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am 28. Januar 2000
These books, the Emily Books (Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily's Quest) are some of the most wonderful, joyful creations I have ever read. I am connected to Emily, both as a young girl, aspiring writer, and soulful person, and the stories of her life have captured and entranced me to an extent unimagineable. I read these books hungrily, sometimes ten chapters a night, and rarely was I dissapointed; only then because I felt that I would have done something different. But then, I am not Emily, nor am I the author--when it comes right down to it, Emily IS Maud, and vise versa, because all characters are truly a facet of the author's mind and personality. Like a sapphire in brilliant moonlight. Another thing: these books are life. They are realistic, captivating and they explore the life and heart of an INNOCENT young girl, without extreme vulgarities or trash; if you are looking for sex scenes, try Cathy Cash Spellman and Danielle Steele. Do not attempt, please, to call these books BORING and DULL. Why are they so, I ask? Why and how can a person find them so? I'd like to know, really I would, and mayhap it will enlighten me. Or you. In these fairy-spun tomes, Miss Montgomery has captured the flavor of a real, human girl, as unlike Anne Shirley as I can imagine; surely there are SOME similarities. But, then, would Anne ever think about Gilbert Blythe in her journal as Emily thought of the charming artistic Teddy Kent?--"Yet she was admitting to herself with a secret candour that would have horrified Aunt Elizabeth that she wanted torun her fingers through his sleek black hair--feel his arms about her--press her face against his dark tender one--feel his lips on her lips--" Obviously, Emily is more human and passionate and soulful than ever Anne Shirley was--although I do love the Green Gables series, and admire it greatly for it's wholesome content and humerous anecdotes. Miss Montgomery was wonderful, and the greatest gift imagineable for me would be--some day--to have one of my works compared to hers. Or put in the same category.
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am 3. März 2000
I'm 13 and have been into Lucy Muad Montgomery's books since when I was about 11. I love every book I've ever read by her and I'm almost getting to be a freak about her books. I subscribe to magazines about her, read her beeks all of the time and now I want to go to PEI to see all of the places that were described in her books. This book was very good, but you have to ahve read Emily of New Moon first or else a ot of things won't make sense to you in this book. SO if you haven't read it already, buy it and read it first. I would recommend any of LM Montgomery's books to anyone who enjoys a wonderful book! Be sure to search this site for other books by LM Montgomery! Once you have read one, you are hooked to her writing and will read it all of the time!
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am 25. Mai 2000
While this book was good, and I enjoyed reading about Emily growing up, and falling in Love with Teddy... But I though the book was not as interesting as the first one in the series, but probably because the writer was bound with that certain set of characters whom she couldn't reinvent completely!
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am 12. Februar 2000
I'm only fourteen years old. But that doesn't mean that I don't like books that are exciting. Whoever thinks this book is boring has a very weird definition of what exciting is. I mean, get real. If they mean that a book has to have someone dying, or committing suicide, or winning the lottery, or marrying a prince or at least a millionaire at the end of ever chapter, then this book definitly isn't exciting. But hey, that's not MY definition of exciting.
I really liked Emily. Sure, she doesn't go to school in a motorcycle, she doesn't say 'duh' or 'whatever' every other sentence, she doesn't wear halter tops or get to go to the mall everyday, she isn't head-turning, drop-dead gorgeous, and she isn't perfect either, but that's what makes her so real.
Which is more than I can say for all the other "exciting" characters around.
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am 2. Dezember 1999
What? How can you say there's no action. Sure, there's not sword fighting or high speed chases...but who can help but feel the suspense when that little boy was lost or when Emily is the gossip of the town over her stay in the old John House? I try to read a chapter of one of my books each night...and if there is one instance where I can't stop at the end of a chapter and go to bed, it's a good book to me! So far, while reading this book, it's happened three times!
Maybe there's no action in the broader sense of the term...but I think this book is exciting!
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am 25. April 1998
Emily me ayudó a profundizar en mi misma, leerlo fue como conocer a una amiga llena de vida y me hizo feliz el compartir con ella todos los buenos y malos momentos. Este libro es cierto que es mas denso que los anteriores ( deja pensar que, L . M . M. debe de haber estado pasano por un difícil momento), pero por esto mismo es mas profundo, deja que pensar, hace ver la vida de un punto de vista totalmente distinto. Definitivamente me gustó y como escritora que soy, tengo como meta llegar a escribir algun día un libro así.
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am 14. Juni 1999
I can't believe anyone would give this wonderful masterpiece in literature less than 5 stars! Are they blind or what? They don't get better than this book, which is full of joy but also horror and some dark emotions. But this book, which plays with the reader's emotions, is one that I highly recommend to anyone who loves good reading. READ THIS, AND RE-READ IT, I promise that you won't ever be sorry or disapointed. :)
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am 15. November 1999
This is the best book in the Emily series. Most definately, it is full of action and excitement. We watch Emily grow into a mature young woman as she realizes what her dreams are. This book, in my opinion, is the best of the Emily books because Emily grows so much and becomes such a great person. I am 13 and can relate so well to Emily. To anyone who wants a good book or needs some INSIPIRATION, read this book!
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am 26. April 1998
This is a great book about Emily Starr, a young woman who loves to write. She wants to go to a school away with her friends. But her Aunt Elizabeth won't let her unless she promises to give up writing 'anything untrue' while she's there. This book tells about how Emily put up with Aunt Ruth, the person she's being forced to board with. This book touches your funny bone!
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am 23. Juni 1999
I only just read the Emily books last year. Iam 15, and they gave me something. They were like a glipse of someting beautiful. Emily talks about the flash (sorry, but I don't know how to make italics on this computer), and I have to say that that is the thing that makes me believe these books are the most wonderful in this world. Truly, I can't describe my feelings.
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