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Python Essential Reference (New Riders Professiona&hellip von David M. Beazley
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Let me put it this way - I carry this book to work everyday in my bag, because I don't want to be at home or at work without it.
This is an excellent specimen of a technical reference. Its organization and content are both superb. I have not yet found any errata.
Of course, the Amazon reviewer isn't sure that Python is a good language to work in, and if you agree, then this probably isn't the book for you. The little search box can help you find books about other languages that you do like. I don't recall a similar judgement about Lee et al's Java library reference, and find its inclusion here odd and unharmonious.
Python Annotated Archives, w. CD-ROM von Martin C. Brown
This book is filled with a vast array of errors. I began to catalog them so I could post a list on the web, but I gave up within 50 pages. The author apparently does not understand the algorithims of the code he purports to explain, and frequently his "explanations" only serve to mislead.
This book should be avoided by everyone. Beginning programmers will be totally confused. Beginning python programmers will be mislead and waste a lot of time. Persons coming to python with a solid background will also find themselves wasting time, but it will be venting their frustration at the author's breezy errors and the fact that they have given him money for this work.
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