their way to growing up. I often give this book as a gift to middle school through college graduates, friends celebrating milestone birthdays and new parents. It is an allogory of LIFE with all it's highs (playing games on TV)and lows (waiting). Along with the big lessons of life we get the wonderful cadence of language and surreal art of Dr. Seuss. This book is a timeless classic, a great gift and;call me a sentimental fool; a tearjerker. I always get a lump in my throat and damp eyelashes when reading this ditty.
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am 1. Oktober 1997
This book was used in our graduation (from high school) speech! This was so relevent to our life that it was amazing. Dr. Seuss books were fun because of the rhymes when we were all younger but now we see how the "real world" relates to these hilarious little kids stories. I always loved to read "The Cat In The Hat" when I was young. Now "Oh, The Places You'll Go" has become my all time favorite. I would suggest buying it as a gift for anyone, including yourself. I know that my children are going to have so many books by Dr. Seuss that it will be scary but I want them to know how great his books are.
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