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Tristar VE-5933 Bodenventilator Edelstahl 50 Watt von Tristar
I bought this last year when I had horrid morning sickness in early pregnancy and now I'm using it with the baby! It's fantastic because it seems that no matter what room I put it in the fan keeps the air circulating quickly and efficiently. I can also point it at the ceiling or windows so it doesn't get into my baby's face. We might get a second one as well, depending on the weather!
Nuby NT67016 - Weithalsflasche aus Silikon 150 ml,&hellip von Nûby
I'm lucky I don't have a picky baby when it comes to nipples, but she did have some latch issues in the first few weeks and my nipples were sore. After we started using these I swear her latch improved. I also felt much more confident knowing she was getting in the milk I had pumped.
Mattel K4562 - Fisher-Price Rainforest Erlebnisdec&hellip von Mattel
As the title says... My baby loves to play with all the bits and pieces - she started really getting into it around 2 months old. However, the may is expensive considering the materials; should be priced more in the 25-30 euro range absolute max. (I received this as a gift from the in-laws so I'm not complaining too much as I didn't pay for it!)

Also, the middle piece is weird. The butterflies LOOK like they should spin but they don't!