Peter Marklund

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Geburtstag: 22. Oktober
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I grew up in Umea in northern Sweden where I studied the major part of my education in Engineering Physics. I finished my studies at the Technical University in Vienna specializing in Operations Research. I worked shortly at Cap Gemini (in Vienna) and at Ericsson in Stockholm as a C++ and Java programmer. In the summer of 2000 I started working for in Munich with web development (mos… Mehr dazu


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The Pragmatic Programmer. From Journeyman to Maste&hellip von Andrew Hunt
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I think almost any programmer can benefit from reading this book. The book is extremely well written and inspiring. Readers of Kent Beck and Martin Fowler will recognize much of their philosophy (see Much of the wisdom in the book is condensed into a set of rules listed at the end which makes a very good summary. So even if you have only 20 minutes you will probably walk away inspired and with new insights. What distinguishes this book from other books about programming that I have read (like the Refactoring book by Martin Fowler) is that this book generalizes principles about coding in a very convincing way (many of the principles could probably be helpful for any… Mehr dazu
Learning the bash Shell (In a Nutshell) von Cameron Newham
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I review the book from a Unix beginners perspective. I havent finished reading the book yet, but I just cant resist sharing my positive feelings about it. It might very well be true that the book lacks real world examples, as the other reviewers point out. But let me balance this criticism by highliting great strengths that the book has (at least for newcomers to Unix like me). Picking up this book, I had very little knowledge of Unix and I had not read any book on shell programming before. I used to be very sceptical about working with shells having grown up with the easiness of use of GUIs like MS Windows. Thanks to this book I am now dying to get my hands on Linux to start using… Mehr dazu
Culture Shock! Sweden (Culture Shock! A Survival G&hellip von Charlotte Rosen Svensson
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I am a swede myself and I really enjoyed reading this book - I had some great laughs. The author does a very good job in balancing funny anecdotes or cliches with matter of fact descriptions of what Sweden is really like. I highly recommend this book!