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4,7 von 5 Sternen15
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 1. Januar 1999
About a year has passed since Jack Marconi's spouse died in a hit and run accident. A despondent Jack has never recovered from the shocker as he depends on alcohol to help him sleep at night. If that were the extent of Jack's problems, life would still go on for the living. Since Jack is the warden at New York's Green Haven Maximum Security Prison, his recent behavior has led to an extremely poor performance.
However, Jack is soon going to find himself with more pressing problems then grief and depression. With insider help, notorious cop killer Eduard Vasquez has escaped from Jack's penitentiary. The brass sets up Jack to take the fall. A revived Jack ignores orders and goes on the lam in an effort to find the escapee and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that wants to bury him along side his deceased wife.
This reviewer finds it difficult to imagine any 1999 prison-who-done-it novel turning out better than AS CATCH CAN. The story line is non-stop action and the flashback to Attica is eerily brillinovels of Vincent Zandri. ant. Jack is a fabulous character whose mourning seems real and his abrupt awakening into a macho man even more genuine. If this debut fiction is any indication of his works, readers will demand a lifetime sentence reading the

Harriet Klausner
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I Just finished reading Vincent Zandri's powerful first novel, "As Catch Can". It's a non-stop thriller with all too vivid characters who come to life in the reader's mind. The narration is fast paced and certainly held this reader's interest. The plot revolves around a prison warden who is caught in a situation where he is accused of dereliction of duty in permitting a cop killer inmate to escape from his maximum security prison. Life inside the prison is depicted in graphic detail, reflecting the problems of life behind prison walls. One of the most striking parts of the story deals with flashbacks of a fictional (although based on fact) account of the Attica prison riots of 1971 in which many of the CO's were tortured, raped, and murdered by the mutinous inmates. I found these descriptions hair raising, arousing feelings of horror at the extent of human degradation possible. The story depicts modern day vice and corruption, as well as Keeper Marconi's spiritual capacity to "play fair" in a game that's rigged against him. The book makes thrilling reading that doesn't allow the reader to put the volume down. It's the kind of novel that should become an edge-of-the-seat movie thriller. If you like crime thrillers, this is the book for you.
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am 18. März 1999
Vincent Zandri has crafted an almost surreal account of the depravity surrounding the state prison system of the late twentieth century. After my initial shock at Zandri's descriptions of prison life (not only the terrifying descriptions of the Attica riots as seen from inside the walls, but also the daily life within a "normal" prison) and the initial adrenaline rush of the plot-twisting story (it's not like a roller coaster, it's more like a free-falling nightmare), I was left with the real message of this book, which is about healing. A man tries to heal after a terrible loss, a woman slowly heals from an abusive relationship, a prison system goes through the painful and violent healing process after a corrupt administration. It is also about those who cannot heal and how debilitating lingering wounds really are. Zandri does an extraordinary job of opening the very private world of male grief and making it accessible. Zandri's novel is dark, almost brooding, but its message is ultimately hopeful and one is left with a sense of ironic optimism. Zandri also has left some strings untied, leaving me eager for a sequel.
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am 19. Februar 1999
This debut novel from a very talented young writer skillfully dovetails between its current-day tale of prison corruption and murder, and the horrific, unforgettable memories of the Attica prison siege a quarter-century ago--memories seared into the psyche of the protagonist, a former corrections officer at Attica and a current warden at another maximum security prison. You often wince, and want to look away, but you can't because you are as captivated as an Attica prison guard back in the summer of '71, being held prone with your face in the mud by a stanky, vile inmate, a razor-sharp kitchen utensil perilously pricking your skin. This scintillating, sordid, and sometimes salacious story gives you a realistic glimpse into a world you never have and never want to experience first-hand, but you're awful glad to see it through Warden "Keeper" Marconi's eyes. Buy this book today and you'll find it to be a welcome alternative to the formulaic garbage put out by the likes of Grisham.
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am 29. Dezember 1999
Anyone up on the recent release of cop-killer Albert Victory will recognize many similarities between his daring 1968 escape from Green Haven Prison and the escape which takes place at the onset of Zandri's, As Catch Can. While Zandri loosely bases fictional cop-killer, Eduard Vazquez's present day escape on Victory's (the prisoner and his prison guards being assaulted by ski-mask wearing assailants), his purpose is to write a great fictional story, loaded with realism. But releasing a real-life cop killer like Victory is insane. All in all, this is one killer debut novel. A victory for Zandri. As for the real life Victory? He's just a killer.
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am 25. Juli 2014
Once started, you cannot stop reading it, und dass, obwohl das Buch in amerikanischem Englisch geschrieben wurde. Doch der Spannungsbogen beginnt gleich mit den ersten Seiten und ergreift auch die handelnden Nebenpersonen.
Inhalt mäßig möchte ich hier nichts verraten. Da die Sprache ja auch so einfach und somit auch für interessierte Leser
geeignet ist, die ansonsten einem Englisch sprachigen Roman nicht folgen könnten, möchte ich dieses Buch weiter empfehlen.
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am 4. August 1999
This review is in response to slamming reviews I've recently read,please expand yor brutal attack on Zandri's work.This is a first novel for what seems to be a budding young author I was extremely pleased with his knowledge of the prison system,and graphic account of the Attica riots.Zandri proves that there are still stories left to be told w/ Micky Spillane attitude.
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am 4. April 1999
this is the first time that i have taken the time to write a review. i found out about the book from, but i'll admit i went to my local book store to buy it. it was fantastic!! believe it or not i used to work in a prison, now work in a jail. the main character reminded me of a warden i knew. stong, competent, faithful, honest. it's a terrific book!
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am 28. Juni 1999
I could have easily spent many intense hours reading this book straight through from beginning to end. But after the first few pages, I knew I wanted to savor it. I held myself to two chapters per day, a tremendous exercise in self-discipline because this book is the ultimate page turner! This is a well crafted, fascinating read and I can't wait for the sequel.
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am 21. Dezember 1999
Take it from someone who's been reading Robert Parker for years, Keeper Marconi is bound to take his rightful place beside Spenser. What I can't understand it how this sleeper hasn't sky rocketed yet. How long do we have to wait until the next book, Mr. Zandri.
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