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A-Z of Tropical Fish Diseases & Health Problems: D&hellip von Peter Burgess
5.0 von 5 Sternen A Helpful Book!, 22. Juli 2000
This book should be required reading for anyone setting up an aquarium for the first time because the author carefully explains how to create the type of environment that will keep your fish healthy.
I needed the book to determine the cause of sickness that was killing my fish. I was able to determine the cause, disease, and solution to my problem in twenty minutes. I learned more about fish and aquariums from this book in one reading than I had picked up from friends and fish store owners in three years.
I highly recommend this book to anyone with an aquarium problem.
Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball von Bob Costas
5.0 von 5 Sternen A Book of Common Sense, 13. Juli 2000
Bob Costas has provided the major players of baseball with a detailed manuel for bringing financial stability coupled with "real" pennant races with little financial pain to anyone.
Of course, Costas is too logical and correct to expect the owners or players to entertain any of his proposals. His book also underlines the reasons that so many people are turning away from all professional sports.
By the way Bob, what did you do to tick off New York readers? They seem to be the only readers of the book to disagree with your opinions.
Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley von Peter Guralnick
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Every book written about Elvis Presley lacks two things: the essence of the person and a full explanation of the magic of Elvis Presley. Galarchuk's book "Last Train to Memphis" provides the answer to both questions, plus much more.
This book will appeal to readers who are not fans of Presley's music because it the book describes Presley rise to the top of the music industry with the hype or destruction of most Presley books.
A strongpoint of the book is the early 1950s, the period when Elvis emerged from a shy, poor, and sheltered teenager with a into a mega star with an unlimited one.
He also dispells the critics who do not respect Presley's musical talent… Mehr dazu