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Java Programming on Linux with CDROM von Nathan Meyers
Java Programming on Linux by Nathan Meyers is a valuable addition to your Java bookshelf, if you work on LINUX.
The introduction is a very good overview of Java and explains why Java (despite the hype) is not much used to program GUIs and why its main use is on the server.
It also explains where you can't use Java.
It is not really the tutorial. It takes the approach of diving into long program listings. The coverage of Java classes is about what you'd get by using the SUN online documentation (which is better).
So I wouldn't use the book to teach yourself Java or as a Java reference.
Here is where the book shines: setting up Java on LINUX and using the… Mehr dazu
Complete Works von Plato
Complete Works von Plato
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In ancient times, Plato was regarded as one who writes most beautifully, and even in translation his mastery comes forward.
Reading this book, you are at the beginning of philosophy. There are beautiful dialogs concerning the most profound questions anyone can ask.
An advantage of this particular book is that for a reasonable price you can own Plato's complete works in modern scholarly translations. The volume is skillfully edited and there are handy notes.
Plato is one of the few philosophers who can be read for pleasure. His influence on Western thought is immense. As Whitehead says, subsequent Western philosophy is just footnotes to Plato.
Here are some of… Mehr dazu
The Philosophy of History (Great Books in Philosop&hellip von G.W.F. Hegel
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Philosophy of History is Hegel's most accessible introduction to his thought.
The introduction and preface are the most valuable parts of the book.
Much of the book is only of historical interest. His history of Greece, Rome, Israel and the Germans cannot be taken seriously anymore. There are racist and jingoist views in this book that seriously date it.
On the other hand, the book clearly expresses Hegel's spiritual philosophy of an evolving God who learns from the history of the world that is his thought.
For those who are looking for an introduction to Hegel that is written in his own words, this book is invaluable.