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4,7 von 5 Sternen24
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 18. Juni 2000
This book is about the joy of children and snow. The anticipation Peter feels when he wakes up and see the snow falling. The crunch crunch that his feet make in the snow. The shapes his feet make and of course, snow angels. The illustrations are beautiful and my 3 year old who has only experienced snow once, absolutely adores this book! An added bonus is that Peter is African-American, a rarity in the old award winners, even of the Caldecott award. Whether you live in the tropics or the snow belt, your child will probably love this story.
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Do you remember the first time you awoke to find the world all filled with white snow and the quiet that follows a large snowfall? It was beautiful, and its stillness and pristine appearance drew you out into the cold very quickly. This book wonderfully recreates that experience, making us all young again, and helping youngsters appreciate the potential joys of snow. The book has remarkable artwork that combines imaginative snowflake cut-outs with collages of hand-made papers and figure cutouts to make you feel like you've entered a fairy land, which you have.

"Snow had fallen during the night. It covered everything as far as he could see." After breakfast, the boy puts on his snowsuit and is out the door. There are enormous snow piles from where the sidewalks have been cleared. He walks carefully through them. He makes funny shaped tracks in the snow, and admires his handiwork. A stick helps him knock snow out of a tree . . . onto his own head! He thinks about joining the older boys in a snowball fight, but realizes he isn't ready yet. Instead, he draws with a stick in the snow, builds a smiling snowman, makes snow angels, and pretends he is a mountain climber. After scaling the snow piles, he slides down. Before going in to get warm, he makes a snowball and puts it in his pocket. He tells his mother all about his fun while he takes off his wet socks. Soon he is thinking in the tub. Before going to sleep, he checks his snowball. It has melted! He is sad before drifing off. He dreams that all the snow has melted.

Good news! He awakes in the morning to find more snow falling, and heads across the hall to find his friend to go out to play some more after breakfast.

One of the positive elements of the illustrations is that they portray a young man of color in an unselfconscious way. He nicely represents every boy and girl who has ever enjoyed the snow.

I felt a very peaceful feeling after reading the book, as though I had just been out playing in the snow with him and was enjoying being fatigued in the warmth of the house.

This will make a great book to read to youngsters because they will be interested in the illustrations and the activities that are portrayed. With a close matching of illustrations to words, this book will also be helpful in preparing your child to learn to read. I was reminded of Snowflake Bentley as I reviewed the many wonderful snowflake patterns on the pages.

The book is well deserving of its Caldecott Medal for outstanding illustrations.

After you finish, I suggest that you think of ways that the rain, fog, and sunny days can provide magical opportunities for pretend fun, as well. After all, you can't make snow angels every day. But you can use your imagination, always!

Look for the beauty in every moment and in every one!
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am 20. April 2000
The Snowy Day by Ezra J. Keats is a peek into a young boy's day of playing in the snow. It is set in an urban area, and Peter's imagination is the main factor, which sets the fun in motion. As we watch Peter throughout the day, the reader is made aware of the endless possibilities that a day of play and imagination can provide. This book works through its simple text and its simple illustrations. Peter could be any boy or girl. It is only obvious that he is young. This allows for the ideas to really come front and center. It is also obvious that Peter's imagination is the catalyst for making the snowy day fun and worthwhile. The tracks his feet make in the snow, how a stick can make a snowstorm from a tree, and even how a pile of snow could be a great mountain amuse him. This is a story that could have happened this past winter or even in a winter 50 years ago. Keats' picture book provides images that are comforting and calming. The colors are vibrant and warm. The most dominant are shades of pinks, blues, and yellows. The illustrations are so simplified, like the text, that they guide the reader to really focus in on the activities of playing in the snow, that Peter engages in. The activities of walking in the snow, taking a snowball to bed, and finding a stick in his path, embed the ideas of trust, affection and responsiveness. These are concepts that are associated with play and the innocence of children that have not learned to doubt these inner instincts. I believe this is why Keats' books are so well received and have endured the test of time. Peter's trust is demonstrated by easy way in which he walks out into the street to find a place to play. He is at ease with his environment and comfortable in his surroundings. Peter is responsive the anomalies that are present in his "playground," such as the stick, which he sees as a wonderful toy. Childhood affection is also imbedded in this book, it is seen between Peter and his mother at the end of the day but is best illustrate and reinforced on the last page as Peter departs the next morning, holding the hand of his friend, as they go off together to begin yet another snowy day. The Snowy Day is a wonderful book of love, wonderment, disappointment and surprise. Keats has conquered the world of play, showing it for what it is, unconstrained by the rules of society or culture, left to the devices of a pre-school, pre-molded imagination.
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am 22. Juni 2016
Keats's iconic red has somehow been printed as fluorescent pink/orange. The printed book that I received looks nothing like the colors on the screen. Or the book I had as a child.
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A small book for children, particularly pre-schoolers, about a little boy who goes outside to play in the new fallen snow. It shows the simple joy and delight a child can have with newly fallen snow. I disagree with the comments of an earlier reviewer (Ms. Whittaker from Rush City, Minnesota, in 1998); the artwork is simple and direct because of the nature of the simple and quiet story and because the book is really aimed a pre-schoolers. Interestingly, the book won the 1963 Caldecott Medal for best illustration in a children's book. As far as I can tell, this book is the first winner which is centered about an African-American child. Hence, for this and other reasons, it is a book that should be on the shelf of any serious student of children literature.
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am 28. März 1998
This book is part of my standard baby shower gift package along with Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. With very few words it manages to tell a very simple, yet very elegant story that young children can relate to. The pictures are beautiful and draw children further into the story. As an added bonus, the main character is African-American. Though it makes no difference to the story, it was important to me as a child reading this book 25 years ago to see a kid that looked like me in a book where race was not the focus of the plot, and is important to children of any race reading it today. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for any child of any race, boy or girl.
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am 28. Juni 2000
I am a graphic designer inspired by this simple, beautiful book. The illustrations are truly special.
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am 1. April 1998
The reader follows the activity of a small boy from wake-up to out-of-doors play and back to bath and bed.
The mystery of the missing snowball adds gentle humor.
Children delight in the details and enjoy acting out the adventure in pantomine. It happens that the child is not Caucasian, but race is not important to the story, just as it should be! Winner of the Caldecott award for outstanding illustration in 1963 and still fresh.
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am 14. Dezember 1998
I will never forget the gentleness of this book. The quiet exploration of the child, the joy of playing without the disruptions of others. This is a beautiful book, simple and dignified in its illustratons. I loved this book when it was first read to me as a kindergarten student. I hope that every young child has the opportunity to venture into the wonders of a new fallen snow through the timeless work of Ezra Jack Keats.
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am 2. April 1998
Ezra Jack Keats does as outstanding job with his use of sight and sound words although the art work he used in this book is horrible!! I think first graders could have did a better job than that. Maybe next time the author should find a new artist. The story is something the children will enjoy, but without good pictures the children do not always stay interested. After reading many childrens' books this is definitely not one for entertainment. I would recommend this book for the use of learning details only. I know this would not have been my first choice when I was a child.
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