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am 3. Dezember 2012
Long, long ago, Aenarion the Defender defeated four of the mightiest daemons ever to blight creation. But one daemon managed to survive. N'Kari, the Keeper of Secrets, fled unseen. The daemon's consciousness was a spark of energy that hid within the mighty Vortex constructed by the Archmage Caledor Dragontamer on the Isle of the Dead. The Vortex saved the world, but the ghosts of Caledor and all the other mages who participated in the ritual magic are trapped within, continuously performing the spell for the rest of eternity. N'Kari's presence went unnoticed as he slowly regained his power. It would take several millennia, but eventually N'Kari would find a way to escape the Vortex. Then he would have vengeance on all of Aenarion's descendants.

Princes Tyrion and Teclis had grown up in the wilds of Chrace. They are twins and about to turn sixteen years of age. Tyrion is physically superior to his brother. Tyrion is able to see the patterns on a battlefield with hardly a glance. He is a natural when it comes to weaponry and a brilliant tactician. Teclis is weak in body, constantly ill. But he is superior to his brother in intelligence and the magical arts. He remembers everything he reads and is wise beyond his years. The brothers are close, but when their aunt, Lady Malene, and one of the Phoenix King's elite guards, Korbien Ironglaive, arrive, the twins' lives would forever change.

Tyrion and Teclis are escorted to the Phoenix King's court where they are to be tested. They must learn the arts of war and the mysteries of magic, as well as the secrets of survival in the Phoenix King's court. Soon it becomes obvious that a daemon is on a path of death and destruction. Signs point to the daemon called N'Kari. The twins are hunted by N'Kari's assassins and beset by treachery on all sides. The brothers must fight to survive if they are to have any hope of claiming their destiny as the greatest heroes of the age.

**** FOUR STARS! The first in a trilogy, this tale begins where all great stories do - at the beginning. In the prologue, readers watch as Aenarion battles the four daemons. Then readers stand witness as the Archmage Caledor and the other mages sacrifice everything, including their eternal peace, to save the world. I was riveted!

From the first page of the first chapter, I found the characters of Tyrion and Teclis to be intriguing. As a long time fan of William King's, I could easily see the author's indefinable writing style on each page. The plot line runs smoothly and subplots are subtly planted beneath (for blooming in the future titles.) Though the twins have yet to reach their full potential, the author still manages to keep readers thoroughly entertained. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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am 13. Dezember 2011
So die neuste Triologie ist draußen und hier mit der 1 Roman von 3 Blood of Aenarion sehr schönes Cover.

Wer Aenarion das Hörspiel besitzt und davon enttäuscht wurde wird das in dem Buch ganz sicher nicht.

Der Prologue des Buches spielt zu der Zeit wo Aenarion mit Caledor diskutiert, wegen dem Mahlstrom um die Mächte des Chaos abzuschwächen. Man lernt Aenarion kurz, kennen Caledor einen der mächtigsten Magier Morathi auch kurz am Rande.

Nkari kommt auch natürlich drin vor was mit ihm passiert wird, hier nicht verraten . Jahre später dreht sich alles um Tyrion und Teclis um ihre Kindheit und zum heranwachsen, der mächtigsten helden die je in der Warhammer Welt existiert haben.

Man lernt den Vater von Tyrion und Teclis kennen und einige andere, Personen die wohl eine Rolle gespielt haben von den beiden Zwillingen.

Finde Blood of Aenarion sehr schön beschrieben und wer die Warhammergeschichte, mag sollte sich den Roman zulegen das Geld ist es auf jeden Fall wert.

2012 wird der 2 Roman der Triologie erscheinen, und 2013 der Abschlußroman der Triologie sein.

Hinten beim Buch sind auch alle 3 Romane nochmal abgedruckt plus die Cover.
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am 26. Februar 2013
Das Buch ist im gutem Zustand. Hab erst die ersten Seiten gelesen. Ich finde es ist in einem einfachen Englisch geschrieben, was ich relativ gut verstehen kann.
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