Mike Christie

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Ort: Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA
Geburtstag: 31. März
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I'm a computer professional in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, originally from the UK. I'm interested in science fiction, history, mathematics, word puzzles, and most other things if I have time.


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String Games from Around the World with Other (Klu&hellip von Anne Akers Johnson
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This book is a sequel to Johnson's "Cat's Cradle", which contained five string figures. This book has seven more, from around the world--Paraguay, Australia, Ghana, the U.S. (a Navajo string figure), New Guinea, Alaska, and Ireland. Each is accompanied by photographs of the children who taught Johnson the figures, and good detailed diagrams of how to make the figures.
The presentation is more spectacular than in "Cat's Cradle", but when you get down to it the figures are what counts, and these are no more fun than the first book. In fact, they're a little more difficult to learn. We bought this for our five year old daughter, who'd enjoyed the first book… Mehr dazu
Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures [With Three&hellip von Anne Akers Johnson
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We bought this on vacation for my five year old daughter, and it turned out to be the perfect gift. The pictures are clear--not just diagrams with arrows, but pictures of the hands, showing every little step. The string is included--an important point, since they fuse the ends of the string rather than tying them, making it much easier for little hands. Jesse was better at learning by doing than reading the diagrams, but she was able to use them to figure out what she was doing wrong once she had it more or less right.
The book contains five string patterns: Cup and Saucer, Eiffel Tower, Witch's Broom, Cat's Cradle, and Jacob's Ladder; though in fact Cup and Saucer is a… Mehr dazu
The Further Inventions of Daedalus von David Jones
Under the pseudonym of Daedalus, David Jones has been writing for Nature and New Scientist for thirty-odd years; this is the second collection. The hundred short essays here are a hard-to-describe cross between humour and serious scientific speculation. The humour is actually in the science itself, which sounds hard to believe until you read it.
For example, Daedalus comes up with a scheme to generate electricity from the Rockies, not by hydro-electricity, which lets the descent of water generate power, but by the descent of the mountains themselves. After all, he points out, there is an enormous amount of energy locked up in all that high-altitude rock. His scheme for… Mehr dazu