Mary Martin

"mary martin"
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i am a former chef and stockbroker who has escaped the corporate world. Now I travel, sell fine art, and enjoy my life.


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The Cake Bible von Rose Levy Beranbaum
The Cake Bible von Rose Levy Beranbaum
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i made hundreds of wedding cakes for a living. i slaved on thousands of cheesecakes, millions of layer cakes, and boatloads of brownies. If only i had been able to escape to the island of sanity and reason that is Rose Levy Berenbaum! I have had this book since the very day it was first published, and voraciously read every word, as if it were a novel, before baking a single cupcake. The extensive use of scientific knowledge and experimentation is a stroke of genius, since anyone who has done any baking to speak of knows quite well that it is science, not an art. Thank you to Rose for making the building of a wedding cake so darn simple. Thank you also for using weights AND… Mehr dazu
Daniel Orr Real Food von Daniel Orr
Daniel Orr Real Food von Daniel Orr
this is one of the VERY few cookbooks i have ever used in which the recipes can be made, in most cases, "by the book". most cookbooks do not give complete instructions, and most recipes if made exactly according to the book, seem to "need" something. This one hits everything right on the mark with bright, clean flavors, clear instructions, easy-to-procure ingredients (no peeky toe crab! ) and GOOD for your health components that actually taste wonderful. I was a professional cook for twenty years, and in most cases I just use cookbooks as a source for menu ideas, not actual recipes. This is one book I actually cook from. Thanks, Daniel. MORE!